Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Father+Brother=BUMs, Trash, I got fucking Robed

So I missed a phone call in the middle of the night. It was a personal fare. I've written about her. Gang girl. She called tonight and I didn't answer. I tried calling the number back but it came from a pay phone. There was no reaching her. SHe left me a message it went like this "Hey Jacob it's ..... aaa I needed you tonight but you're not around........hey guess what I've been sober and clean for three weeks and I got drunk tonight but I didn't get high and that's what's important.....yeah nice message hahahaha bye." I've worried about this girl, now more then ever. I hope she stays clean until I see her next. Drugs hurt. That message almost brought a tear to my eye. I also had these two girls with this kid, they were a personal to West ed. Ladies I love ya, call me back and I'll make sure you get home, but next time leave the dushes in the mall. That one guy he was cool, and American soccer girl hope you fix that phone, Thank you though, you helped feed a small child. What else...........? New Year is almost here and with it comes the Alberta Clipper, so stay safe you animals.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is Just a really great Video, I can kinda relate TenSecond Epic

I drive a taxi in their HomeTown

This blog is just a description of "My Fares" through my eyes, I try to depict the situation as accurately as I can. It's just a perspective, I don't make it up, and I am honest with the people I work for.
These are

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Jewish Boyfriends bar mitzvah

Hobbema, a reserve, houses something like 15,000 new nation people. Hobbema is plagued with gangs and drugs. What is the cause? The free money. People get free money from the government. I drove a couple of guys from Hobbema this morning. We got to talking. They liked me, I respected them. I asked for the scoop on Hobbema. O.k, so the reserve is massive, it's actually four reserves, and this is where the conflict begins. Each reserve is it's own, hence the Gang Wars. Tribal style. Why gangs? Free money baby. Think about it, every person gets 500$ a month, some people have six kids, you do the math. Now get a mother of six hooked on Crack, got it. Big time cashola! Hobema is getting a really bad rap, unless you're reading my blog from like 1000kms away you know what I'm talking about, senseless gang violence. Like the little girl that was guned down during a pussy drive by. Well, what I was told tonight made me change the way I felt about the I.P. (Indian Possy) They're a gang of New Nation people based outside of Winnipeg. Well the head honchos (this is just what I've been told, I could be wrong) are telling the members "stand down. Loose the colors, No more I.P on this reserve." They (the big dudes in some prison) don't feel that they are being represented properly. I think that's cool, if it's true. Personally I think Native culture is beautiful, full, real but the drugs and alcohol are poisons circulating and causing some serious damage to the people as a whole. The dudes I drove treated me really well. I took good care of them, we bought some booze at some club totally illegally. I now know where to go for late night illegal off sales, except if I knock on the door to that club I'm pretty sure a big Indian would step on me. I dropped them off on 118ave and 100st, they opened a window to a basement suit, I don't think the resident was home, but according to them it was a good place to drink the 24 pack of Bud and two six of Smirnoff. They paid 130$ for the booze and they gave me 40$, they owed me 50$ but hey I learned a lot. It was worth it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Uranium is Pretty Radiation is Good

I haven't been focusing on the Job this week, it's been really slow so I've been spending time with friends and family. I am working though. Tonight the best story I got was from this girl, she's a twenty five year old teacher from Cow Town. She tells me she has this ex boyfriend that she went to the Metalica concert with. I'm not sure why she was so open with me (I'm a great cabby) but she told me that while they were having sex this ex of hers told her he loved her. "He said it in mid pump" those were her exact words. I could imagine that, it was kind of out there. Then she said she told him "Get out of me. Now!" Teacher one Love None. Oh lately because of the extreme cold me and my day driver have been exchanging car from house to house. He picks me up, I drop him off and vice versa. Well this morning he found a problem with the front bumper, a piece was ajar. He said "you hit something", I didn't hit jack shit. He found this hanging piece I think because he hit something. It's something that can barley be seen and he found it. I do a walk around the car and would have never thought of looking down there. I gotta tell the owner, and from now on I'm parking the car in front of the garage, fuck this door to door service. If I hit something I admit it, but that damage didn't happen on my shift. I thought I could trust the day driver, I still hope I can, we'll see how much money it takes to fix the problem. What a bunch of bull shit, this post I mean. Oh the EPS is still a joke, maybe not the cops themselves but that shitty check stop thing is a load of......

