Thursday, October 30, 2008

MY PROMO and Show on the CBC

Tonight was a Joke because tomorrow is the punch line, Fucking comment any and everyone.
I would have a link to this kids Magazine named Splurge but this copy has none.
ME jumping with THE CBC

Zippo Zoomer

I almost went to bed without writing my sacred blog posting. I'm kinda lost without it. I have a replacement car, not what I'm used to, My owner keeps a tight shift. I don't even have a radio in the replacement. Just me and the thoughts in my head. Super slow Wednesday, super slow, but gas is cheap. Halloween is coming very soon. The monsters have been creeping around for a while, the city is creeping too. Boo! Ha Ha Ha like that, scary. I'm excited about the weekend. Maybe ill pay the rent this week. What happened tonight, fucking slow night, with no radio, a few drunks, all nice people most drunk, I had one good chat and that's about it. I had an uneventful night. I have a job interview tomorrow. 12 pm that's like 6am for me aaa. I think I'll get the job, but I don't know what it is. Nothing beats pushing hack on a Wednesday night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


me on the CBC the first time
ill be back

this was this summer

Great care

Since the accident my company has been very good to me, I am not at fault and they agree, I even got a new car from the head manager, I was suprised at the level of treatment the day driver and I have recieved.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My weekend went just wrong

I had another eventful evening, this young women plowed into my drivers side. I was crossing an intersection on the yellow light. She turned into me. It came out of nowhere, but once I saw it it was to late, she just decided to turn, she was suppose to wait until I crossed the intersection. It happened fast, all accidents do. It was not my fault. I have video of the witnesses, she turned into to me, her wittiness said I was running a yellow meaning that I was able to stop but I continued into the intersection on the yellow. The light was yellow. I have all the witnesses saying that. I ran into a fence, after she hit me I mean, the car just kept moving, the brakes did not seem to work, or I was skidding. The Crown Vic took it. The impact was barley felt, but she almost hit me square on the drives side door. Thank God she missed. I almost hit a pole and a garbage can. wow. I would post the clip of her on her cell phone but I won't. I got a ticket, Failure intersection Yellow, 150$ and a fine and 3 demerits, its because of the witnesses, I have video of their opinions 30 seconds after it happened, they all said speed was not an issue but I ran the yellow, but I was in the intersection when the light was yellow. That girl was not paying attention, you can tell, I think she was high. She had a bad ass boyfriend who showed up like as soon as I took out the camera. He looked like a ..., but what do I know? This happened in a shady neighbourhood, 107 A ave and 97 St the home of pimps and whores.
What is this?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My phone keeps dieing

So the CBC wired the taxi, the coolest shit. Tiny cameras, I pick up a personal fare, and a couple of people, we chatted about Edmonton and Celine Dion. Not many fares were there. I pulled up to the oil city and some dude smashed my window. There were three kids in the car, email me kids I got footage of your asses, what a crazy thing, I was so excited about this, and it ended so aaaaaa. The city is gross and it showed itself on national TV with Scott Fralick. Fate, destiny, I don't know what to say, I called 911, I think I recorded myself talking to 911, Wow, those conversations are always frantic. It's because there were ten cops fifty feet in front of us. They were on the ball, they caught the guy, The cops did good on me so far. We have him on tape. Why oh why did this kid choose to break a window? my window tonight. Fate is the answer, fate it the key, It drives a crazy reality. Our reality if you live in this city, my city Edmonton. I had a guy following me with a camera, I hope we can do it again. except prepared, tonight was fucked up in my opinion. The clip is too long to download, i have to find a way to get it to you guys. This was an eventful night, CBC the police the situation the taxi. It looks strange when your sober, the reality because what happened tonight was not what I was expecting this to look like. I wounder what the CBC will make it look like. Can't wait to see the outcome of this whole situation. It sucks he broke the window. Ass hole he is going to jail.I have to start seeing what happens to all these police files I have written up many witness statements.

Friday, October 24, 2008


New post, One thing the dispatch, is great. Airport trips. Got two and do love the highway. This taxi gig is beyond, big. The Airport? I worked in the Edmonton International, behind security, selling toys. Educational kids toys. I was good at it, I juggled, and often taught others to do it too. Sometimes people have some time to waste while waiting to get there. I find myself, getting others on their way. I hope everyone enjoys the ride. Almost every ride is different, sometimes the person just wants peace and quite. It's weird, I can take a hint, but usually I don't need one. I love the job, I don't care about the money at all, I missed driving the taxi so much while I was at school. I meet so many people even on slow nights. The key is consistency, treat everyone equally. Some people stink, some people smell good, tell em, I do. Well not the old guy who pissed on the seat, he knows and he likes it. Has anyone here ever just talked some random person out of picking up some crack, I have all the time, and I'm just starting to realize how great it is to actually have the opportunity. I also drive the pregnant chick to the liquor depot. Ha. I've been doing this long enough that I've watched 17 year old gang bangers grow up to to be 19 year old gang bangers. I'm driving this girl, who just got robbed so now she is an x crack hustler looking for a fix. She calls me too, tonight she partied with some chick with no teeth. I drooped her off at some guys house the chick with no teeth met him on the 1-800 party line does that make my fare a hooker. Is that what 1800 party means? I told her to call me if things went shifty. She called at 4:30am I was on my way to the airport. The airport fare was well worth it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A message from the government of me

