Thursday, May 31, 2012

why am I so in love with you!

Knowing all these new things is getting so hard on us these days. It's like technology is so over used that we don't know up from down. Why has this happened to us?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

it s because of how I meet people

"Lets not forget how we met" he almost spelled it out in front of her.
  "You think I'm a slut!" she insisted insulted.
  "Well!" he shrugged "if you say so!" the way he looked at her said it all.
  "We met while you were working!" she shrugged.
  "So! it's not like my job had anything to do with us hooking up! I would have found you no mater what I was doing." They hugged. "I really love you so much!"
  "So what do you think I did last night?" she asked.
  " don't know! Should I?" he asked looking over at her thinking about whether or not she was being serious.
  "I'm not telling you!" she knew her words would hurt him, she knew because he felt everything she did, they were in love.
 "I can already hear you with him!" he said accusing her. "I always could, that's why I knew I had to get rid of you!"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am going to change

   "yeah I do it in bed sometimes" he told her on the side of the dance floor. The two were watching everyone run circles around the parquet.
   "She's got someone" she said watching her best friend hang off, "a relatively big guy too!" was what she called him. I watched her talk. Her lips were so magnificent.
  "So I've realized that I ve made so many mistakes in my life!" I mumbled, she looked at me strange.
  "You're a weirdo!"

Friday, May 11, 2012

you don't use it you lose it!

"Nothing seems sacred anymore!" He was yelling at me again, again and again.
  "Why do I put up with this bullshit!' I told him for the hundredth time "If you want to act like a jack ass, get the fuck outta my house!" I was serious this time! I wanted him gone.
  "I'm not leaving!" he screamed.
  "Why the hell do you have to scream all the time!" I asked him, he was so juvenile. "You're such a rigid son of a bitch!" he was always acting so hard. It bothered me now.
  "What!" he asked, "I thought!" he stopped. dropped his hands and gave up. "Fuck.. I'm tired of this shit!" When do you think we're gonna be able to do this!" He asked, his face was so serious.
  "You always look so sad baby!" I said to him, rubbing his shoulders. His face had begun to mellow. "Just let go!" I told him. "You need to relax or it's going to kill you!" The stress was changing him.
  "I don't want to go back" he said smiling. His face looked so much younger then mine. "I don't want to go without you!" He was sad.
  "You have to!" I was getting uncomfortable moving back and forth, "you're so able to adapt baby! I can't fucking do it anymore!" I was tired, "I don't want this anymore!"
  "Why?" it was all he could say. He would just keep asking whether I was there or not. "You don't think it matter s do you? You don't think that our love matters do you?"
  "No!" I told him. And again he started yelling.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

fat girl

"I was flipping through an old album today and there you were!" He said surprising her.
  "What are you talking about I haven't let anyone take a photo of me in years!" she exhausted reluctantly.
  "It was unbelievable, it was when we first met, you were cute!" He said reluctantly.
  "What do you mean cute" she laughed, "I was fat!"
  "That's the first time I saw an old photo of you in years!" He stopped. "I...I eh. I forgot how much I loved you!" he confessed. It made her smile. He laughed. "You were smiling just like that!" he whispered staring at her. "You have these dimples, they're so... You 're so hawt!" he looked her over. She was wearing sandals and a hat. "You're everything I ever wanted!" he said moving in to embrace her.
  "I'm the best you 'll ever have!" she refuted. "I'm all you'll ever know!" the way she spoke and presented herself made her seem so confident. He was infatuated with her and she knew it. "I want you to give me that photo!" she said aggressively.
  "Is that a hint of jealousy I detect?" He asked closing in closer to her. She smiled.
  "No, I just want that picture back!" she demanded. "I want to show all my friends. You know what I'm thinking, I'm thinking I want a new facebook profile." She was beginning to get annoying.
  "What?" he smirked.
  "Yeah I want it for my facebook! I have so many friends that comment!" Her voice was so sweet.
  "I thought you said you thought you were fat back then! You want to share that with all your friends!" she sensed the sarcasm.  "You don't want it for your facebook! you just to want take it form me!" The look the remark left on her face left him speechless.
  "Let me see it!" she demanded.
  "No" he decided. "It's not an option. We don't always get to hold on to things we want!"
  "I've already forgotten about you" she said rolling her eyes back into her head.
  "I know you have!" he laughed, "It's cause I fell in love with you when you were a

