Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I finished the post

Exhale, aaah the rage inside is never going to go away is it? It has to be utilized in the right way. Like typing blog posts without looking at the keyboard. It's the focusing on the blog that intensifies the process causing the focus. The posts often have no direction when I start writing them. Sometimes its just my insecurities that gush out. I really have no reason to feel bad about anything. My fucking life is immaculate. I thank God for it. Not everyone understand that. I'm high strung and so attention deficit. It's the reason I exist. It gives me a spin. Not always in the right direction. I did my families laundry, and it made me a better person. To watch Pooh bear with my four year old and fold laundry. It was late but I let the light out past it's bed time and we talked and drew some pictures. When it was time to go to bed I opted to read the Bible. He opted to spaz and be a kid. I turned off the light said I love you and walked out. I started this post, he left his room and badgered me into reading him some good word. Then while I was reading it he made fun of me. I left. He fell asleep crying.

Jerk off to me assholes, eat shit...hehehe oh and if your dad pays for your school you won't blow it!!!

This is it, I love whats happening. I love knowing that most of the people I have to contend with are only around because I inspired them, Because of me the quality of their existence is higher. Edmonton artist are really rig pigs kids, meaning that they have everything given to them. They are never truly being original, because they have never done anything on their own, organically. Well there is the kids who take portraits of their parents. Recently I was approached by a model who accused me of shit talking on taxi talk. She said I even mentioned Jesus. She was correct in her accusations, what do you expect from a model who has.....never mind, I won't hurt her, but Some people just can't decide whether they are vein or brutal. I'm brutal. I'm ugly and I'm right. I rock. Not posting enough hate on the corporate side because I'm having fun growing as an artist. Watching all the sheep expand is pleasant. Bheee! fucking banjos. I'm really excited about pissing on the people who think they are hot. They're just vein empty thugs. Rig Pigs kids. I wounder what I would be like if my parents weren't immigrants. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I was a big truck driver getting my dick sucked by some empty headed bitch whose only doing it because she doesn't want me to leave her ten minutes away from her house, cause she is wearing heals. Fuck I fucking miss Taxi. Now that was a Job. Real, well what I'm doing is real, inspiring empty headed nothings who jerk each other off because they can't think of anything valid to blow it too. You really have to question this one....