Sunday, October 11, 2020

is she a nurse

Somewhere hot, nice weather. A little two story hospital. Lil ambulances pulling up. Not too far off over the horizon sits a lil school. The community. Warm small and perfect. Kids wanting to run somewhere bigger, where there is more fun to be found. Some playing instruments. Old roads, with savage run off. Things are falling apart in most places. But not at the lil hospital. The hospital is running tight. Full of old folks. PeopleHealing , dying. Making money.

That's where we find her sitting. Lil lady. Cute, short hair and a book, It's her break. It's a romance. She likes fun stories and big biceps. 

Getting up to go outside to smoke she puts the down and pulls out her menthol cigarettes.
She steps through sliding automatic doors into the blazing dessert heat. 

She's in love with where she lives. 

She lites up! 

Inhales a drag. 

Releases a cloud of smoke form her nose and mouth.

"I love to smoke"

And ambulance rolls by. 

She waves. and laughs. 

Her world has been over for years. Things have only beed as good as she's let them