Friday, October 15, 2010

400 pounds, dreaming of you!

The seasons are changing. My mind is different every once in a while. Still drudging through school. (Not True) School is cool. I am having a few problems, but once they are done I just slip into english class and listen to my Prof read the waste land by eliot. Fragments on life that represent the non believer, the empty. What the world is to those who don't "know". My life is what it is and I'm lucky to have it. I've won some and I've lost lots. I tried and I always play hard. I've had the sun in the palm of my hands and I've watched him grow. I've been in Love and felt the pain of it put me in my place. I hate being alone. I need to be alone. I am alone. I have what I know, I have my family to help nourish me and grow. I wish I could tell stories about my life again. Without taxitalk there is very little real blurred mean content available to me. Fuck late night record shops......Stop your surrounded! Im a conditioned dog who wants you to ring the bell. What to think about. Man music inspires. I should go back to bed and let all those hatters win. Fuck that, I have the dream, but where the hell has all the love gone. Who cares...... Funnnnnnn.

My mom is over... she cooked fish for supper the other day.
I guess when I went to school yesterday My jacket smelled like fish. I stunk. But I found a tutor. Even though i stunk like ffffffish, Fuck! Moms never change you know!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Now I understand that situations like this might not cause you to go out and get a Job driving taxi. But I'm not here to persuade you to drive taxi, I wanna reveal to you the Joys of Blogging online. Introduce you to a world that is ultimately created controlled and manipulated by you.

I know, I understand, it's hard to expose yourself in front of the world. But the purpose of the blog is to expose others to your ideas, ideals, and views. The difficulty of a blog is creating quality content consistently.

But if you can produce work that has the ability to captivate an audience online, and you intend on excelling in your field, a blog is a must. Being on the cutting edge is key to succeeding in any industry, creating content that is exposed to people forces the author to optimize and perfect the process, Exposing your work allows others to point out your weaknesses and praise your strengths. THe internet has a tendency to first offer a lot of criticism, so as a blogger be prepared to get a thick skin.

things can always move in a direction that's positive!

I enjoy being out there. And I enjoyed being a part of something real.
The cool thing about the taxi was it was a consistent source of new content. The key to success of any blog is the authors diligence to putting him or herself out there and actually devoting themselves to ensuring that there is another post every morning for his or her audience. The best part of writing the blog was the drive it gave me to get up and go to work. It was a productive cycle that changed the way I thought about what I want to do with my life.

So which one of you has something to say?
Who here already writes a blog, how big is your presence online. How do you want to influence the world?



Mean streets

first night

Monday, October 4, 2010


SO there is things you just don't get over. You learn to cope with, to get better at, to overcome. You don't just drop into this world ready to kick ass, we're all dropped here naked, scared, cold and wet. I miss something........ but that's ok I'm moving along. I talked to Tony, the cabbie I followed after that fifteen year old cut his throat in the taxi. He's still driving. What a guy, cool as fuck, still behind the wheel of a Hack. I also talked to on of my Polish day cabby buddies, he said business is slow. As usual. Day drivers can never catch a break. Who knows maybe one day the whole world with have a bus schedule and cabbies will be obsolete. I'll never forget being a driver, I can't wait to do it for fun when I'm rich and famous. That is if I ever find the time..... The world is so