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

in your mouth

It s all about me. All I could think about was myself. "Man!" I hadn't had a day to myself in a long time. And looking around it's hurt things.
  "I was sure you were going to come to the event!" she said over the intercom. They were alone in the school.
  "I didn't think you wanted me there on account that you already had a date" he said out loud. It made him feel ridiculous standing alone in the classroom speaking to what looked like himself.  "Can you see me" he asked, his voice stringing itself along in thin air.
  "No!" she responded, "but I can hear you, we tripped the alarm. I knew we would, It's okay though, I got the key!" Her voice clipped in and out of over the intercom.
  "Ah, so" he started speaking, standing alone right as she walked in.
  "Alarms off!  We are free to roam the premises!" they were in her school. She loved it. "I can do whatever I want in here!" she stated happily.
  "Cause" he began, "you're the principle" he said smiling. She shrugged and smiled at him. They both laughed. It was an awkward moment, he kept his eye s locked on her's.
  "I wish you were willing to have a drink!" looking away she said with her soft voice. He winced at the lose of the contact.
  'Drink!" he said loudly, "But we're at your work!" he looked around. "An elementary school at that!"
  "Yeah I know, but it's summer vacation!' she started looking him over smiling.
  "What are you doing" he asked knowing what that look on her face meant. "No!" he stopped, "Not here!" looking around "in the library?" It reminded her of when she was a teenager.
  "I was kicked out of the public library once!" The thought put a smile on her face.
  "For what?" he asked backing away. She just ignored him.
  "This is my library and we can do whatever we want!" she said excited as she lunged at him. He embraced her as she tactfully tore his clothes off.

  "The sex was great!" she said, he thought so too.
  "Yeah well I'm no...." he stopped to think. "What's that guy's name? That guy you're seeing!" She didn't answer him at first.
  "I'm not seeing him anymore!" she said pulling up her panties.
  "Sure, sure" he nodded smiling. "How long's it been since you seen' em" he asked.
  "Bout seven hours!" she answered.
  "Well!" he started as he commenced slipping his pants back on. "I don't think you should tell em you had my

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

she french kissed me

There just happened to be so much work. They were both caught up on the case.
  "We have to make this work if we're gonna make it in the company!" She was right, she was gentle in the way she talked too. "Why don't we research tonight! Target our demographic!" I had a hard time saying no to her.
  "I ah! Don't think I can cum out tonight, I ah! I ah! Got this stuff to do on my web site!" he thought about the programing, "You see I have this big back end!" She laughed.
  "That's okay. I know a thing or two about content management, I think I can show you!" It was exciting when she talked to me about work, because she understood what I needed.
  "I don't know much about my front end though! Do you?" I stepped up to her, to get closer.
  " I do! I fucking love CSS!" I could smell her breath, we had both just finished eating TacoDelmar.
  " I fucking love Jalapenos!" and that's when it happen, right after we ate Mexican food together! I farted!

It was funny, because she knew how tense I was about that kind of stuff.
  "Shit! Sorry!" I laughed, I was embarrassed. She laughed at me.
  "It's okay! You didn't shit your pant's did ya?" I looked down, she just stared at me.
  "Well, we are drinking tequila!" I said thinking she'd laugh.
  "But we're not!" she answered. I never got drunk with her that night. She wanted to. "Cum on, pour me a shot of something." I didn't want to drink.
  "I don't have anything to drink!" I was lying to her. I had several bottles of alcohol.
  "Cum on. Get me drunk!" I didn't want to.
  "I don't drink! I like to fuck!" It sounded vulgar. But she liked it.
  "Don't we all?" she asked.
  "You won't cum if you get drunk!" I said.
  "Why would you say that?" she asked.
  "Because, when I'm drunk I don't!" I answered. She was precious.
  "Well, then!" she said, "I have cocaine!" and she took out a small bag of powder.
  "Yeah!" I said as she worked out a line. "Fuck!"
  "Want some?" she asked, pushing over a small mirror racked with rails. It made me laugh.
  "Holy shit!" I screamed, amazed that her hands were so well kept and she was a fiend. "You're fucking beautiful" I told her, because she was, I could see myself tasting her. She was so perfect, it was clock work. "You get high?"
  "What?" she remarked, "What!" over and over. "What the fuck? What!" I was like.
  "You got sexy hands and feet!" but she didn't care. She had already given up on me. "But what, what about the company!" And right then she stopped in mid snort of her fifteenth line of what was probly meth!
  "The company!" She said stunned, "Oh yeah!"
  "Fucking lay off that shit!" I told her. "And go to your doctor and get em to get you some pills to eat!"  I was serious. "You're an addict, and I think you're trying to kill yourself!" She didn't care.
  "I don't give a shit what you think! I'll do it!" I didn't know what she was talking about! "For the Company!" She meant it I guess cause six months later we were in a club managing that account! "Fuck Jesus you are a hustler!" I told her, we were outside smoking, she looked so good in these high heels and this red dress.
  "What are you talking about, I got the account because I sucked that fuckers dick!" My heart dropped when I heard her say that. I almost fell to the ground, it was wet and raining. "I'm'a joke!" she laughed. I fucking laughed out loud. and

