Saturday, November 30, 2019

First time I got high in junior high!

The edge of the grass. That is all I can look at.

"What are you doing there" she asked. She must have been 14. Pretty. I'd never seen her before. She smiled at me like she liked me.

I looked up at her. I was sprawled out on the grass, incapacitated. "What do you mean?" I asked. I was mangled, fucked up for the first time in my life. Twenty five minutes earlier she would have found me in Kayn's garage and twenty five minutes before that she would have found me riding my bike to meet a drug dealer behind the school. I'm in junior high.

"What are you doing just lying here on the grass?" she asked again.

I could remember them picking on us, Kayn and I. His older brother had stumbled upon us all mangled. That's the last time I remember having my bike. I got on it right after smoking the joint with the drug dealer. He gave us a nug too. He gave it to Kayne and Kayne gave it to me. "It's your going away gift" he said handing me the little piece of weed wrapped in foil from a cigaret wrapper. I was 13.

It was October 12th. My going away party. I was moving to Europe. My parents had split and I was getting fucked up. It wasn't my fist time smoking weed, but it was my first time getting messed up.

The first time I smoked weed I was with my brother. We had snuck out together while my mom was on the night shift. Chad was with us. Chad was a 16 year old run away homeless couch surfer kid. My mom let him stay with us in the apartment we had been living in since she left my father, Aug 29 1994, my twelfth birthday.

Since then getting messed up was something that I had been aspiring to do,


The search for happiness continues.
I fell on my neck going up an escalator and it hurt like a mother fucker, but I'm 100% sure that I am lucky to be alive.
Fuck me. Falling on your face is a thing. Helps you re evaluate what's really going on.

You gotta know what's happening around you that's for sure. So when the moment comes and you want to be surrounded by what's important to you, you are.

It's been a crazy few years since I've been writing, but I'm getting back into it. The fall in Monaco has made it clear to the that I need to find more of what I want to surround me.

Don't get me wrong I love being here in they amazing city. .... But it's fake. It's like everywhere else.
I want to be where it's real. Unfortunately for me that happens to be in Canada. In Edmonton Alberta, where the red neck rule.

I guess I'm ok with red Necks since I don't mind taunting them. They can hear me.

Things are moving along in life. That means life if moving. That means people have died.

There is so much for me to talk about here. In my fares.
My affairs, my dreams are coming true.

Come on let's go.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Wolf of Wall Street will consider me as a guest on his show if I get 500 likes.

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He was a stock trader that went rogue and started to sell penny stocks. It made him a millionaire!

Well he reacted to one of my comments on Instagram the other day and said that if I can 500 like he would consider getting me on his podcast.

Now the cool thing about this fellow is that he was also convicted of a bunch of crimes.

Yeah. the dude made hundreds of millions of dollars and broke every rule in the book along the way.

Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the movie it was amazing, a film I adored

Well since he replied to my comment I decided to really try and get the 500 likes.
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back on my apple

Imagine being in a country like Monaco! Having the time of your life then ,,,, falling face first on a escalator.
OMG what a joke.. Hahaha
or is it?
I actually fell on my Adams able and it hurts.. I seem to be ok. I can breath and swallow but my neck is sore.

Of course the one time I fall and hurt myself I don't have health insurance. WTF.

The most important things to me in my life are my son, my mom and my girl friend. So important to me to get to spend more time with Ninja

He's so amazing and growing up so fast. I know that all he wants to do is ditch me. Not actually I hope tho. Fingers crossed, he's a teen now.

What am I suppose to do... smashed my throat.. no insurance and it's all on me. My own fault.
I went to bed last night thinking..

"If I die, I lived a good life. Ive woken a few hours later with a very tender Adams apple. WTF

Holy shit did I ever miss writing the blog.

I think I'll write a few more post and see how this blogging thing goes now that I'm back on taxi truth.