Wednesday, April 30, 2008


All this stuff that I'm talking about is what led me to Taxihood.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brainwashed by a State trooper

I got pulled over in Alabama by some small town cops. They said I made a funny turn. That was true, I'd never been in tiny town Alabama. My car was filled with an electric bass, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and a bunch of psychotically packed artwork and crazy shit, plus a couple of buckets of prescription drugs. They sent the dog in, unlawfully I believe. They found green dust in the glove compartment, I was accused of transporting weed, marijuana. That was bullshit, You don't travel with weed in the states, you can go to jail for like five years in almost every state. Fuck illegal drugs when your in a car in America, the two don't mix but prescription drugs have your name on them and that's legit. 545 pills, I had already eaten like three weeks of the shit, I was like two days into a the ultimate road trip. The cop was standing in front of me with  the tip of his finger covered in a green dust."It's not weed, I don't smoke weed in the car and I don't travel with pot I know how much trouble I can get in" I was fucked I hadn't slept since the day I handed in my psych final." We can take you to jail" one of the cops kept telling me. I wasn't scared. That wasn't weed and he knew it. He found my stash of pills. One of them. Put them back and they let me go. I was traveling in good hands. I was going to start living in love, that's what I called it. I was starting to read peoples licence plates. They kinda talked to me. My buddy the Canadian kid visiting his mom and her boy friend and I talked about where we were gonna go. I wanted to go to New York. He wanted to go Florida. I had 20$ budget for gas every day my buddy had a fat account, I was a dumb ass I missed out on New York I drove to Florida with a couple of jars full of living deadness and a kid who got brainwashed into believing that the black people in New Orleans would rob us.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taxi talk! hey taxi talk!

107ave and 114st somewhere next to a 711 I run into a guy at a red light. It's 4:00 on a Friday night. It was a busy summer night, mid July maybe. Hot! The dude spots me from the crosswalk, runs at me and slams 100$ on the hood. He's ugly, big and sweaty. He gets in and says "my wife's having a baby and I can't get any one to break my bill so I can't make a phone call because I have no change will you takes us?" I had the 100$ in my hand. This was gonna be awesome. We drove up to a shady looking apartment building, he took off upstairs to get his wife. It was a real 100$ bill. Then relatively quickly he came back with a women in hardcore labor she was holding a towel, she used it to make sure she did not leave a mess. She didn't. On the way the Husband sat in the front seat. He was drunk from a night of drinking, strangely enough it was his (Micheals) birthday too. He was having a son. Contraction! 107 ave and 114 st are close to the Royal Alex I thought maybe that was their Hospital? No turns out the young couple originally from Newfoundland had just moved to their new address, hence no phone either. Another contraction, we were on our way to the Grey Nuns Hospital in Mill woods. At least 15-20 minutes away. I moved quickly, and they made it. I got a 20$ tip. I thought that guy was lucky to get a cab but it was me who was lucky, it was a honestly exhilarating moment.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

People it's still snowing here, not Spring yet-20c

one of many more

Summer of 2005, I handed my social psychology final in a day late. I had been eating so much Dexedrine that I didn't even know the date. I was going to UWGB, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. I was an international student. Except I was a resident of the USA, because my mom was working in a hospital. I traveled the world with my mother. She worked in a hospital and that meant I had excellent American health care. I used it as soon as I could. I got myself a psychiatrist and asked for a speed addiction and as fast as I could say amphetamine I had a nice size prescription for the meds. You see in America if you have the money you got the power. My doctor charged something like 300$ a visit, my health care plane was awesome, but a doctor getting paid that well remembers to keep his patients sick. I wanted ADHD because I wanted a drug and he gave it to me. Funny because Canadian doctors always said I showed more symptoms of a Bi polar disorder. They also made sure I was medicated well but bi polar meds make you fat and kind of boring, I liked to be skinny and fun. So I'm in the USA and the semester is over all my International friends (mostly a Latino bunch) were all on their way back home. I was living with my mom in Green Bay. I had some weed dealer friends out there but I also had a Canadian friend who was visiting his mom in Alabama. So I packed up my car and said goodbye to my mom (who was starting to think I was never gonna come back because I only slept like two nights the entire semester and I was in a sever drug induces psychosis) and I popped some more pills and started to make my way to the small town of Heart Sell Alabama. The journey started at like 10pm and I drove the whole night and most of the next day. Alabama lies on the golf of Mexico, Wisconsin boarders lake superior it was a long drive. Most people would have taken at least two days, not me I ate like 150 mg of a triplicate narcotic and made it there in like 20 hours. When I pulled up to my friends house I was a mess. Fucked up from the road and messed up on the drugs. So as I pull up to his mothers boyfriends house I see a cop car, that's how I knew I was at the right place. My friends mother was dating an Alabama state trooper. I was greeted by my friend and a Cop. I was done I hadn't slept in a long time not that that mattered I was sporting an 80mg Dex prescription. 80mg is 8 ten milligram long lasting orange and black capsules. A prescription that size was illegal in Canada. I had a two month supply, over 500 pills. Dexedrine was the same Drug that Elvis and Johnny Cash ate, watch the movie "Walk the line" I was on the same drug. Except my doctor was so good that I never had to cross over to Mexico to get high (like Johnny). So I'm standing there in Alabama listening to my friend talk about how this boyfriend cop guy has let him shoot all these guns. I'm talking bazookas and hand guns and and rifles all that shit. All I wanted to do is play the guitar. The Cop was a very racist man. He also belonged to the army and he liked killing niggers (his term not mine) he was an awful man and even though I was sketched out on drugs I knew this guy was going to hell. He was also excited to go back to Iraq because he was blood thirsty. He scared me but not my friend my friend loved him. My friends mother loved him too, she liked closed minded bigot men, my friend was raised that way (racist), but he had a Canon GL1 at that time a top of the line digital video camera and I wanted him to shoot some footage of me traveling across the continent with over 500 pills of speed. I was ready to die and I wanted to go out with a real BAM. Remember I was diagnosed with the Bi polar.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

