Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Historic Moon rising.

Her heart wasn't just corrupted by the distance between the people she ruled over and herself. What really set her on a path separate form man kind was her desire to control. From here station on the Moon, Molly could see everything, in a way, before it happened.
She was able to witness the beginning of the 4th World War. It was bassed on series of events that may have been prevented had the Mother of an Arabian King spent more time with him. The boy, whose father was murdered by civil assassins, was crowed a few moments too early. His mother was always preparing her speech to him, the one where she tells him the way it really is in life. She was never able to tell him.... everything happened so fast.
The day he attacked the American embassy inside his own country was the day Molly saw that what was going to happen with the world was going to happen sooner or later. The fires began two months after that. Hundreds of thousands of troops where dispatched, American soldiers sent to burn down trees located in an endangered forest. They used chemicals to generate the heat to burn the people too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MollyMoon Chap1

Her anger caused us so much pain. She could have accepted us for what we were. A lifeless group of people who were never going to change. She broke our hearts when she decided to fall herself instead of standing up for us....
"i missed it to much. The isolation I had from the rest of the people on earth was addictive. Being given the chance to witness our behavior from that distance, form such a vastly new perspective changed me. I never wanted to go back."
It was ten years into the experiment......
Earth had begun to collapse things were beginning to turn for the worst. She was on the moon, her name was Molly. Ten years earlier she was someone else.
"Optimism and foresight" that's what it said about her in the paper. "The princess with brains" that's what they wrote. Not that many of us understood what was happening. But the King reassured us she'd be fine. The moment the future Queen of our planet was sent to space the hearts of most of the caring people of the world broke. We were stranded without out future leader.
The girl who sacrificed herself to watch us...... fall apart and willingly went blind.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

how do i make it work again
there s so much I can 't seem to explain anymore....

The main character, a young and handsome dumbass photographer walks into a bar. He makes his way into a dingy old nightclub....
He moves toward a man sitting in a VIP both... a coveted spot during the clubs hours of operation but looking grimy in the properly lit situation. the man sitting in the booth is well dressed in business attire. People are making noises the back of the establishment getting ready for the long grueling night ahead.
"Sit down" say s the man to the photographer. The young man looks around nervously before finally sitting himself awkwardly adjacent to the man in the suit.
A laptop and a jug of iced water separates the two. there is a long pause as the two look at eachother.

"So you've been with us for a long time now." Again eye contact is made and there's another long pause.
"Yeah, like four years"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

forever pissing

I dont know why I told you what to say.!
things were fucked up in the past! I was alone.
Our world's story is told to us today! 
 promised I was thinking about kissing
I knew she was'n trying anything new
Stealing stones with songs for government kings 
You're ready for her to be true to you.
the breath of the angels promises death
His meals.. he had cake and he ate it too!
it ll cum together with lies tha confess
You didn't have're think'n you're a man?
Did , I did heaven forbid I changed it
I grew up angry, happy and in a fit.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

la nal

Mr. Burbon why do you lie to me?
I was told you where an honest member.
the door was unlocked and you had the key.
there must be someone who can remember.
You re relentless obsession with words
remember my room and my models....
the talent craves a different nest for birds
my address had found something to fondle
I didn't care about the way she felt
I stood up, she held me and I died
I had to unlock the chastity belt
the stealing was her Idea she tried                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Don t deny a good  lover's hard to find
the unlucky, dishonest fuckers mind 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

different kind of lust

Being with you like that rulz my world!
I have fantasies of our wedding day....
my core strengthened tightened then uncurled
dreams grew to gems, vacations, holiday.
you're money ruined it, you're money not time
tic tic tic, fucking you're a bitch suck my....
gimme a kiss, a Corona and lime
 looking up to a juvenile sky
Release... imagine "my fantasy! A lie?
"we re gonna need a truck  to drive her home!"
"Son!"... "we re already home" we live to die.
dad! I didnt know, we leave mom alone?
    Mother says she means more to the world
   without you, without me she s old curdled!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

lowering you

her bravery made me feel my fire burn
the heat rising with out making a sound
she was my teacher I stood tight to learn
she was a jealous rage, anger profound
 in the heat i delivered a message
a symbol of sorrow that life s hollow
therapy is an options held savage
"Bring the old coute down early tomorrow"
she stood in front of me lit with passion
vested and invested in the future
loured'er into my house the mansion
was wicked the tactic took to sooth her

she followed me home that night in the cold
we're forgiving ourselves for being sold.