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ever fucked for Cash?

"If you can hook me up with some money!" she said breathing down his neck. She was hungry and he knew it.
"Baby you got to eat!" He cared about her and she knew it. "Why haven't you eaten, why don't you eat at home." She looked at him kind of funny.
"Why are you asking me those kinds of questions, you know how I feel about living with my mom!" He knew what her father had told her about.
"You're talking about not letting her take care of you?" He asked, "isn't that what you're dad told you not to do!"
She remembered telling him. "Why am I so open with you! You use everything I tell you against me!" She watched as he tapped his fingers on the table. She was still standing breathing down his neck. "She's alone and we need each other. Actually!" pushing her face into his neck. They touch, he pulls her closer, and smells her hair.
"I fucking love you, you know that, stay with me. You won't need the money!" The whole time he was saying it she laughed.
"I can't fucking leave her! and anyway you have you're kid! You don't want me to meet your kid." It was true, but things were changing. "I want to do something different!"
"I know you do, and I want to help you I want to wake up with you every morning!" The sun lightly drifted in through the kitchen window and touched his face. She remembered their Sunday morning showers at her place, bathing in the sun rise.
"My mom doesn't like you, she thinks you're a slut, that's why we can't meet at my house anymore!" She thought about the moment she walked in on them, fucking in the shower.
"I am ... Kinda!" he laughed "Well while I'm with you!"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Urinary track infection

The road was wet from the rain but the storm was over, he was finally feeling secure riding. "I can't stand hydroplaning." She was sitting next to him.
"You can't stand!" she wasn't happy with him in general, he was a wimp. "You think that the rain's that dangerous eh?"
"What?" he asked, she knew he'd think it was a dump question.
"Nevermind!" she answered angry, crossing her legs. He reached over to hold her thigh.
"I miss the old car!" his voice was sincere, "I miss driving the standard, I felt like I had more control!" she understood what he was talking bout.
"Yeah, the other car was smaller, I miss zippin round in it too!" she looked out the window. The air outside was fresh she tried to roll down the window but it didn't work. "Fuck!"
"I know!" he reached and pushed the button to roll his window down. "It's broken!" he said laughing and toggling the button. They both laughed. "I love you baby!" she knew he was telling her the truth. She didn't smile.
"Then you better make sure that you get a standard soon!" grabbing his hand "What do you think we 're going to be doing in  a year from now, or ten?" It was something she had been meaning to ask for the last two years.
"What'd you mean?" he asked, and it was exactly what she'd been dreading.
"You haven't even though about it?" she screamed trowing his hand off her thigh. "Don't fucking touch me!" He upset her.
"Why do you do this? what's your fucking problem." He understood what she was talking about and he didn't care.
"I want to get the fuck out of here." she clambered.
"Just settle down, we still have 80km to go, wait the fuck up!' he sounded demanding.
"Why you acting so fucking tough?" she asked. pushing herself away from him. It was getting dark, the sun was setting over the horizon. The moon was showing herself over the prairie. "I don't think I can do this with you!" Her voice thinned as he looked over at her. "The roads baby, pay attention to the roads." She laughed as he looked back at the asphalt, the reflection of the light off the drops of water on the windshield, intrigued her. "You gonna love me baby through the thick of it?" she asked.

