Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brand me loving.

The labels in society are what let us know we're on the right track. It's funny to think of ourselves as alone with the world... when we're alone with a coke. Or a cigarette... or a nice bra. I've been longing to fall in love... except it leaves me feeling impotent. It's cause the desire to love outweighs everything else. It's ok to think that sex is the way we perpetuate the human experience, but sex is really prolonging the the amount of time we have to label non biodegradable products to be left as the only way aliens will be able to identify with our culture... we re animals no.. just rank with pity for our selves. We're so aware of our own corruption that we just lie to ourselves and watch tv.... How many woman can love one man.... they all love the same guy... the one that got away. I think that men also love the woman that got away... especially if they married a fat bitch... it s not that fat woman aren't beautiful... it's that they just don't move very gracefully... but I guess that's what the shake may be for... god what's life coming to when the only thing there is to write about it the ass of a phat chick... wait till it's labeled COCACOLA!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


stay down you hairy smelly, scrotume face you
ah- fuck'en dirty cookoo, FUCK YOU TOO!!
You little birdie! TWO little birdie!
I'm a Little Birdie! I'm what you should be!
Big hearts apply, to my brother, his wife
I pinch it stab it and cut it with your knife 
I have won, A woman's legacy ey!
legacy's fantasy's, little boys cry
My burden is your love, however course
have learned to stand alone content in force
travel and learn your mirror is broken
my grass is greener, that s left unspoken
this was all wrong 

Dick load....

So I got the new suit fitted.... looks great. It's tight, where it counts. Most of the people you have to impress in your life are women. It's not because they have power. It's because the only reason men have power is because woman give it to them.
Looking good isn't really how you impress women. Women are impressed by men that can understand them. Understanding women from a man's perspective can be difficult because men are often limited in their scope of experience pertaining to their more nurturing feminine side.
Men only have the control over the wheel when women give it to them..... You get it by being able to reflect what they want to see... there has to be the basic physical attraction. It's possible to make sure you can connect with a person by establishing yourself as a person that can maintain the standard level of hygiene, build... you know that crap... Women don't like to stray outside their pack... it's tactful and to the benefit of any dude who's able to see a bigger picture...