Friday, June 12, 2009

I wrote about you so you are the title "Woo"

Fuck me, if you guys don't want to hear about the economy. Edmonton has been hit with some tough mother fucking times. Today I had some great clients. Yeah like 4 people. They were all really nice. One guy insisted I smoke some pot with him in his incredible steam room. He lived in Riverbend. He was also recovering from cancer. Guess what kind? That's right he lost his testicle. Just one but that's enough to ensure that you truly feel a lose. He was a great person though and I hope that cancer never comes back in his life or anybody elses. There was also this guy who was with this girl. He was all over her. She was hot. She worked for him, she was his rep. He was a sales man and she was the body that sold the stuff. Well anyway the two were getting "it" on in the car but when we arrived the woman said "you can't come in." He tried and tried to convince her that the best thing to do was to have sex but she wasn't having it. When he came back into the taxi David Bowies the Man Who Sold the World was playing on the radio. He explained the situation to me. He said "she has a dude that's in Turkey probably having sex with some other chicks. She's here but she won't fuck me cause she actually cares about him." The he said "I have a girlfriend too, I've been with her for eight years." Then I asked "am I taking you there right now? Your girlfriends?" He said "yes." All I could think was how does a guy do that. Screw around behind his womans back then just go home to her. Fuck. Oh you guys I read the speech. Spectacular, that people in the Vehicle for Hire Commissions had to listen. I also had a reporter from VUE magazine cover the story. I'm hoping he saw and heard something that would be worth publishing.


Anonymous said...

if she has a guy in Turkey then she has no business making "it" in the back of a cab with her boss. i say they deserve each other!

becomingkate said...

Yeah, she should be telling him to get off and stay off.

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Cheaters make me saaad.
I thought we were supposed to grow out of that immaturity in high school. Gosh.
On the other hand, it sure makes the rest of us look good in comparison.

Tanya said...

Cheaters suck.