"I'm twenty two years old, what's your problem babe?" he was genuinely confused. "I want to get the fuck out the city for good, and I honestly don't know if you give a shit!" It made her laugh to think he actually gave a shit. "I don't think you care about the same things as I do" he sounded so arrogant to her.
"Just shut, you're fucking worthless!" she shouted, with a smile on her face, and right as she did a lightening bolt struck and they both shuttered under the thunder. He looked over at her.
"That was loud eh!" he was shocked. "I wasn't expecting that!" She looked down past the windshield and  through the rain towards the setting sun. The sky was dulling into a gray from a pink.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


"There is something I forgot, I know there is, there always is." He was pacing around the room like a rat. It was awful.
"You mean you don't think you have everything?" I asked him, he was so angry with me for even thinking that I had anything. "Why'd you think you could do this so easily?" I only asked him because I knew he was passionate about why.
"Linda? Why do you got to be so judgmental?" He didn't know that I hid what he thought he was forgetting. "I don't think I'm missing anything!" He said.
"You sure?" I asked thinking about how hard it was to get everything I need to take it from him without him realizing he was missing it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

shards of fragile latex

The room was wet, there were two men seated in the corner of the cell. The temperature was hovering just above zero, they both appeared cool, except one was wearing a coat and the other next to nothing.
"I was waiting for her! I wanted her to be there, I need her so much" The inmate ejaculated half naked. "I already told you guys, I don't want to do this any more, Please!"
"You've been detained, you're here to stay sir! Now please tell me why you were at the victims house. We've found you're finger prints on the the door of her vehicle and the inside of her home. We know you were with her!" The Sargent sounded like a robot. He had seen cases like this thousands of times. Victims mascaraed by their jealous ex spouses.
" I don't know! I don't believe you either!" He began to buckle in the cool air. His feet were beginning to go numb. "This is a horrible place!" the echo of his voice in the small space made him feel better.
"you're not getting out" he heard the officer say. The cold voice had no echo, it just died in his head, it got stuck to the extent that he didn't know whether or not to believe in himself and what was happening to him. He remember eating dim sum with his dad early that afternoon. It was there that he got the phone call. "She phoned me!" He said, in a slur, remembering out loud. "It was her that wanted me!" right there he realized she had trapped him. This was a sabotage. "Fuck" He yelled, startling the incoherent human bot.
"What?" inquired the officer "exactly did she want from you?"
"She wanted me to wait!"the man said breaking down, cold.
"She wanted you to wait!... Did you wait" interrogated the machine.
"No... I fucked someone else." the words ran cold out past his face.
"Why'd you kill her?" the question sounded warm coming from the zombie.
"I don't know!It wasn't her fault!" he started to cry,
"Who's fault was it?"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eat a spoon! and buy a free ticket

The two boys sat at the table together. Not one of them looked like they belonged, "Eric this is ridiculous," one yelled to the other, "let's get back to work."
"Jerry" yelled Eric, "What the fuck is wrong with you, is work the only thing you can do?"  He looked warn out, they both did. "Jerry, the two of us need to rest!" Jerry just sat and rubbed his eyes, while Eric drank the dry draft. "I'm genuinely incapable of doing this any more. Fuck man, aren't you tiered?" Jerry could hear the sincerity in his partners voice.
"I can't, Eric!" he snapped, "I'm not gonna fucking stop cause you're tiered!" he looked around the table. "What do you need to get up and come with me?" The question surprised Eric, who stopped to think,
"what do you mean?" He said holding his beer.
"How much would it take to get you to stand up?"
"Jerry? seriously, we haven't eaten at all, the last thing I had was that cold rice your mom made!" Jerry just smiled.
Then he said "how hungry are you?" The question only confused Eric who really was too hungry to make any decisions.
"I don't want to talk to you any more man!" Eric mumbled, the waitress brought another round. She was wearing high heels, she had long brown hair. Eric could see life in her eyes. He smiled at her as she served Jerry his beer. They both watched her walk away. "Why don't you ask her to help you Jerry?"
"What would I want with her?" He said still watching her as he took the first taste of his beer. "Fuck this is good!" No on moved, they both sat and drank their beer.