Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Im starting a new blog.

What a demonstrative effort squatting down toward the toilet trying not to piss all over the seat. Fuck. The world is beginning to end and I'm still writing this shitty fucking ball of text that'll erase when the world runs out of power, the data will rot and some other dirty insect race will come eat our remains.
I fall in love everyday. Then I jerk off. I don't drink, or do drugs. But I can still barely stand on my own two feet. Topsy fucking turvy. "That's what she said" people say that shit. It's like trying not to piss on the seat.

I've been eating mini wheats. Eating them straight atta the box. I had this woman who was hooking  me up with unpasteurized milk. It was sweet. Now I'm thinking about the big time, the new west coast. Well at least the one that ends up sticking around after Van falls in the Ocean. There was a storm in New York. Things are getting all climaty. "Hey you mother fuckers out there in Fort Mac and Northern Alberta , try to protect our land." Fuck did you guys notice I was being nice to them. Big oil is going to make our lives better.
I'm pretty sure the mini wheats are genetically engineered. I try not to yell at my dad any more. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't buy into it. What are we being asked to accept?

Fucking buckling down, anchoring. Fuck! Fuck. There is this shit happening all over the planet. But not here. It fucking snowed here. There is so much not happening here. There is so much to thank God for. Fuck. There is so many people who'll stop reading at that.
Who cares. We're all on this drop of water. I bet there'll be more and more earth quacks and It's not because I willed it. Fucking buckling down and anchoring. Is the government gonna outlast me? Probably. I'm not sure if academia will though.  Buckling down in a world just filled with deviance. Mankind is fucked.
The planet's gonna have a ball with us, she's going to throw the human race a party of environmental disasters we'll marvel in from over here on the prairies, where we'll just feel a touch of vibration as the whole west cost falls into the ocean.
They're already talking about it on the news, so when it happens, no one will really care.
There is so much to look at inside the city. We're here to look at it. And we have to grow with it. It's been changing and accommodating itself with the growth and prosperity. it might have accidentally  avoided maintaining it's history..... Kinda. And I don't even really want to talk about it anymore I just want to find a solution. A way to give myself a heritage, so that I can raise my kid in a place he can raise his kid, and so on and so forth.
The world is running out it's visible, schools suck. It's easy to see what we're being asked to accept.   

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Embrace that cause it's a fact

The Later it gets the worse I find my head hurts. It's so good tho. The streets are sick. We can fix them. I have a crew and I think I'm ready to let them help me take over the world. Everyone has a vice, now all you need to do is give them that as an advantage. There is so many people in this world that think they are superior. That's good then. What makes someone superior. It's his ability to raise everyone around them up. We're all lucky to sometimes benefit from knowing someone. Sometimes there is people who are suppose to offer so much that don't amount to nothing. Parents, loves, siblings, children, mothers, all that shit. God is' something tho, that definitely lets you down!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


The computer is so cold for a companion, but we're going to have to get used to it. There hasn't  been much change in my social situation. I thought I had changed, but I haven't. Life is going well. I haven't been writing much, but I should be. The computer is just kind of a virus. I failed an essay. I'm thinking there might be more of that to come. I gotta read one of these books. I've been slacking. Haven't been reading. To lonely, to focused on work. School sucks. I learned a lot.
The laptop gets warmer. It heats up and then this fan comes on. And then it always seems to stay hot and the fan just keeps blasting. There isn't any drugs for that. But I'm sure it's nothing serious. So mac's have viruses? Steve Jobs would love that shit. How many good leadership situations are we being presented with. Computers are nice to use to publish things onto the internet.

Monday, October 22, 2012


We're not suppose to think about our pleasure. Our pleasure cause's us pain. It's what it is. I think we try to train ourselves to avoid pleasure. I speak to it, "cum snake!" I call. Snakes dwell here, we are on this planet as a vicious but basic serpent.
We're set here to strike out at the heat. But most of us are chocked, forced to strike out and leave. we're vulnerable beggars.  Fucking colder blooded then before. So many people left in frost.
Noble! To die there cold. Most of us do. We're trapped, eating our lives away at a shitty job we hate.
I'm sick of talking to people who tip toe around, "No" they say! "No fighting!" Fuck that. Fight. Debate! Talk smack. This world is a bullied ball of crap. Nature, is a slut, she lets the dirtiest fucker smash. She's a dirty bitch like that.
Fuck! here navy will over throw us tho. She knows we'll blow it before she's done. We're a good ride and the planet earth is a dirty cougar. She invited the dirty devil down, to bang the monkeys and make us. We're portraits of a universal stud, we're here to fuck life. Lol. Life's been around, she's horny.
She can handle shit I guess. She wants it up the ass and in her face. She's roman. She's a Venus, she's a Cleopatra.
But we're married to Octavia, fuck blasting and lusting to burn our hearts out for an Egyptian ..... mmmm! Goddess, a princess that fucks. Lust and Love is so calculated and human. Mark Anthony is a

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

gets a bad rap! For being a slut!

