Monday, January 11, 2010

Mustache is my cactus house. Meat!

THe winds been blowing awful hard these last few day's. All I can hear is the sound of the rain hitting my living room window. There is so much out there, so much trouble. I'm scared about what's to come. My life is in far better hands right here in my house. I can always get my mom on the line. Talk shit out. Not out there, awwww. I don't want to think about it. All that rain, falling in the wind. Oh, the last time I stepped outside, it was snowing. I hate the fucking snow, the cold. My life is worth more then that. This world should be my tropical Paradise. I want my fantasy. Not this cheesy, little apartment. THere is so much more to me then this, I have adventure. I am happy in the moment. Those instances where I've been set free. I wish I was a bird, sometimes. I love my life, my course. My situation, The rain is falling and I love my transformation, My change. Life requires this out of me. I have this women, she is my lady, and I love her, I know it's crazy but that's the way it's supposed to be. I'm on track ladies and gentlemen, I'm on course, the rain it's always comin, but it's not comin for me. It's comin for all of you gasheres and basheres who's lives are all empty. The wind has been blowing and it blew right by me. I know there is more comin but I can stand, sit and watch me. So as our guns, they keep throwing, aimless bullets that displease. I'm unaffected because I stand happy instead naked, and with a family. Mustache is my cactus house