Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gottaa love the past

Sean, I had a Kid. I gots me a a little Sun shine. My mother raised me right. I don't run from real responsibility. I imagined my women having an abortion, when I was psychotic, coming down off drugs. You knew me then remember. I Imagined her killing my kid, and thinking I'd have a lot more in common with one of my best friends. Except she didn't do that. I didn't really want that, because I was bigger then that. I was not raised to be weak, and follow. I followed you for a reason, you'll understand it one day. If anything fate brought us together because we needed each other. SOunds like you still need me a bit. Well I'm available for comment, and I don't delete. You know you should read the rest of the blog. Throughout the entire thing there is posts about you.
They are spread out, so you might have to buckle down and do some reading, but it might open your mind a bit. Kiss my brother out there on the End of the World.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Check it out, Thats what happense with the Grace of a three letter word

What did I learn in school this semester. Well, #1 Drugs and alcohol are a common reason for failure. I noticed that now as a mature student that I was much more focused. School is not really all that important to me. Actually, the only part of school that I like is, well, the people. I love movin and shakin around a campus. Talking up a storm and socializing. This semester I was lucky enough to create a business that gave me part time work. It's been growing steadily and my income is growing. And I love what I'm doing. I also love Psychology. No not studying it, using it. Seeing it. School is about jumping through hopes. Social ques that the corporations around us require for...I don't know. For them to appear a better looking monster (the corporations that hire us Graduates). I have a kid I have to jump through the hoops. Concordias religion class was fun. My teacher was someone who knew why she was teaching the class. It had nothing to do with becoming a Christian it was about us. The students, to see what that type of faith is about. I, like most religious individuals, look at life and analyze it using metaphores. There are people out there that put it together like a puzzle. I'm done putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I live my life seeing the big picture. The puzzles already put together, now I just get to be happy bout it. I learned that I'm on the right track this semester. I learned that there are haters out there, but that's because they are stuck on the piece of the puzzle, that one piece, that's all it is. I learned that I keep finding it over and over again without anyone but myself. Oh and of course a great conversation with an Incredible Profesore.
oh and Karen please watch this