Wednesday is slooooow, but I have several new clients, they happen to be great looking girls, but hell they won't stab me I hope. I have very little to say about the city other then it's warm. The fuzz was out in full force, looking into everything but doing very little to prevent crime, but what do you expect from the cops? They followed me I was watching some guy throw up and I was laughing so they decided to try to bust me for speeding. I just smiled and waved. I obey the rules, they don't keep the city safer, but tonight they sure did make if look like they were putting in some effort.
Wednesday Calgary Trail heading toward the heat

chris cornell scream

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the taxi is a lens, It has a specific focus

New Zealand is not a suburb of Australia is it?

Wow what a night. First of all I think I owe dispatch and apology the video I published before might have been inaccurate, (my radio might have been broken or something like that. That type of situation does happen but no one should be fired because the Radio might have been on the fritz. So tonight I drove mostly dudes, and all of them were rather great people. I on the other hand was a crazy shit talker who probably talked peoples ears off. It seemed to me that they were listening, but they might have had enough of me at a certain point but I just kept talking. Sorry to those of you who did not appreciate my opinion but tonight I felt like I had something to say. I told people the way the city really is, (at night) behind the wheel of a Cab. Now to my dispatch, wow there is a guy running the radio up there who I really like. He takes care of the biznass. I listened to him and I like him because he makes sure the people listen to what he has to say. I follow the rules so he never has anything bad to say to me. I did break a rule tonight that I'm kind of ashamed of. There was this guy who called a couple of taxis, I hate when that happens because I was the second on the scene, The first taxi guy had picked up the dude and thought he could just drive away."No no" if there is a cab convention on my time I make sure that we settle things correctly, I called dispatch and asked what was going on. The whole time we were talking the client(asshole) was talking shit to me. He was a white racist fellow, but he was talking shit to me about how I took so long and the first black cabbie that came to pick him up took a couple of girls instead. He wanted to use derogatory terms but since the driver of the car he was in was of East Indian decent the words kept getting jumbled in his mouth. I told the other cab driver he could drive the DINK, and that was my mistake, he heard me. The word just slipped out and I feel guilty as hell for speaking to another drivers client like that, even though he wasted my time. I had no right to call the man a dink, and I feel bad about it because it just slipped out I had no control over myself. It's a lesson I won't forget. To all you people who listened to my rant last night "Thank You."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

For a Minute I thought the city changed

It's getting worse, but gently now gently now.........For a Minute I thought the city changed

Je parle en Francais

Ready for a midnight run? So what happened to me this evening? Well I picked up this group of well dressed finely groomed dudes from Montreal. They wanted a strip joint, so I drove them to the strippers. When we got there one of them (an Albino) wanted a street walker, I told them that on Fridays it's hard to find working girls because Edmonton has a huge thirst for dirty elicit street sex, especially after an Oilers game. The girls disappear into all the big 4 by 4s and rig pigs cars. Theses guys weren't rig pigs, but they wanted to get there albino friend laid. I also told them that I would drive them to the north side but there is no way that they were going to use my vehicle to solicit sex with. When they found a hooker (the first one they saw) I drooped the Albino off and he went and got the hooker to agree to have sex with him and hook his buddies up with some crack. Man I would have never guessed that these dudes smoked crack. The Hooker was rough. I looked at her and I thought wow what a life. Prostitutes are broken women, the street walkers at least. They find themselves in such a screwed up world and they fear everything. These guys were nice people, no joke they fuck hookers! The albino really liked the women and she thought that was creepy, because it was making her feel good. I dropped them off at the CI in the west end. Fuck! I watched them go into the hotel, drinking cans of Pepsi to smoke the crack out of. they each got a bag. I love Montreal. It's what makes me Canadian.

Friday, October 17, 2008

oh + 2 Saudi Arabian ladies and their Sun

What a dead night. Nights like tonight leave me driving around asking God why? Why what? What's the point of trying when there is not that much to try to achieve. Then I realize that its the devil I'm talking to. HAHAHA I'm not on drugs I just spent most of my night looking for a fare and found Jack shit. I drove an elderly man for free, his schizophrenic wife ditched him. He told me he did not have a mental illness but he was arrested for fighting his crazy wife on a street corner. What a hoot. My last fare was great, because I barely made enough cash to fill the tank up by that point and this guy was an out of town trip. 68$ no tip the dude woke his dad up to pay the bill with his VISA. His dad wasn't even pissed that his fully grown son partied for the last four days and spent all his money then took a 70$ ride and got him to pay it. I wish that was my DAD. I have a decent father though. This guy told me that the roads in heaven are paved in gold, if they are it's cause Gods wife made him do it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Work More for less

