Friday, February 7, 2014

couple shakes like that

Too much of a good thing can cripple you. Imagine not sleeping for a week... Imagine not eating either. Well maybe like a wink ... and a couple shakes or something.

Life was easier in the States, everything was less expensive. I didn't know what I was going back home, I just was. Things weren't going well for me living in Wisconsin. So I drove to Alabama.

The week before I left my life was a series of flops... busts. Well I guess if I look back correctly there was also spring break in Montreal.

"What happened to you in Montreal?" She asked me, she was fucking hot too. Long blonde hair. Taller then me, skinny. The two of us met before spring break, she was an American guest on the international student bus to Michigan. It was a ski trip the first I'd ever been on.

"Eww!! What's that?" She yelled, as I stepped into the hot tub. It was lint from my sock.. I had not rinsed myself off before I hurried to meet up with the girls in the tub. They were all so beautiful. I was only twenty two.
"So what happened in Montreal?"  she asked again. I looked at her with my eyes... I was emotionless and high. She knew that about me, she never cared because she was mess up too.

On her sixteenth birthday she decided to driver her new 4 Runner off the road. No big deal except for her eighteen you wasn't wearing a seat belt. Then found him up ahead a couple dozen meters in the ditch. He was never the same, she blamed herself but she never stopped drinking.

"I was high as fuck in Montreal!" I wasn't lying. I was so tweaking in Quebec I slept with my buddies Roommate, she was seventeen years  older than me.
"So" she was holding my chest when she said it, "what did you do?" I don't think she was expecting me to answer the way I did.

That was one of the first things I did. Losing her put me on the fast track to fucks ville, I was on a one way train. At least with her I went to school. After she broke up with me the only reason I went to school was to meet up with the dude that hustled at pizza hut. We were buddies, he had massive prescription for speed. We talked a lot to each other. He was also the go to dude for weed. His name was Dave and he was my first passenger on the way to get fucked.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

cause I'm not taxi driving .. im in prison

Gotta let myself be myself... well there is more to it then that I guess. It's strange finding myself jealous of the people around that mean nothing to my life. My life is getting better, I'm becoming someone that can find out what's going on around him.. but that's mostly because I don't move round much.
That's new, I'm not as exposed to others as I used to be. I'm laying myself on a line.. I'm on the internet, this is the internet.

People can see this, and they do. I let them.

It's nudity for real. I'm naked and ranting that I am real.

The back seat's been empty.