Saturday, December 27, 2008

WHo needs a blog.....................?

Pepsi, Pizza and sweet sweet Pussy

What is it about the highway that I love so much? I love moving fast. I love the moon light, the twilight, all that shit. Most of all I love leaving the city. I drove to Westlock (I think that's how you spell it). I drove a preacher of sorts there tonight, he taught the Gospel. I preach my Gospel in the taxi. I talk about what I've seen, who I am and where I think the planet earth is going. I was brought up Catholic so weather I like it or not God looks like Jesus to me. I kinda look like Jesus, xcept I don't have those long blond locks, I got a receding hair line. I've been wearing a tuque, no one notices. Rock and Roll is like a religion and for Your Rock and Roll to survive you have to have faith in it, you got to believe in the message you're spreading, that's how the real world works. Driving the Taxi is Rock and Roll. Fuck I can relate to almost everyone, from an old German women going to see her new grandson in Winnipeg to the psychotic bum who tells me he's an angel here to eat his sister, they both like me, but there is more to it then a relation, I drive them for a reason. I drive people cause I want them to know who I am, just like any other performer, my taxi ride is a performance, and the greatest thing about the taxi medium is that it's ever changing. I want to move on, I want to travel outside this city, I want to build a....... I don't know. I have a son who's with his mother over the holidays, (Van, love you guys) I want him to see the world is the same place with all sorts of different aspects of itself, the same shit. I drove a local musicians tonight, I'm listening to his CD right now he gave it to me and I like it, totally punk rock unique lyrically, and the music is fucking solid The Johnsons Gypsies for life. I like them and Nick you are a true rocker dude I'm all about the highway too. Get drunk and call me people.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

TAXI- Jesus A Sleeping Me

Christmas Eve was pretty good for me, I fought with my asshole dispatcher. His name is Peter and he is a Jerk off. I have these clients from Israel, they're cool Ex military, they're young kids. They moved here to start a life together, they work in retail. They were telling me that the other day one of their client asked them where they're from they said Israel, the client said she was from Gaza and walked away. Man you got to set aside your differences, Canada is a neutral place isn't it? Oh I have a good story from the other night, I pull up to an address and call the house. Someone with a weird voice answers, it's deep and I can't understand a word that's being said. I'm like "Is Mike coming down or not?" the voice answers in the same manner as before, just kind of a bunch of deed gurgles. I start thinking this is a bad prank, and I ask again "is Mike coming, yes or no?" the same thing the deep weird sounds just keep coming through. Then I got a little angry and I said "If this is a fucking prank, I'm going to black list the fucking address and you'll never get a cab here again, is Mike coming yes or no?" "YES" comes through in a deed and disturbing way. I hang up the phone. then the fare shows up, a young guy on his way to the bar, I ask him "who answered the phone?" He says "my mom" I was shocked I told him the story and that I got kind of irate with her. He told me she just had a tracheotomy and the cold dry weather makes it really hard to talk. I was so embarrassed I wanted to call her back and apologise, I didn't, the truth is she made absolutely no sense. Sorry lady, I hope you forgive me. Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ditch Pig, Yeah just look over there. Where?

I picked this women up tonight, she is 43, she has a seven year old son with down syndrome and she was off to smoke crack with her ex husband in a trailer park. A man she left 18 years ago because he was fucking around on her. She said she was allowed to start smoking crack because she never rebelled in life. Is that a good reason? Not when you have a seven year old with down syndrome. The kids father is a Newphy also a crack head that she needed to get a restraining order against. She told me he threatened her with the "Golden bi bi" a golden bullet that he wanted to put through her skull for having his kid. She is not going to see a dime of child support is she people? Not if she keeps smoking the Crack, that shit is something that you just can't dabble with, not even once. Hudsons on Bourbon street in West Ed over served it's clients this evening, everyone that walked out of those doors last night was ready to fuck in my back seat. I didn't stop them cause the rides were to short for a drunk male to achieve climax, one of the sexually charged couples was on their way to snort some coke off of each others naked bodies, right before the guy got out he paid me very well and told me he was going to "fuck her in the ass" I chuckled. What drugs do to people only me and you know. I also drove this Italian lady around with a group of her friends, one of them kept telling me this story how in Banff she tried to suck a cabby off but the guy just wouldn't do it. Banff is a great place to drive Taxi, loads of culture and lots of transients. My last fare drove around with me, we talked for a while, I liked it a lot. I convinced her to just cruise around and not go gamble, we had a seriously deep conversation, but not to deep. People want to join me on my escapades sometimes the fares want to stay and pick people up, to bad it's my job. I am kind of scared I'm in love with my career, it ain't ever going to take me anywhere but to somebody elses house. Your house isn't scary is it? No.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Greedy Pig

