Thursday, June 30, 2011

six inch heels"

eight hundred and eighty eight is a big number baby girl" he said to her. She was standing there looking at him, eyes wide, teary. "Daddy please" she whined, eerily. The couple sitting next to them sat, listening to their conversation. "Dad, please, I'll love you forever." she pleaded. "It's too, too much money baby, no." Then she sat down there silenced. "Daddy, I hate you!" she argued, he knew her. He spoiled her, rotten, perfection, was the vision in front of him. She could smirk, and smile and lie. "Daddy, you're not like mommy" she said, shocking him. "Why?" he asked, really reluctantly waiting for her response. "She wore

wishing well

I know it's true, I know it's true
all those nasty things they say about you
I know I love you
I know I know that this passion is so not cool
I'm young you see, bewildered and shaken by empty people
who I work for
broke the stone for
I work far harder then they can imagine further then they can ignore
destroyed in a world that I built and hold
I know that this squandered heart is redemption for what has been
and is coming once more
change is no different then that nasty cork
it holds itself over until
it's pulled out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been so lucky to have you!

You know this more then I do, I know you do. I know I'm not always the best at pretending that the world is perfect, we both know that the best part about life is how fucked up it is. I'm awful. I am so bad, things were going so well and I fucked up. I am sorry that I pushed so hard. This is all just a test anyway, it's meant to bring everyone together. And we're the ones that are going to do it, for you know what. Life's in the back seat, perfect, feet. This is always what I see now, we've gone beyond the map now. It makes me laugh, it makes you cry, life's like that, and the opposite too. Life's bright. I have one because of my Mom and some dude I call the Man.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"no Dad I want more yogurt!"

"If he could forget, I would be so happy." He thought to himself. "A memory makes things real, memories can be fabricated and re fabricated, but not by children. Children remember everything, adults twist things to their liking. Most people lie all the time, they lie to themselves. Most people want to be happier, even though it's excessive happiness that makes them so miserable.
"I want another yogurt" the boy shouted loudly into his fathers ear.
"No you don't! you just had three and you ate supper, you're just thirsty" this father handed him a bottle of room temperature water.

You're in One!

"So I published a picture of you!"she overheard him tell his friend on the telelphone. "Why don't you text?" she asked him. "I'm a lot older then you, I got used to speaking on the phone" he spoke with his fingers held over his mouth and ear. She looked him over.

-no-so how'd you get so used to using those?
-they've been around for over two decades! he was right, she didn't realize it because she was only two decades old. "you look great baby"he said
-who's pic did you publish-
-your moms-

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There are some big days ahead of me

There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
There are some big days ahead of me
I can handle them all!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I would never! Babies blow fire!

"Good Girl" whispered into her ear. It was just what she wanted to hear. "I wanted you to tell me that" she looked up at him smiling, "there's nothing wrong with that is there?" she asked. He laughed and pulled at her blouse. "Take it off!" he said, looking rather faint. She listened. "Good girl" repeated. She laughed. "I love you" she affirmed by wrapping her hands around his neck and shoulders. Her naked chest exposed. "I love you with my whole heart" she said looking up at the light hanging above them. It reminded her of the sun, so bright. She could feel her pupils contract. He sat down on the bed, she placed her naked body on his. "Good girl" was all he could say, that made her smile. They kissed and she pulled herself closer to him. Their lips met over and over, he adored her intense pout and her red lips.
His cries went unnoticed for the first minute and a half. They had woke him up. "He doesn't know you're here" he said. "He doesn't know who I am" she whispered. They both looked at each other. They heard the sound of the littler foot steps tumbling in closer from up the hall. He quickly jumped and turned off the lights, a moment later the door swung open. He found himself in the arms of his five year old. She was out in the hall, "I'm not ready to be a mother at all" she thought to herself. She made her way out.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Island alley Volcano Blows

She exhaled realizing she had said enough for him to call her bluff. But of course she wanted him to hear that. "I'm vulnerable!" she eluded, elegantly. "I love you anyway" he told her. He was off in a day dream. She stood next to him, thinking about how good the two of them felt together. He inhaled her perfume, she smelled of smoke too. He liked it. He was used to it. She hated herself for smoking, "I'm sorry for lying to you!" she confessed pulling the box of cigarettes out of her purse. He laughed, picked out her lighter and lite her cigarette. "Chivalry baby!" she said. After pulling out a smoke for himself he said,  "No! I know I'm not half as bad as you, I know and I don't care. I never did." He sounded so sincere, it made her laugh. "I just want to touch your hair baby" he told her. She was still laughing as he filled his fists with her, gently. "I'll always be here ."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

mirror Thing on the wall!