taxi talk is dead

This is my first entry as a civilian. Noelia I love you. So what can I say. I'm going to a private vocational school, I'm one in four students. None of my peers understands the magnitude of my blog. I am feeling empty without it. Last night my Internet was down so no new entry. Tonight I'm writing my first drunk entry. I took a cab tonight, I got loaded at a girls house she was one of my clients in the past and she invited me to her birthday party. It was great. I felt right at home with all her friends. I drove them all home once upon a time. I took a taxi home and on my way I took a girl home, she used to call me all the time (one of my best clients) she was with me tonight. She was so loaded that she could not get out of the taxi at her own address. She was just so screwed up. She is a manager at a high class restaurant here in town (like 100$ a person) she was one of my favorites. I took her home and she got in her house. The birthday girl was also awesome. She has commented on this blog. So recently I've started school. I'm learning graphic design and web development. Loving it. Small class room. I got so drunk tonight I left my car at the birthday girls house. Sssssso what I wanted to do is start writing my bio on this blog. Like what happened to me before I was a cabby. ( I did prescription drugs and I went to university in Wisconsin Green Bay.) I've also lived in Saudi Arabia and Poland and New Mexico. Most of my life has been spent in a place I was not from and that's why I am so weird and individualized. I'm still called taxi talk because I loved being a cabby so much (and I was the best) but tonight I am drunk so come back soon. I'll write about my massive American amphetamine prescription that I got in Wisconsin and I got committed for it in Canada. Yeah I was a junkie but a cool one that crossed the continent in a car like in fear and loathing but all by himself cause not many people have the balls to see the world through eyes like mine. I'm short to all those who have checked out the pics, but I ain't scared of shit. So leave me a comment that tells me if you guys want to know about digital art school or my crazy international past. Speak up you guys that read but don't comment cause I can see you. I'll make sure the next entry makes me look like a rotten whore so come check me out. Peace from a drunk fuck just trying to make friends with no money peace.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

No more Night Shift

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I no longer drive a cab. Some of you might have guessed by now that I'm finished. I went out tonight as a civilian. I went to new city Suburbs but I was so obviously out of place there that I went upstairs to the liQUid Lounge. I drank a coke and drove myself home. The ride was the most pleasant thing about the outing. I'm addicted to driving the Taxi, I already feel kind of empty without it. I have lots of old stories I can tell, not just cab ones though, I might have to change the name of the Blog. I'll be blogging people I'm going to a digital media production school, I'm gonna start some sort of fantastic franchise that will help the world keep spinning the way it does. Excited! Me too. Please fell free to leave a comment throwing around some Ideas about what I should do with the Blog. I do have more taxi stories I can tell, like the first women in labour, or the first real live hooker, or the "Follow that car" I got tons of taxi talk but like so many times before this I'm moving on. So come back people cause I love blogging and my world is huge I got lots to say and cab stories were kind of restricting, well you'll see. I love my cab stories, without them I would feel..........................