Tonight I was taught a lesson in greed. Don't think cause I'm mister super cabby that I don't ever get greedy cause I do. This week I was out to make as much cash as possible. I did a great job, but I put in 72 hours of work. Something like 3500km this week. That's a lot for me. O.k so three dudes get in the taxi on white ave, they all have account slips from the Christmas party their company just threw. They were enjoying the ride so much they told me that they were all going to give me their slips, that meant the fare times three. It was a big fare, in total I stood to gain 150$. Good deal right? One of the guys said he would give me a forth slip if I lent him enough cash to buy a bottle of Crown Royal. I did it. (stupid). We get to the house, and the three start filling out the slips and signing them, but right as they leave I realize that the account on the slip belongs to Capital taxi. (not the company I work for) Fuck! I had to find a Capital car to buy 150$ worth of slips from me. I pull up to a 7 11 and see one. #129 Capital. I knock on the window and ask if he can purchase the slips, except the person driving the car is a kid. The car belonged to his girlfriends father and he was just out pushing drugs. Fuck. I was disappointed in myself for doing something shady and then finding out something shady and not being able to really do anything. I should have mentioned the number to my dispatch so they could contact Capital and suspend the owner of 129. I let the asshole get away because I felt my behavior wasn't much better. I got those boys to give me all those slips because I was against the cooperate pig, but I was being a hypocrite. I sold those slips to a Capital guy who was driving a van, I told them they were legit(which they were, just not for me) he paid me 60$ enough to cover the coast of the Crown Royal and the ride I gave the group of guys. I ended up breaking even instead of making an extra 100$. I'm pretty sure there is a guy who programs our lives that lives in space. Am I crazy or what?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

your daddy is here, with a Polish accent

Last night it was so cold that no one went out, no one. Man it was so cold blogger was down, so this is my post, it's dull and kinda weak but so was last night, Im out again tonight, Sundays the ongoing history of new Music on Sonic. It's a very nice show to listen to in -30 weather. Stay safe kids and don't drink and drive, walk.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

That Russian whore got dumped

I drove a bunch of lawyers from the strip joint. Lawyers definitely are kings in this world. I dropped two of them off downtown the third went North. The man made me question myself in a great way. He was so open minded about all my jaded thoughts on life. He was a prosecutor. He told me that most of the cops are really good guys, and to tell you the truth he is probably right. He was a good guy he let off a real vibe, and he forced me to look at myself, I want to be more optimistic, fuck I wish he would have asked me to drive him to a brothel, but no he was good, fuck smart good people they're the ones keeping the world going round. I love Obama, I think that the world is in for a change. I can't wait. My last fare was a couple, a women gang banger and her 20 year old cousin, out looking to score crack, they were Native. I fucking love old school native culture, I told them to forget about the crack, they didn't we drove around looking to score, they tried hard and found nothing. It was me, I took them to all the wrong places, even though they told me where to go. They did not get high they went to bed, I'm a fucking king, fixing a crack head is like going to the strippers for me, but I'm sleepy so come back tomorrow, or I'll leave you standing in the cold. Its Fucking beyond cold, stay safe everyone.
Oh there was this women who fell and cracked her head on an open door. Her husband left the door open while he was peeing on the taxi, she slipped and hit her head on the corner. She is probably very hurt right now and the husband was an asshole, she should have went to the hospital, I hope you're alive lady even though you and your man sucked, their kid was my age he flagged me down to drive them home from Franco's. She must have a concussion she really hit herself hard, she almost fell in a puddle of her mans urine. Awful.