SO tonight was a really great Wednesday. I bought the New Kings of Leon CD, it’s worth it. So because I had such a great night I want to write about an issue I have with Edmonton employers. I fill up at this gas station on the west end. The women that works there has given up twelve years of her life there. That’s her job and she loves that gas station. She works the night shift, I’ve written about her in the past. SO anyway she works the night shift alone. All by herself. It was not always like this, there is a new set of owner who say they can’t afford to pay another employee. That’s such bull shit. I made a video of some people who work the night shift and they have some things to say that might effect the way you feel about the person you buy gas from in the middle of the night. Oh and the CBC says its coming in the cab on Friday, I think.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

I love This kind of work

Tonight I kicked a person out of my cab. I think that they were being so belligerent because I'm a white kid. The Dude I kicked out was East Indian. He was disrespecting me, by saying I was a shitty cabby and he thought the city should take my taxi away(there was more). He was an awful old man, one of those angry people I hope I never become. He was also the third or forth person I have ever kicked out of my taxi in almost three years of driving. He was close enough to his house to walk and I did not charge the asshole for the thirty dollars he already owed me. He got to me though.
I also met this bouncer that told me that the police turn a blind eye on organized criminals, maybe it's because the EPS is on the take. Corrupt cops, mmmmmm is that possible? I won't say what bar he worked for, or what criminal organization but they were both big ones. The boom is over. Kinda. Gas is Cheap, and people died this long weekend in car accidents. Wow was there ever a lot of accidents this weekend. I shot a video of this dude that got put out on 82 ave. Right in the middle of the street. This city is getting dirty. The economy people. Bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

Street Phite

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Have a Happy and Safe long WeekEnd

Long weekends are said to be the deadliest for Road Warriors who travel on the big streets of this world. I wonder why. Tonight the city seemed so sweet. Quiet. The bars were half full. The night was slow but moving. No traffic other then the usual construction delays on 82 ave. Between Filthy McNasty's and Calgary trail. That area is a prime pick up spot. Who did I drive? Lots of new customers and some old ones. I'm driving a Young man from Fiji, very cool. Love to see Edmonton Influence others from all over the world. I have a group of girls who are Australian, and a chick whose studying psych she's uptight but in a good way. There was this rich St Albert kid who graduated and got one degree and is going back for another. He had to pick up his passport. "Coke Run". Crazy. Tipped me 2┬║Bones. I had a great night, lots of cultural people. People from everywhere. Man I love this job. My last fare was a couple of women that I drove and wrote about in the past. The first time I picked them up I gave them the blog URL and my cell number. I never saw them again. Tonight they called me out of the blue, both of them teach a language. They're cool, I knew it the first time I picked them up, weird and cool. I saw a car accident tonight. A deadly one. I took my last fare to see it, they wanted too and if you want I'll take you too.

99st and Sask Drive

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maria Its already sssso cold isn't it?

My job is great, because I believe there is more to my life then just driving people home. Tonight was a very lucrative night, the people paid and I made sure they made it to where they had to go. I have had a problem with dispatch since I started driving with the company I drive for, you see they don't answer calls through the radio "Sometimes". Maybe they're on break right? Now do you think that when a police dispatch person needs a break they just leave the radio alone, NO! Cops have a dangerous job they need back up. Cops have guns for back I don't. I called dispatch today and no one answered. I think the company should get sued for that because dispatch is my back up and they leave for breaks all the time. Imagine if I had gotten stabbed and I was begging for help through the radio and the only thing to hear my voice is empty air. Well that's what happens to taxi drivers all the time at least with my shitty company. The dispatch is a joke and my safety is their last concern. I made a video of me talking to no one. Check it out if you want, I chew gum like a horse Sorry. Another new thing that I have encountered lately is the 3$ sure charge past 11 pm, fuck what a joke, I don't implement it I make great money without it, I get tipped quadruple that and if the clients know that I forgot the sure charge they pay more cause it's bullshit. Fuck the surcharge just tip a cabby if he's good. Check out my cheesy clip.

not Accurate

not Accurate

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bill Kennedy and ten second epic

Ok so tonight was not a great night for raking in the big bucks but I did get some new clients that hopefully will pan out to be great people to work for in my Taxi future. Now the city itself is changing. There is less $$$$$ floating around to be thrown around. You can just tell. The roads are in a state of panic with all the crappy construction contractors not finished and the snow is coming. Now for the good stuff, my last fare was a dude who plays a guitar for a local band that's going to be big. Ten Second epic. I have been a fan of the band since I first heard them. There is a few bands out there that are from E=town that are growing but most suck compared to Ten Second Epic, I like their music and I was happy to drive their guitarist for free, and he tipped me very well so thanks. I hope he calls me up for a ride so I can meet an almost famous person a little more. Hey has any one out there heard of the kings of Leon, Fuck man now that is a great band as well, They have been helping me through some shit and I dig. One more awesome thing to say about tonight. Anyone out there listen to NIN Megadeath, well I met the man behind the recording of some of their records, His name Bill Kennedy a mega music producer and a great person and loving son. He was in my taxi tonight. I hope they call me again. Any one from the new clients to the music maker call please keep my life as joyous as you already have hahahahah.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I drove the Taxi last night, I got ripped off by some chick that works at the safeway. This is my first rant about taxihood in a while. It was just a tester night so I'm going to have a lot to talk about soon, cause I'm driving for a living now.