I walked the streets of heaven all alone amongst so many people who never knew. The universe is just a piece of everything, a tiny one. I found out that I own a part of the whole thing today. God told me, who I am, who I am not,  what I won't be. I found myself. Respect was dropped in front of me. By a man who forced his girlfriend to fight not for him, but because she did not matter. So many people are following their dream on the couch drunk, on drugs, stuck. Somethings we just don't want to face up to ourselves, like how meek we are when it comes to our own existence. How many of us are out there, looking through shitty blogs going, "Who the fuck does this guy think he is? He can't even spell clothes, Fucking Idiot" I know. It's me that makes that kind of mistake. But that flaw, it's a piece of the real estate I have in the whole part of the whole universe (the all of it). With it (my flaws) comes the ability to take a pretty solid beating. I am a failure waiting to happen again and again. I own that, and it is Universal. I respect that, because it won't change. Hey it's actually a human trait, but not everyone around me is human. They are just the empty space here to make ownership a maintenance process. Nothing is an obstacle in the massiveness, it's all suppose to be there. But that space is what gives our dreams room to breath, because imagine how shitty it would have been to have made it all the way to Mars without even having to have lost two and a half billion of the empty spaces........She fell on her face, on her chest, she was exposed and he was fighting a fire hydrant he was so drunk. It's awesome to think that all of them could have something that would be worth sharing. Nothing though, but bodies, I'm a Nuclease and I'm special because I'm flipped inside out and backwards. Huge piece of real state.There is lots to do here on a rainy day. Lot of leaks. Remember it's destiny to stink, it's an idiot's. One that like's himself, and thinks highly of the world that he believes in. We all know that the odds of actually being successful are really slim to none. So enjoy fucking everything up and stop, thinking you have any control. Then in the process of destroying your worthless self, you might, maybe, get to New York city, to see the city, and applaud a rock band you wish you were in. Or oh, imagine you could go to a third world nation, and push one of those African tribe's guy's girl friend onto the dirt road, and fight him drunk while kids die begging to have a day's worth of clean water. This universe the "whole" thing has that kind of space in it too. Lots of stuff that's hard to smash together.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiffanie's torture Games

"Do you think that we're unique because we love?" Fred asked angry. "My fucking dog loves me!' he said leaning over the counter looking at Fluffy, his Boarder Collie bichon frise Cross. She looked at him and asked "What do you think?" then stopped, the silence between the two was overwhelming for Fluffy their puppy. "Bark" the dog snapped. They both laughed. She looked to her right at Fred who was standing there angry, thinking to himself passively "what makes me so different then an ape? Or my dog!" She just watched him. He looked so unhappy, bewildered. Looking at their dog, thinking about evolution she got down on her knees and looked up at him.  His eyes met hers. Then slowly she began to crawl on all fours, past Fluffy, towards him. It made him laugh watching her pant in front of him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this is a scary thing!

"We're in a scary place" they both thought. "This is scary all together isn't it?" she asked, hungry. They were both in the darkness of their own lives, alone with others in houses that were getting all filled up with their existences, which were both rather interesting. They both had relationships and they both went about their day just the same, but when they found themselves thinking about one another they were both in the dark. "I can hear you" she said. "I can see you" he said. She smiled in the night, he reached out into his open space. "Why?" they both asked simultaneously, furiously, and most of all childishly. "I know" she said. He heard her and didn't care. He just sat there facing his screen, watching his lights turn on and off. She was wrong, and he was wrong, they both knew that. "This is a dark thing" he said, "Yes" she agreed. "We are from dark places" she added. Neither could feel the other, but they both agreed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm guessing you wanna know what I dream about!