Friday, December 19, 2008

That last clip is kind of a Joke

I had this dream that I was at this party and I was there to cut the grass. I thought I was going to cut it with my taxi??? But then the host gave me a box and I was forced to build a lawn mower that looked like a cop car, strange. Has anyone out there seen Disney's Cars, that movie was missing a taxi.

International soccer star from Hong Kong not China

Holly shit I was on the Bear, Mat something played Rape Me by Nirvana, and then in the morning Garner Andrews let me stroke his radio show ego, and then he played me. God really is looking out for me these days, I'll be posting a short vid later, bye
For Garner thanks for making my morning, that accident killed it

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Drives You?

What drives me? A Ford Crown Vic. I thinks it's an ex police interceptor. Ha. What drives me is the fear that I'll never get what I want out of life. I need satisfaction all the time, I never seem to get it completely. There is always something stopping me from getting exactly what I want, but sometimes I find I get what I need. I'm a fucking Rolling Stone, and I don't really like the old bastards but I get them. I listened to Led Zeppelin tonight, Stair Way to heaven, that song sums it up doesn't it? What drives me? The Fucking truth, the naked dirty truth, that gets me off. Shit stinks and I'm learning to love it. Do you? Sometimes I wonder if a Subaru or an Audi or a BMW will make me happy. Usually I think it would but I know it wouldn't. Those people driving those cars feel like the rest of us, except they're a little deeper in the financial hole then others. Ha fuck them. What drives me? finding myself, that's an important thing that keeps me going. Knowing who I am in this world. Sometimes I think that it's all mine and sometimes I think that the world is hear just to roll over me. The older I get and the more people I meet the greyer it all becomes. When I was young it was so black and white, such a fantastic fantasy. Now it's all such a mix of good and bad, bad and good. Life is a drive and I know it. I think its a journey, my job is to drive others. I do my job well. What drives me? The desire to find someone to take me for a spin, take me for a ride that will blow my mind, or at least make me want to tip them 150$. The first night I ever drove a cab, I was living in Banff, this rig pig wanted me to find him a hooker. He racked up a 150$ fare in Banff looking for a whore, he got himself some blow. I could hear him snorting it in the back seat. He never found himself that prostitute, but at the end of the ride he paid the buck fifty and tipped me 150$. Sounds like I blew him right? That guy was one of my first fares, I filled some sort of void in his life, just for a a short time. What drives me? I drive myself. Why? Cause I love, no joke. Love is the driving force, sometimes I hate but I love that too. What drives me? My Boy, My Sun. My Man. What drives me? Driving You. Lol

this song is what drives me Ween-Its gonna be a long Night listen to it, it'll drive you insane

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's all about the context, right Boss?

O.k this post needs to be written, I have something to say about women. Girls you don't know how to protect yourselves from dirty predator men. Well some of you do I'm sure but there a some women out there that don't know what to do when a cabby asks them for sexual... anything. Listen to me, even if you think the taxi driver is cute and you want him to give you the bone, the mother fucker is at work. Professionals don't go and fuck their fares, fucking someone you don't know is dangerous. Women if a cabby askes for a blow job, even if he asks nicely, report him. You get the number off the side of his car and you call the company, all organizations take that kind of thing seriously. Cabbies who are aggressive enough to ask someone they don't know for a blow job are aggressive enough to rape a girl who is too drunk to say "no". Think about it, please. Next time a taxi driver makes himself available sexually to you report him. All drivers are by law suppose to have their Id's visible at all times, if they don't you should be weary. Please remember to always pay attention to the taxi you enter, remember that you can call the company or the police (who do nothing) right from the front or back seat. If the fucker touches you he is a predator. All men want to have easy sex with women they don't know, it's natural, but it's a primitive instinct that is not an acceptable behavior in a western taxi. Think about it ladies. Remember to protect yourself from those types of monsters. If you don't stop it, it will happen to your daughters and so on and so on. These guys should be dragged by their balls behind a taxi. God I don't believe this stuff, I hear stories about bad drivers all the time, and I never hear that the victim told on the asshole. Tonight I drove to Edson in a snow storm, I risked my ass to deliver some 5000$ part for Finning. Scary trip, anyone who loves me out there would have been horrified that I drove in those awful conditions. The delivery paid my rent in five hours, fuck I'm a sell out, but man I haven't done anything that dangerous since I was on drugs. Adrenaline Rush the whole way there. On the way back I was the only car on the road, I made it back, rock on everyone and stay fucking safe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HeatScore CowBoys

