Wednesday, August 12, 2020

talk more

He came home today crying. He was just sad and could not explain why. I didn't really care.
"Can I go for a bike ride?" he asked, his eyes were all teary, he looked innocent, too bad I knew he wasn't.

"Sure" I answered "Just come back sober" 

"I will, I promise" he said getting onto a bike that wasn't his
"Where did you get that bike?" I asked. He just looked at me and rode off. "You don't have your phone anymore make sure you're back in an hour!"
"K" he said as he rode off into the woods,

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

he ditched the bitch

So we're in space?" She spoke to him. He wasn't in the room. The two of them have been living with each other for years. They lived in a small apartment downtown. It was hot, mid summer.

"Don't you miss the ocean?" she asked. He didn't hear her. "Make me a sandwich!" She demanded "and bring me a coke!"

She sounded raspy, she was on the couch sweating. The fan was cooling her. "Hurry up babe!! Im hungry" she yelled. No one answered."Babe!" she yelled! 

The Apartment was little,  but the kitchen was at the other end of the dwelling. 

"BABE!" She yelled angry. "What the fuck!" she exclaimed frustrated.

Annoyed that he wasn't answering, she decides to rush over to the kitchen. 

"Babe!" she says as she enters the room.

He's not there. 

"Babe!" she says one more time until she sees the note on the table. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Break-in through

"Sue me? For what? Why are you threatening me? What the fuck?"

"You've been spreading shit about the city! Fake fucking news! All over the fucking place!"

right place right time! that's what I say! It's not me you know! It's Facebook! Its doing what it wants! It's doing what we want it to do! 

" What the fuck does that mean?" 

It means that we're a slave to it! 

"I'm not!" 

You're not then! It knows you though. 

"It does."

That's scary. 

Im bing watched, typing shit, watching journalists journalists! Journalizing Fuck.

non of it is real, nothing is real, except for ... Maybe the water guys and the heat people. That's real. 

Im alone, and floating in a weird reality. 

doing my best not to be an asshole. But it's scary out here. What's there to do?

"What the fuck are we to do?" 

Write something I guess. and not just what other people want to hear, more stuff that'll help you clarify what's happening these days.

Oh you bastard Blog you are my best friends.

Do you think any one will ever find you?


Yea you?

we'll we all know the answer to that! 

We found each other! And that's all that really matters. 


SO what are we going to do?

We'll we're going to start fuckign blogging! Jesus! Christ style! 


About what?

Our day?

so how do I start?

Well you think about who you 're talking to. 

Im talking to you Mr.Myfares .....
of mr.myfares Is a good start! 

Let's go! 

tell me a story.

She left crying this afternoon, It was rough. It's been happening. We've been quarrelling. "Quarrelling?" I asked? 
"Yeah, we've been having the same old argument over and over!" I paused, I knew that if I started telling her what's about to happen I'd have to go into detail. "We have this issues where we both feed into each other primitive side. 

"Primitive side?" She asked

"Yeah, you see the two of us are kind of able to disappear together, into love, but when we're there we revert to some of our past experiences. Sometimes." I told her apprehensively. "It's a lot to handle" I yelled.

"Past experiences, Primitive side" she repeated. The two of us both had something to do. "Whatever, I don't have to explain it, I'm sure we will get over it." I told her.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

We never grow up

"The truth is I don't want to get in his way. He's almost an adult!"

"No he's not!" She answered him a stern voice! 

"Well he's old enough to make his own decisions!" He shouted back. 

"We supposedly so are you!" she said in a snarky tone. 

"Supposedly I'm what?" he asked

"An adult" she answered. 

"We are both adults" he said. 

A little boy sat, listening to the two of them at the top of the stairs. He was six years old and he was listening to his two parents fight about his 15 year old brother Bobbie. 

Bobbie was having issues at school, acting out, hanging with the wrong crowd. The little boy at the top of the stair case didn't really understand what was happing, but he knew his brother was in trouble.

"Mom" he yelled! 

"Ya" she answered! "What do you want?" 

"Mom,  I don't want to go to school tomorrow! " He exclaimed as he began his decent towards his parents.   "Can you make me an apple and some cheese" the boy asked. His mom just sighed and walked away toward the kitchen. 

"Daddy" he burst out,  "will you come outside with me to play?". "No" his father answered sternly, "I'm busy." - But the boy wasn't taking "no" for an answer! "Dad you said!! Yesterday! remember you said you were going to play catch with Bobbie and I." The Little boy looked very serious, he had his cutest face on.