Well there is a band and booze.  All my best friends are there and the sun is shining. We're all happy. It's hard to imagine.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

live in the ....not the jam of life

Got plenty of time before the upload is complete. You're sick right?...Well you better be! I can't spend a moment of this eternity with the correct people, the ones who are all dangerously  powerful, and mean. lol. I can't spell. I feed lots of others, I offer myself to get slammed around just asking to take part in that good time. "Fuck off" he told me. "What?" I said "I just wanted to smoke a joint!" It was true, but asking him was not the answer to that, his girlfriend was miserable. He just got her pregnant. They were sad about the abortion, so this night before, they got drunk to get ready to run down their grandmothers dreams and do that there morning after stab. "Fuck off" is a joke that god tells us all. "We need you to see us through!" they said. "It's because you're blind you fucking idiots"he said right before stepping into the lounge to have a drink. Hell is worthless here, heaven is for sale and not everyone can afford to go. But you can pretend to have a taste. There are profits though, they work at trying to pin point where this is going. The good ones know, the young ones are destined to cum back until they understand. The worlds running out though, so they might have to do it as cock roaches. Insects will rule those of us that organize

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I have a special life...

and a final at 6 so wish me luck, it's on childless lit, did you know Coraline was a PORNO! GaYman Who Knew!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

.....the sex?

gets better and better and ...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the intro written before calss

because I wear cloths not clothes

Ill always need an editor for everything!
no you wont 

yes I will 
suit yourself 
fuck you

Characters in Robert Munsch’s “The Paper Bag Princess” and Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperors New Cloths” largely inspired Elizabeth’s story “Did she Just Flip in Flip Out”. Inspiration was taken from the two shorts to create a unique tale that tries to inspire many of the same timeless values as its contemporary counterparts as well as ad some modern twists to help keep the readers from losing focus; skateboarding being one of the newer more modern themes. After finding Munsch’s “Paper Bag Princess” a modern story of gender role reversal, a decision was made to create a female protagonist. The story does not necessarily replicate Munsch’s values, but it creeps along the same theme, that independence is a virtue. “The Emperors New Cloths” brings on another level of thematic dimension by mashing in the whole issue of people following one another blindly. The Queen in this case is completely self- absorbed and incapable of realizing that she is on a path of destruction, yet the common people do nothing but follow her and help maintain a bad situation. Thank goodness for Elizabeth’s independent pursuit of her father, the lost King. Without his rescue and return the kingdom would be left to crumble in the hands of a wickedly ignorant Queen.  Yet, once Elizabeth makes it up to the Dragon’s lair she finds her father, happily sitting, drinking milk. There are several layers of hypocrisy written into the story to give the reader a sense of their own reality. The ambiguity helps create a piece of text that a parent can read and a young adolescent may take in, and think about. Realizing that King James initial view of women where outdated and socially unacceptable is good. But realizing that allowing his love for his daughter to overcome and change his opinion is better. There is a nonsensical aspects also thrown into the story line, the Dragons house for example, this just helps the reader maintain the Dragon as a realistic reptile character in a mostly human world that needs theatric character to help create change.         

Monday, June 6, 2011

Whored it out! on his sleeve

   "So you wanna know bout'mixing the pot?" he asked her. "No" she shook her head, weepy, lonely. The music was in the room and the other girls were all close to him. He was playing the guitar. The drugs had taken effect and they were becoming ever more sensitive to the way he made them feel. He started talking. "It's actually a tragedy, real beauty, don't you know? he asked looking around, watching them react, high, light and drunk, in a wild reason of life. The groupies sat and waited to hear how the whole world died over and over and over again.
   "We live in a massive cauldron of hate and love mixing together. It's the dance between black and white" the sound of the guitar gathered in a feeling of silence in between its vibrations."Grey" he said laughing.
   "The Music is so good...God" one of the egg heads in the other end of the room moaned. It scared him, and he laughed out loud. "Love is pain and hate is perfection!" the girls went wild, the room was wet with passion and the past, everyone was dim and the shadows were dark and creeping. The Groups were in love, it was perfect. "I know, know, know, know, know" his voice echoed, touching them, shoving them down. "I'd trade it all to give you a....a ...a little push into the mind."
His skin was the skin of princes, she touched him, he was wearing a thick scarf, fox fur, and he felt of velvet. The night was somewhere that no one expected it to be, the gift was the sound that accepted their ridiculousness and loneliness in youth. The past was happening again and again.
   "Like do you think that we're badder ass then they were in the past?" He asked, strumming, providing them with his soundtrack. "Imagine the knights!" sitting there pondering he reflected watching the girls behave, they liked it. "They had to slaughter women and children" stopping to listen, leaving the guitar, electrically humming, ignoring the tone of the drums the boys in the back were beating. "They bathed in real death, they were beyond any fucking modern rocker, mother fucker, with a size six string dick." He stood up, heaving himself over three of the girls, who laughed watching him with their cave like stare. "This is the dream ladies!" he spoke, titanic, tortured and weak.
One of the ladies laughed, he took out a knife, with a blade that had a lot to say. He pointed the steel to his own throat. "No's" were gasping in the interior of the room, the depth of its stench stalling him, stopping him, giving him a chance to look around and see. "Everyone" he announce, tiered, stumbling, angry laughing, holding the night, a stain. No one turned to watch as he dramatically removed his heart.
   The applause came after he finished and all the rest of the girls waited for Her to eat. They were all so hungry, waiting for him to shut up and feed them his soul. Most of them played with the still beating heart, pawing at it. Until it stopped with a final thud and the Queen ate it.