I produced this in one weekend
The initial post
Me and the CBC
for those who have not seen it, Webby people

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have a new bearded buddy, Thank You for Real

Fuck, cold, fucking Hard core cold and yet I still had a great night. I picked up a lot of personals. One of the reasons personal calls are so important to me is they are safe. I had this crack dealer in the car. He was drunk and willing to flip the car over to prove a point. I was scared of him but I couldn't show it. He was making fun of me and he was putting me down. I just wanted to get him out of the car. I find that the best way to do that is to just get the fuckers home. This guy lived in the west end. 6503 177st, please someone burn that building down, get everyone good out and burn all the bad fuckers down. This dealer has a kid. The west end is getting very bad and the cops are pigs who jerk off. Do you guys know that the Hells Angels are probably a better organization for protecting the people then the EPS, sad but true. EPS is a joke. Next time you see a cop ask him or her what he or she does for a living and if he or she says something other then masturbate call him or her a liar. Hey when was the last time you actually had a EPS officer help you? anyone comment. When was the last time you witnessed the Police prevent crime before it happened. You know a check stop on Calgary trail and 50th ave every night over and over again is predictable, all the drunks have to do is take 99st, and they do, and the cops sit on Calgary trail and jerk each other off. God awful pigs. I was thinking of video taping it and selling it as awful gay porn. I would call it "The Boys in Blue eat bitter Cum and like it". Fuck them. I drove some cool cats too Ten Second Epic tonight, almost the whole band, fucking awesome they inspired me. They told me their favorite stories that they read in my blog and it blew my mind. It made me realize the blog is being read and can have an influence. That's why I want to make you readers "sick" in a good way, I'm going to start taking this diary seriously. This blog is more then just a safe ride through a world filled sex, drugs, drunks and Rock and Roll, it's a safe ride through a world filled with rapists, murderers, crack dealers, gang bangers, whores, pimps and their victims. I want to save my city because I'm raising a child in this world and I want him to grow up on a good planet where police don't just make porn they water the flowers in the Garden of Eden. Cheese, but hey its true, have a kid you'll understand. Tonight it was -30, -40 with wind chill and I had dozens of dirty skanks try to pile in the car 6 at a time because they were cold. They were wearing things like belly shirts and short skirts even open toed sandals (which I love). If they weren't dressed for the weather I kicked them the fuck out. Someone has to teach sluts a lesson, and since their fathers fucked them instead of raising them I decided I'm the one, the asshole to do it. Next time ladies wear a jacket and you won't have to offer men a blow job to get out of the cold. I picked up a personal at the Union and she brought along a friend who plays in a band that plays some heavy tunes "bayoneta" check em out, Tell them what you think. I also drove a couple to the International Airport, they told me that you can see a women fuck a donkey on stage in Mexico, she told me "It's like going to see Top Gun."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The night was hotter then anyone one of us could have ever expected

Wow it was cold last night, to cold for me to drive, I made some shitty cash and I was on my way home when , I got a call. It was around 12am, turned out Liann Cameron needed a ride. Wow what are the chances of me getting a sweet young Edmonton celebrity. Slim to non, well that's what I thought cause a few hours later Sandy from Ten Second Epic called. I wasn't able to pick him up. Sorry Sandy. Hey Liann, Thanks for the call feel free to call whenever, and Sandy just checked out the new single, Fucking Rights, January 27 2009 I can't fucking wait, stay safe in that neck of the woods. Peace

Friday, December 12, 2008

That'll be nice,

Some chick from out east peed outside my car. Just took a squat and pissed, fast. Holy shit. The snow rain mixed made for a real slow night. No one really that crazy, I would still be driving but something happened to the car and I had to take it into the Garage. I made no money and the car started to let off a stink into the inside of the cab. It made me nauseouse and mad. I'll be back behind the wheel tomorrow, woopee. At least there is the Radio. I've been tuning into 97.3, I dig the doors, Pink Floyd and the Beetles. All that Jazz, I'm going to sleep I think I inhaled too much CO2,. Fuck it, Lets fill a bag with glue.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a lot like you