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I let him get away

There was this one time in Banff that a RCMP officer called me asking if he could speak to me in regards to my name coming up as an alibi, I said sure. I had been working with Banff Taxi for a little while, like three months but I already had a great reputation. So the RCMP officer comes over to the house that I lived in Banff 329 muskrat Rd. He parked outside and asked me to come down into the cruiser for the questioning. He asked if I had worked a specific Saturday, I told him "no that's not my shift, I work the mon-friday graveyard." I asked who he was looking for, he said a rapist. I remembered hearing the story, Banff is a small town if anything crazy happens people hear about it. The girl was brutally raped inside her own house by a vicious animal. The only suspect in the case used me as an alibi and then fled. His name was Mat Gar%^. I remember the first time I drove him, it was to the Hostel. He was drunk and arrogant, no money either. He started working at a restaurant where a friend of mine worked, my friend used to special order me every night for a ride home. One night his co worker jumped in too. I remembered him he did not remember me. I got to talking to him that night he jumped in with my buddy. The kid told me he grew up in St Albert, I grew up in St. Albert. He knew many of the people I attended elementary school with. I forgot about my first encounter with him and ended up driving him many more times, he was a coke head and he was always accompanied by a lady. He lied to the RCMP about getting a ride with me on that Saturday night. In Banff the Taxi was a shift work job, 50 hours a week, Saturday was a big money night and I was still a Rookie hence no Saturdays. I couldn't help the cop with his suspects whereabouts so he left. A few months later my girl friend got pregnant and I moved to Edmonton. I started to drive a Taxi here in the city. Something all the cabbies in Banff were scared to try. I remember about two months into it, I was going back to the West end to park my taxi when at 107 ave and like 113st I saw a flag. I had just started driving Edmonton streets and I knew about 107 ave but I took a risk and pulled over. The couple got in, a John and his whore. Except the John was the rapist kid from Banff. I got scared and just sat there looking at him. It was him, he shaved his head and lost weight but it was him. "Do I know you?" he asked. "You're in big trouble dude" I said to him. He realized who I was. The whore started telling me where to go. She probably knew that she was siting in a car with a rapist fuck but she probably just didn't care. I started to move forward not sure what to do. The hooker who was beyond cracked out started screaming that I was going the wrong way, then I told her that I hadn't turned on the meter yet, and I told her the guy she is with was bad fucking news. She told me to stop the car. They both got out. I never told the cops I saw him, I lost the RCMP officers number, I regret it every day. That guy was a monster in sheep clothing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Shift (totally Alberta)

I started to drive a taxi in 2005. My first shift was unbelievable, here you go. So I was the grave yard driver in the resort town of Banff. It's a great little city that's filled with transients and Asian tourists. The largest fare you can have in Banff was approximately 8.40$. There was lots of business there though and the company I worked for racked in a killing ever evening. We worked under a different system in Banff, we were dispatched directly over the CB radio. This made for a totally different style of taxi driving. I felt safer in Banff because we always had direct contact with the dispatcher and all the other taxis could heard your voice when you had to ask a question. So on my first night I was sent to the Best Western, I picked up a gritty looking son of a bitch there. He gets in, it's like 1am and as I ask him where we're going nervously,(it was my first night) he pointed out his 100 000$ speed boat. He was a rich oil rigger foremen visiting Banff from Fort Mac. Can you guys guess what he asked me to do for him.?Fort Mac people. That's right! He showed me a huge sum of cash and asked me to find him a hooker and some blow. There is no street walking in Banff, it's a prestigious national park in the Rockies if you want a whore up there you gotta order out (from a different city). He insisted we drive around forever looking for this street walker, I did stop at a club so he could purchase the cocaine. He came back holding a bag filled with white powder. He asked if he could snort some, I told him to keep whatever he was doing to himself. It was my first night I had a rig pig in the back snorting blow while I was circling the tiny community of Banff looking for a hooker that I knew did not exist. The radio was going crazy, dispatch wanted to know what I was doing. I told them I was just cruising talking with my fare, which was true, the rigger told me he had a wife and he cheated on her all the time. Men with money cheat lots, that's one thing I learned driving Taxi but women never notice as long as their wearing an expensive wedding ring. Nevermind. I never did find that guy a Hooker but he did snort a massive amount of coke in the back seat. He must have had a lot cause after he left there was at least 3 grams spilled all over the back seat, I hate coke and didn't mind blowing it outside the car. The Rig Pig worked up a 150$ fare in the tiny town of Banff with me on my first night ever driving a taxi, he paid me the 150$ and and tipped me another 150$ I looked at my earnings and knew what I was going to be doing for the next little while.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Tonight was like out of a story book, so simple so soft. No problems. Life was good to me. It snowed a foot last night, so tonight the roads were awkward. There is this documentary called "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" it's about driving and the psychology behind it. I've driven more then the average 25 year old but when I was younger I was a reckless driver. Now I see reckless behavior and I'm an old impatient man that wants to control the road. You can't control it aggressively, it's a defensive maneuver. Rear view mirrors. Still you can't really control any of it and that's what's so spooky about it, some people are hesitant scared drivers, Dangerous! They're the worst, Unpredictable.
I think more people should try being a Taxi driver, it's an amazing experience. I found the ride to be a time that people want to open up, at night at least when they're drunk. It's like they're medicated, sedated. Not everyone opens up , but that can show a lot about who the person is as well. A psychologists dream "The Taxi Driver." I Love psychology everyone has it. Tonight there was this guy in my car that told me to drive to the lux Burger place, I was like Delux Burger on 142nd and 96th He said "I don't know, but yeah go to the delux Burger place." There is only one of them in the city. They were a cool couple, relaxed. It was a pleasant ride and when we got there they gave me a decent tip. Then they got out and as I was about to drive away they tapped on my window and said "this isn't the right place I guess we're going to The Lux Bar and Grill. I said I was sorry even though it wasn't my fault, and drove them back for half price, I would have done it for free cause they were so cool but they insisted. Strange mistake. Lots of good people, there was this really hot chick who smashed her forehead with the corner of the door. I told her to put some snow on it but she didn't, people do that all the time and it's funny but it's also a serious hazard. The girl took it and I'm sure it hurt bad. One of my last fares was a guy I picked up in the past, he called the company and I happened to showed up,(fate) he had read my blog and he said it was creepy and that's cool I think. My Blog Is Creepy, the dude actually told me that. Tonight didn't sound creepy did it. You guys know the show Taxi Cab Confessions on HBO imagine the people who won't sign the waver that says that HBO can use the footage because it would destroy their family, business or life. I bet there is lots of those kinds of incidences, there is in my taxi too.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gotta Love Photo Radar