he thought

"Did you know he died of an overdose?" she asked angry. ""Did you know?" she repeated, he stood there looking her over, scared. "He died for me!" her voice was harsh, strained. He listened to her like she was glowing golden. "He died because I never let him in" her words were difficult for him to listen to. She just kept repeating it, "he died for me!" The sound of her heart became overwhelming, she wanted him to hold her but he just backed off. The two of them were in the same room, he was sober, sitting in the back, he lit a cigarette.
She began to cry. He was unhappy, sitting there watching her waste away.
"He killed himself baby!" he said, his hair curled round his mouth, black long strains of smoke filled the space next to him. "He was younger then us, he didn't deserve to die." he lied. He stood above her aware that he was the worst hypocrite.
"Yes" she remarked. "He was innocent of it all" stopping to catch her breath her face began to flush. "He loved me you know?" said the girl looking through her mangled bag trying to find a smoke. He threw her his packet, she picked it up, looked it over and threw it back. "I fucking hate the shit!" she managed to snort through her sobs. Then she found her kind, in her purse, and tore one out of its package. The smoke irritated her. She coughed.  
"It was her who should have died"

sometimes maybe!

  They want to cut my legs off. They want you to stop looking at me because I'm beginning to feel sick. I've been grounded for way too long and I want out of this miserable room, out of my filthy world, this mess. So I've been tearing myself apart. Feels good to clench fist, get busy. Fixing the Boat, stinging the bee. My bones are stiff from sitting and stirring. I stopped fretting about the money. It's artistic integrity...stiff. Like my legs. Ugly!
  Feels good to loosen up!
So now I'm off to try to succeed, to stare the dragon in the face.
  "Come on, offer me freedom!"  they waited, and the world fell apart, they all cheered  in hatred. She was scared and alone. He was suppose to come back. "They never do." he said.
"Why?" she asked. He stopped. "Because people change!"

Sunday, June 5, 2011


An intense, epic drama about Canadian heritage and the end of multiculturalism!!!!

There will be so much more to it then that, thinking bout writing it into a world of secrets ... And then explain how painful it is to reveal the truth.

Fuck that shit...

The reason corporations are so powerful is because of destroying them the common individual helps build the corporate castles of the white collar boss with a smile, because the blue collar average Joe just loves getting up and driving up through early morning rush hour traffic. Are you looking to burn...Gas!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