It was Wednesday, I like Wednesdays their nice and slow, I can just cruise around and think. I've been thinking lots. Tonight I got a call to a south west address, it was a young blond girl. She was drunk and happy, she liked me, I let her smoke. We drove to the west end. On the way there she wanted me to kiss her, she got her lips all puckered up and stared at me. She was beautiful but drunk and going to her mans house. I didn't do it, I laughed. In real life things like that don't happen. After she told me I lost my chance. I told her she was hot but it's cool that I missed my chance. She puckered up again and I missed another chance to kiss this smoking hot girl. Well on the way to her mans house she guided me into a crescent, there she pounced on me and gave me a kiss, a good one. I was still driving. All I can remember is trying to keep the car on the road,. That was the first time I've had that happen to me in the cab. She paid me so well, I knew she liked me. On her way to her boyfriends door she fell in the snow, she fell cause she was drunk. I'm glad I missed my chances putting the moves on a young drunk girl, she was vulnerable in a cute way. Her forcing herself on me was nice though, I felt like a lucky guy,. She has the URL to the blog I wonder if she'll post a comment about last night. I don't like to kiss and tell but I had to. Hey lady, you were out there and it was cool having you ride with me. I'm glade you didn't miss your chance, hope you forgot what you did when you went inside and kissed your man. I also drove two native gangsters from Hobbema. They scared the shit out of me but they liked me and I stroked their egos like a little cabby slut, I guess in life its tit for tat.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Who you really are. Who are you? People change all the time, sometime is less then a second. Last weekend I went out to the Bar and got loaded. I had a blast. I was talking to one of the Bass players of the many bands that were playing and I was telling him that in a strange way I'm like a rock star, except people don't recognise me outside of the taxi. Then the Bass player dude and I went out for a smoke (I smoked that night, cause I was loaded). I was being an asshole to this stuck up chick, She was being a bitch, then I told her "my name is Jacob, I drive a taxi" and she jumped in the air and was like"Oh my God Jacob, I remember you." She stopped being a bitch,(cause she loved me) I became a bigger asshole. My life as a taxi driver is nothing like my life as an individual. It's weird. I guess I'm someone else behind the wheel of my cab. People trust that guy, they tell him he's the best, that they love him, but me I don't get that. Sometimes people want to chill out with me outside of work and I would usually love to, but they wake up the next morning from their druken night and don't even remember me. That's good cause if they actually got to know they would realize I'm fucking scary cool. Not Cool Cool. Tonight some kid got in and was braging how he loves to drink and drive, he even showed me a picture of a car he recently flipped while driving under the influence. He got in with a bunch of random people going to different destinations. He was such and asshole while everyone was in the ride, but when it was just the two of us he relaxed and became himself. A pretty cool red neck farm boy Albertan, who didn't really share the same rasist views as the others. When he first got in he was the guy I felt I had to watch. The people who aren't themselves around others, for whatever reason are the most dangerous. I'm not like others I like people for who they are, and I can bring it out of them. I just need the cab to bring them into the right contex. Then they're putty in my hands, and all I ever want from them is a story, a real one, no lies. I can always see through the lies, even outside the taxi. Except outside I point out the flaw, in the taxi I just smile and nod in aggrement because in the taxi I want everyone to be happy even people I don't like. My taxi is a safe haven for people to be themselves. Strange but true, that Taxi is teaching me more and more about you. I hope I'm letting you know about me.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Metalica was myBreadbread and Butter

