Monday, November 30, 2015

heater noises

Back at it. and that's that.

Need to write it out I guess, i've done it once I can do it again.

What really sparked this post was a desire to tell you that, " Hey maybe we shouldn't have met. That maybe the thing that I've been defending is the reason things never went well for me."

Like what's my past about anyway. Is it meant to be?
Am I doing what's meant for me.

Probably not. I want so much more. I can see the whole world and it leads me back to the past. To my youth, my desires.

I can deal with today, I can say that I'll have more of exactly what I want. I can tell that little pissed off kid from high school that life is better then you can imagine.

Can I get him to listen? Well that's the art. That's what I've been destined to do. Find myself over and over,  I'm so full of shit.

It's not forever, and it's over all the time, before it starts.