did She just Flip in Flip out

Elizabeth was a very beautiful princess. She lived in a big castle at the top of a giant hill. She lived there with her father King James and her mother, Queen Lydia. There the three of them lived ever so unhappily. The Queen was always found in her dressing room, pillaging through her ever-changing array of new dresses, watching herself in her enormous mirror. King James was often found sitting alone in the skate garden pondering whether or not he should do a 360 flip over the coping, or a blunt to Fakie, he never found anybody else to skate with that would help him decide. And Elizabeth, well, she wasn't partial to dressing up, and she hated all the garbage her mother produced by buying up all those things. But she loved to skate and take photographs of her dad, but he wouldn't allow her inside the skate garden, he always said, "It's not for girls." 
One day while the Queen was out of her chambers on the royal balcony showing off her newest attire, made of brilliant and expensive fabric, the Kingdom was attacked. The sky filled with fire and everybody's cloths were scorched to their underwear, leaving most of the villagers scurrying home in shame. “There must have been a dragon” the Queen concluded, “judging by all that fire” she announced. The worst part was that the miserable dragon had caught the King in mid heel flip and kidnapped him, bringing him back to his cave.
Elizabeth was in shock, her father was gone, and she was standing in the middle of the skate garden when she realized finally what had happened. "That speedy Dragon just high-jacked my dad" she screamed angrily. She was so upset because he was actually hitting the pipe like no body's business when this all happened. "I've never seen him land an Indy that high before.” She sat there in her underwear thinking what was going to happen next.
The Queen who had been caught on the balcony during the cross fire was also standing, displaying her attire in front of almost the entire kingdom, was now stunned, with all her cloths gone. She stood there displaying herself without a single thread of magnificent fabric covering her undergarments. "Ahhh" she yelled, "this is preposterous" she exclaimed after looking around and realizing the King had also been taken and was no longer available to watch her model all the newest fashion trends. 
The Kingdom was in an uproar once they realized that the King had been kidnapped, no one knew what to do about the fact that they had no cloths. Everyone and their families huddled into the castle to seek refuge and guidance from the Queen. The Queen was already getting her royal designers ready working, threading together the newest in royal fashion. "What about the King?" asked Elizabeth, seeing that the people of the Kingdom were quickly relying on the Queens inadequate decision making processes. "Mom?" Elizabeth asked the Queen, "Are you going to send a search party out to find the king?" Queen Lydia turned to Elizabeth, who was still only in her skivvies, and said, "If you would like to find your father Elizabeth" lowering her tone and furrowing her brow she said, "You're going to have to find him yourself!" Most of the Kings people were inside the castle and they could hear the Queens annoyance. Elizabeth got up that instant to find her father. But before leaving she figured that she couldn't go find and fight a dragon in her underpants, so she put on a few of the old bags her mothers new fabrics had been packaged in. Queen Lydia stood and stared at her daughter through the reflection in the mirror. She looked horrified but said nothing other than “Go now,” while the rest of the kingdom stared at the brave young royal with their mouths wide open.
Elizabeth's decision to pursue her father made Queen Lydia smile, "I'll be heir to the throne forever, and all the riches of the Kingdom can be spent on keeping me dressed for success!" she said and all the villagers cried out joyfully surrounding the Queen, who stood reverent, revealing her new costumes to her captive audience. One outfit after the next the people watched the Queen put on. By the time Elizabeth had reached her first milestone, the Queen had the people up to their ears in wonderland couture, Cinderella shoeboxes, and DKNY garment bags that she tossed about in every which way. Elizabeth's outfit had already done her justice, just in the way it had kept the bugs off of her in the half dragon scorched forest. Then, all of a sudden, she was seen. He was an old Shepard crossing the bridge on the outskirts of her kingdom. "What's that you're wearing little'un?" he asked in wonderment. "Well sir!" answered Elizabeth, well aware that her appearance there in boxes and bags concealed her identity. "I am a knight sanctioned by the Queen to find the kidnapped king!" Elizabeth said it in a brunt, boyish manner, realizing that no one outside the Kingdom would know who she was. "Ah'then, here take this" said the man handing her the Kings Royal Skate, "the King Dropped it, I saw the Dragon carrying him, they flew that way together!" he said pointing toward the horizon and the setting sun. Then retuning to his pasture to tend to his flock he said, "my best wishes to ya young lad, this Kingdom" he said hesitatingly, "is relying on'ya."