New post, I'm great tonight, not sleepy at all. My internal clock has been playing havoc with my life lately. Last night I had a flat tier, I changed it in about 10-15minutes. That's a good time. I Think. It's all about the jack, mine is new meaning NO RUST. Who fucking cares? Well the fare that has to wait outside in the cold. They let me into their house to wash my hands. It was the fare that told me the tier was leaking. She heard the hissing at New City. I also had a crazy cabby try to run me off the road, I caught the butt end of our confrontation on camera, and I'm going in tomorrow to talk to management about the level of insanity this guy was outputting. He almost killed me on purpose and he had a fare in the car. Crazy fucker. Last night I was also driving up the freeway and listening to About a Girl by nirvana, the song ended and the DJ Shawn Bogner dedicated it to the best cabby in the city and then he said my name. Fuck I almost cried I was so touched. I'm getting around like a dirty little bastard, except I'm socially acceptable and I'm probably someone you would want to drive your mom home cause I take care of business. Now tonight was so great, I had a great conversation with this lady. Then I drove Metalica fans ha, there was this couple from Up north. All they wanted to do was go to Metalica then go see some strippers and snort blow. The Stippers were closed and I don't now where to find blow. It made sense though. I took them to On the Rocks. Metalica did ensure my sun was gonna eat, That concert put out some seriously happy crazy cool clientele. Metalica, your fans were exceptional. One of the fares from Rexal was from the military, I told him he could do whatever he wanted too, he took me to McDonalds, the roads sucked but the people were worth it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


My eyes are starting to close so ill just let you guys watch a movie.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yo no hablo en espanol.

Salsa night at On the Rocks, Latin themes are sexy, Latin People are hot. Fuck I wish I could Hablo en Espaniol, with a ..... It snowed tonight, and I'm getting up bright and early to fight a ticket. I won't be working, I'm going to be shooting some sort of video at New City, then I hope to take a cab home because I'm going to be to drunk to drive, maybe, that's if justice is served and the ticket is thrown out. Who knows. I just want to relax and hopefully come back a better more inspired writer, cause lately the back seat has been bringing me down. Except tonight I drove a correctional officer from Calgary, She works with youth, she told me she had to watch the 12 year old girl who killed her family a year ago, you guys know what I'm talking bout, she killed them with her 23 year old boyfriend. Man imagine meeting a 12 year old accused of killing three people. Now that would be a killer fare and probably a far out story. Oh and she was found guilty, the boyfriends trial has just started.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holly shit people work on Wednesday, Why?

Sooo slow, I drove a bulimic, and then a chick who threw up, and then I had a shwarma and threw it up, kidding. Slow and steady wins the race. Except you don't win much when you do win that race, but that's not the point the point is you tried, Right? Ok ok I admit it I purge once in a while, but only to maintain my aerodynamic shape. You should see me naked. Imagine having a naked cabby. Well I have a beard. And to you people who might not understand my son is the sun, yes I mean Jesus. I am still a virgin. I was a spelling mistake.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New locks, no kisses, sad dad, no big deal, nevermind

So tiered tonight, Running on no sleep, Who cares? I know. Tuesday in the snow, What a Job. It's gonna get cold. I can't stand the cold, I'm having some seriouse problems with my ex, she is wearing my emotions so thin. I'm starting to go crazy, but the cab stabalizes all my bullshit and while I'm in the car, the taxi, all my problems eventually just roll back, that is until I start my civilian car up and realize what is going on in my real life. The Taxi is like a new friend every couple of minutes, a new house, a new world. I won't ever be able to work a normal job. I'm fucked but at least I like who I am. I'm going to fight a traffic ticket on Friday I can't wait another adventure. hahahaqhahahahahah fuck!

Monday, December 1, 2008

You gotta have faith

Why do I do it? Why do I drive Taxi? The Truth the T in taxi stands for the Cross. Now you figure out what the other letters stand for then Ill call you psychotic. Why do I do it? I do it because I love it. I love all the things that have happened to me so far. In the taxi and out, I love my life. Its crazy, the taxi amplifies society. Most of the time the stuff that happens to people at night is often forgotten in a drunken haze. Or the person wishes they forgot it. People do strange things in the taxi and lately I don't care. I just drive and listen to rock and roll. I've been a partner in many a strange event. I try not to break the law, and I know I never have willingly. I just look forward, I check the rear view make sure I'm safe and flow around the city. The city is my cage, Its my jungle. Its where I snag up random people and feed on their inner thought and emotions. The night lets out this animal in people, the instinct, the id. My car is ego and Im a superman. I love it. I sang with a fare tonight, he was a realtor. First time I ever sang with a fare, we sang the new Killers song, something about a dancer. A couple almost had sex listening to Hole, it was a good Sunday, Can't wait till tomorow. That's why I drive a taxi.