It's still snowing! Holly shit is white!

It snows lots in April in Edmonton

Holly shit did it ever snow tonight. It's April and yes ladies and gentlemen it snowed something like four centimeters. It hurt business. Business is slow all together, there are several reasons for that, I can't just blame the snow. I can also blame the cops, most people theses nights know that drinking and driving is legal in Edmonton because it causes to many disruptions for the Police force. The paper work is overwhelming and we all know many not all but lots of the EPS can't read or write otherwise why would they be cops in this shit hole of a city. So no money but that's cool. I drove several personal clients that helped me support my family and I love them all, thanx guys.
I only had one interesting fare, well they were crazy and outrageous. A women and a man, they wanted me to get high with them. Smoke a refer. I don't drive under the influence of anything ever but they insisted. I declined. I let them smoke cigarettes. On their way to the west end they started telling me how I should be getting some action in the Taxi. I told them I got a women at home, they told me she'd never know. I said "my girlfriend would know cause I can't lie worth a damn." Then the lady told me that I should just get another women to join me and my old lady. My girlfriend wouldn't like that too much. My fare on the other hand was a couple looking for a girl to join them on a little erotic adventure. The women kept telling me "I need to eat some fucking pussy, I swing both ways baby." I got them home, they were awesome, energetic and nuts. They went to smoke a fatty and fuck which is something that everyone should do every once in a while, I think but maybe they should just get loaded. Anyway have fun people or you might end up reading blogs all night alone.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Sins

NEw Post. Tonight was awful, but they have been for a while now. Economy is changing, the big "BooM" is over. You can see that just looking at what changed during the night life. People can't afford to go out and spend when they pay 3000$ mortgages. Renters pay at lest 1000$ for apartments in dangerous areas. Anytime the suns not shinning you shouldn't be walking alone . 1000$ fuck. Cab rides aren't free and because of that it was hard to make money. Fuck Money$
On my way to work today I was driving up 87ave when I spotted a tiny maybe two year old toddler just strolling up a main traffic artery alone. It was horrifying to watch. I was driving in the opposite direction, there was a meridian in the way. No no one was stopping. The child was all alone. He was tittering on the curb, It was outrageous because no one seemed to care. I turned and made my way toward him parking my car on the street next to him. Someone pulled up beside me and asked if that was my kid I said "no", then I called 911. I called the cops right away, I knew the kid must live close and he wondered out of his yard and onto oncoming traffic. I got the kid out of danger, he was young but as soon as he saw an adult confront him he made his way into the parking lot behind him. Still not a parent in sight. If I was a bad guy the kid would be gone. I was on the phone with the police giving them a description of a youngster, who's not old enough to speak and telling them that I still haven't seen an adult. I was standing there in the middle of White hall square, when I saw a couple walking to their car and yelled "Do you guys have a little boy", they said "no". They waited with me. About 20 minutes after I first saw him I saw a women come out of one of the town houses. The fence was open. I asked the little boy if that's his mom, he said "no." It was, she took him, I was still talking to 911 when she got there. The police showed up, it was me standing there with the couple from earlier the one in the parking lot. I told them the story.
Prevention is key in society, someone else was not watching that little boy. There were so many different scenarios. Imagine! Traffic, sickos, the dark, getting lost or maybe finding his way back home. I bet you people were afraid to stop. I was on the phone with the police right as I confronted the child. He is not my kid, if I'm dealing with him then the police should be aware of it. Prevention.
After a "BooM" comes a War. Keep an eye on things people we can prevent the inevitable for a long time people. "The drive home" is a war zone and there are so many innocent women and children.