Elizabeth was overjoyed with the sight of her father’s precious royal skate. Really there was nothing different about it from any other skate, other then it bore the royal insignia. Elizabeth kissed the worn bottom of the concaved piece of wood, right before jumping on it to ride and re beginning her journey toward the dragon’s lair, not as the Princess, but as a Knight on a quest to fulfill her newfound destiny.
Back at the castle Queen Lydia, oblivious to the fact that Elizabeth was so far from home, continued to revel in herself. Her new costumes began filling up every closet in every room of the ten thousand-room castle. The Queen spared no expense in her extravagance. Ruling under an iron fist, she began taxing the people of the Kingdom to pay for her pleasures. Forcing her people to rip the shirts off their backs to supply her with the materials necessary to appease her enormous apatite for new clothing.
At this point in time Elizabeth was well underway. The Skateboard had given her a real boost in energy and confidence. She felt like she was aligning herself with the stars, becoming one with the universe. Rolling behind the charred left overs of the dragons furry, she moved forward urging herself onward, to continue tracking the great beast down, if only to find her stolen father. She wondered if inevitably her journey would lead her back to her small village, where she got to watch her dear father, hit the half pipe, Frontside-flip the sixteen stair, or manual keeping his balance around the whole skate garden. "Oh Dad, I miss you" she whispered to herself.  Not too long after that she approached the Dragons den. There high, high, high above her was an opening into the heart of the nest. "I just know he's in there" she said to herself and began the assent, starting with strapping the royal board to her back. 
Overlooking the people of the Kingdom the Queen began to notice that they were a tad skinny, and often cold being almost naked with poverty. "Oh, how I miss my sweet King" she thought. "It seems as though the people have forgotten to keep themselves in his absence." She was heard muttering to herself. The Kingdom was a mess, every corner of the castle was filled with new Royal cloths, and all around the Queen lay boxes of packaging, papers and garbage. "I've exhausted myself!" she said to her servants "Please bring me my mirror so I can sleep with it above my bed." The servants did as they were told and the Queen began her sleep. Looking herself over in the reflection suspended above her face, she slept smiling that night, dreaming of Elizabeth and her father climbing a mountain together without her. Her dream quickly began feeling like a nightmare, yet she was so awfully tired from her exhaustion that from that very deep sleep she did not stir. Seeming in her reflection to her servants to be as peacefully comfortable as a newborn sheep sleeping next to its caring mother. The Queen's nightmares engulfed her with a cold loneliness.  
Elizabeth had scaled the steepest wall of the mountain with some difficultly, she thought about her father in the arms of the miserable dragon the whole time as motivation to reach her goal. When she made it to the top of the cliff she found herself in front of a large entrance, a mouth giving way to the inside of the cave. She stood there and was flabbergasted to find a door. On it she also found a big brass knocker. Without hesitation she pulled back the knob and struck at the metal three times and waited. She waited for quite a while until the Dragon came to the door. He stuck his nose out and licked his lips as he took in the sight of the knight in garbage armor. "Nice outfit" he said, actually impressed with the suit. Elizabeth slowly did a turn, like a model on the catwalk, allowing the Dragon to take in the unusual sight.  "Come on in,” said the dragon waving his tail at the young hero. 
The Dragons home was unlike any other home that Elizabeth had ever been in, or seen, or even read about. There were beautiful paintings on the wall but they were all upside-down and backwards. Elizabeth was enamored with the humble abode the instant she stepped through the front door. "So?" said the Dragon standing over the princess, "what's a fine knight like yourself doing up here at this time of day?" asked the fire breathing beast. Elizabeth stared at his callused, black nostrils and began to think about how a monster with such incredible power manages to keep such a lovely house. "I was told that King James would be found here." Elizabeth said in the most authoritative and masculine voice she could. The Dragon laughed sending out a short, controlled, spurt of fire. "Yes, yes, he his." answered the Dragon with a simile. "I picked him up today” he said giggling  “right out of the half pipe, he told me he was having the most awesome skate session of his life!" The Dragons spoke calmly crossing his arms and leaning up against the doorframe, "I needed to speak to him about some personal affairs, we go way back, the King and I." Elizabeth stood thinking about all the stories her father told her involving the dragon. "We'll common in then," said the scaly creature waving his hands toward a dimly lite room. There under the tungsten lamp sat King James rather happily enjoying himself with a tall glass of milk and an old looking book. "Welcome fine Knight" announced the King as Elizabeth entered the room wearing the recycled outfit. "What brings you here?" asked his majesty. Elizabeth immediately crouched on