Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tera.....Thank you

My job is to step on the gas. My job is to stop at the red. My job is to go on the green. My job is to smile and act like I'm not really unhappy or mean. My job is to drive. My job is to keep you alive. My Job is to steer clear of bad apples. My job is to clean the streets. My job is to stroke the bad guys ego, my job is to see what happens after you go home. My job is being alone. My job is fun. My Job is dumb. My job is to watch cops not do a good job. My job is to appreciate the police. My job is to love the government. My job is to trust God. My job is to watch the sun rise. My job is to reflect what the moon says and translate all her miserable lies. My job is to watch her cry then laugh. My job is what I do. My job is to be memorable. My job is to avoid collisions. My job is to make money. My job is to be a better man. My job is to make what I want out of life. My job is to get married and have children with my wife. My job is endless. My job is friendless. My job is to drive fast. My Job is to make ends meet. My job is like yours. My job is better then yours. My job is to pick you up. My job is to drop you off. My job is over, I'm gonna lay down and die. I drove a dude that travels the world as an expedition leader a summit climber. Interesting fellow Phill Michael. Just came back to Edmonton for a few days. Right after that I drove past a man being beaten with brass knuckles,while a gang of men chased down another man with belts. I tried to catch it on camera but the lighting sucked. The EPS is at it again, not preventing crime that is but that might be their job. One of my fares had me in the past. It just so happened that she flagged me down tonight during the bar rush. Fate. She was so happy it was me. That makes my job worthwhile. That's the only part of my job that has recently given me a smile.

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