one knee and presented the King with his royal Skate. "Wow!" said the King evidently overjoyed with the offering. "Thank you fine Knight, I lost this during my journey here, it is a fine and trusty board." The King smiled as he looked over the fine piece of workmanship. "This board gave me one of my best sessions yet" he mentioned while the though of landing the heel flip over and over filled his mind. When abruptly, within a blink of an eye, his expression changed. "Enough about skate boarding!” he screamed,  “I have no one to skate with," the King said unhappily. Elizabeth still disguised in her uniform relinquished the board from her father and began free styling right there in the Dragons dimly lite room, right on the smoothly polished stone cave floor. The King was smitten by the young Knights ability to preform extremely difficult maneuvers.  Elizabeth was able to flip the board in one direction, and then another in a single bound. "How did you do that?" asked the King expecting answers, but the young Knight just continued preforming new and more elaborate tricks one after another. The King had never seen anything of the sort. "You must return with me to my Royal skate garden, and the two of us must continue pushing each other to do bigger and better tricks!" he said. Elizabeth was honored that her father had chosen her as an individual to share and want to skate with. She looked up at the King and said laughing, “that’s called progression your majesty, and it would be an honor!”
The Dragon sat and stared as the two enjoyed the skateboard together, he was suffering from some miserable spring allergies. "Ahhh choeeoow" sneezed the dragon out of nowhere. The only change that the sneeze produced was caused by a small ball of flame, a flame just big enough to burn the garbage off Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth in her excitement didn't even notice her mask had combusted into thin air, vanishing right off her face. She was too busy landing a 360 Shove-it to notice that the King had realized who the Knight really was. The King stared in amazement, "Elizabeth" he asked. She was unaware of the circumstances surrounding her situation to answer correctly; she was still trying to hold the board under her feet. "Elizabeth" cried out her father. The sound of her name said by his voice stunned her and she stopped what she was doing that instant. The deck came crashing down on the ground as the two, father and daughter, looked at each other for the first time in their lives. "Daughter, Elizabeth... I had no idea," said the King as the two embraced. 
The dragon was very apologetic on the flight back to the Kingdom, it was his allergies that caused him to sneeze and burn down off most of the peoples clothing. "No worries" cried Elizabeth, fully aware that any problems remaining the Kingdom still were for the King to solve. As the three neared the walls of the Castle they began to notice all the villagers were dressed in paper bags, and old garment boxes. "What's going on here," asked the king the moment he came into contact with one of his trusted soldiers. "It's the Queen Sir, she's used up all our cloth. Your highness we’re being forced to wear what she leaves behind." The soldier remarked looking at Elizabeth, "Sir!" he said "It was originally princess Elizabeth's idea to wear the boxes." The King smiled, "Well, lets go find the Queen," he said encouraged by the zeal in the soldiers voice and the twinkle in his daughters eyes.
They found the Queen fast asleep in her chamber. "Nothing will wake her!" said the Queens special servants to the King. "Nothing" answered the King right before calling out "Dragon." The dragon entered the room and let off a huge hazy sneeze. Everything was scorched, nothing in the room was left untouched by the flame, all the Queens cloths were burnt off and she began to stir herself awake. The Dragon was the first thing she saw the moment her eyes could perceive past their lids. The vision of the gigantic reptile like creature frightened her to the core. She hid under what was left of her burning bed and began crying hysterically. "Are you up honey?" asked the King happily. The Queen did not answer, she just hid under the bed until the Kings men lifted the chard remains of the royal bed off the petrified Queen and got her to relax enough to sit and have dinner with the family.
The meal turned out to be a fantastic, festive event, everyone from the King, the Queen, Elizabeth, the Dragon, and all the village people sat together. Everyone, but the Dragon and the King, were wearing an outfit made of recycled scraps. Even the Queen, who promised to give up all her old clothes to charity, was seen sporting a paper back dress. Elizabeth asked her to start gathering all the designers and artists to start fashioning up “The Recycled Summer Collection.” After that Elizabeth found out that Dragon’s fire was an excellent source of light for her photographs. The two began shooting the Queen in her new sustainable outfits. Their unique style of fashion photography became know around the world and Elizabeth’s pictures of her mother in paper bag dresses were revered by fashionista’s around the globe, yet still, there was nothing that made the young princess smile more then capturing the families moments together happily ever after, and of course freezing the Kings image of the man in mid Heelflip.