You know what they really want to do in the long run? They are looking to satisfy his desires so that he settles with them. He picks her over the rest. She needs to be able to drain him to top herself off. Love juice. Fucking love Juice, I can't get enough of that stuff.
There is dozens and dozens of young woman out there that want to end up on top. They want to seduce the boy, then get him to fall for her, then she wants to leave him hanging. That's why that satisfaction is so important. You know the only problem with that is that Shakespeare doesn't agree with this. I mean all the dudes in his plays say that women are sluts. Well I mean lots of male characters hate on chick. Yet honestly there isn't many sluts in his work. I think Shakespeare thinks that chicks are getting a bad rap. So what do they want in the long run? They want a fantasy, a man and a friend. When they're young they want him to support her. Then when she's forty she wants him to ......... be seduced by her.
It's funny the fact that this is a post written for a man, to tell him the same old shit. I wanted to tell you that if I love you like a woman, except if we don't fuck, we might get somewhere, but the chances are that unlike the women in Shakespeare, you might actually be in it to win it. Meaning! I end up looking like the bitch, and lets remember, she  ' 

Monday, October 8, 2012

EPS Swallo's a bad load

A lot of people live their lives pretending they give a shit about the world and that they are doing the best they can for mankind when really they're just a fucking bunch of monkeys. We live on a planet of animals. Man is an incredible thing, when he's not acting like a fucking dog. Now I don't want you to think that I'm writing about you, unless of course you're a stinking pig, or a banker. What the fuck does a banker do? So last night I watched this bum get his ass kicked by these three teenage Edmontonian types, you know ..... stupid, probably fans of hockey. They just fought this bum, the Bums hooker girlfriend backed him up. It was cool to see her jump in the moment one of the other boys decided to stomp on the bums head unfairly. The worst part was the cops caught up to the kids to pat them on the back. They even went as far as to offer the vicious monster, monkey individuals a fast track to Cop school, where you can learn "how to be a burden to society 101". I watched these two cops today, there were ticketing jay walkers since the long weekend was cold and dead. I watched as they reprimanded and fined a homeless guy for stumbling across the street. While the Sasquatch look a like female officer proceeded in making the mans life miserable, I watched as dozens of affluent people also ran across the street. I was reminded about how nasty our society is tonight, when I was stopped at a red light next to a Cadillac SUV. After several seconds waiting for the light to change the driver, a cop look alike, ran the red.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

fantasy, lies and the tax breaks for rookies

One of the worst headaches I've had in a long time but one of the best nights in a while. My flashes were acting up. I was using something different then usual.. It annoyed me. Pictures were inconsistent! think it might be something to do with the receivers. It was awful out there. People were fighting. People were acting up. Long week end. I saw this check stop, on 98th ave, it was massive. All you could see was the skyline and 30 patrol cars flashing in front of a "Check stop van" that sat on the bridge. What a shit show. This city is coming back to life. The Boom is coming. I got a text, it was funny I got it as I got home. It was a girl from school. She's someone I've been infatuated with. And she likes me. She is much younger then me, but she's also a single mom with a daughter. Kinda forces me to imagine raising a girl. I can imagine how quickly I would change my attitude about women. This Girl that texted me asked me if I was still on the ave. I told her "yes". I was there as fast as any hack can beat the street to bake pancakes. Eight minutes passed. I was there, and so were they. It was such a dangerous night. They left a group of people that knew me, that saw me pick the most beautiful girls up, to take them home. It quickly became a fantasy. They took me to their house. A home with nothing to fill it but college girl problems. It was a perfect home. Downtown. Fucking prime. One of the girls had just finished fucking a basket ball player in the backyard. She looked beautiful. The one that liked me squeezed every ounce of story out of her. I heard all of it. It wasn't very erotic, it ended quickly. There was another girl there. She was a virgin, innocent, she liked one of the other basket ball players. Form the sounds of it, he was as new to the scene as she was. Fingers were involved, nothing pleasant. They talked about fucking, I was entrenched while the girl that liked me kept drinking. She looked gorgeous. She's hot as hell. She could have any basket ball player. I can't drink with them. We can hear a third roommate fucking downstairs. It's a house filled with women not one older then 22. I couldn't have been able to pursue her, drunk and magnificent, I heard her scold another one of the girls. They all needed attention. I wanted them to talk amongst one another, together, like men. They talked about fucking. I was intimidating, it was cold outside. Their place was a fortress and their sex made me feel as though I am insignificant. I've always been here. Head in flashes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Dic Pic a Cultural Phenomena

You thinking they all wanted to find love?... is a joke ha; fuck that they wanted to write about their crazy dates. They all do that shit, it's like bullshit gossip. Fucking blogasphere is trying to put me into it. Hey young hot Christian chick!! You know what there is so much more to life then organized cult religion. I'm fucking Jesus, he fucks chicks in the ass! Laugh out fucking loud. This world is a date! we're all on line. I'm getting five stars!! So now that it's settled nations are going to be built on chicks that met there guy through a dick pick. And fucking Jeanna Marbles, and her fucking dogs. there is more to this, there is something beyond the dick pic. It's a Shakespearean comedy! It appears broken and all the characters are confused on the opposite end, but the connection, the actual intercourse that comes form the machinery of it is destiny. It's beyond us. But it caters to us, because we fulfill a purpose we probably don't or can't yet understand. Being human is so cool, we're a parasite. What happens when a parasite finishes its incubation state..... It fucking grows wings. Canada will be were people grow wings, it'll be a mutation that changes everything. We'll eventually become an insect that can travel through space and as we move forward through time. Out ability to do that really depends if this morsel of a planet has the resources to nurture us to the stat. We are devilish little fucker. Our bitches want to blog about their dates instead of fucking evolving. Get a job, write a blog about saving the fucking planet from the pesticide monarchs we've become. God damn, Dating blogger, I got you fucking pinned! But I'm down with church and shit. and sex on the first date. It has been affirmed, the internet is a taxiride. So on line fucking dating has become a common way of baring the burden of being a fallen fucking human being. So it seems like I alone was the only one that didn't join the site to write about the size of the next guys dick. So far I've been applauded and so has my cultural phenomena

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wild Rose Alberta Porn campaign

Ever been to a party were you didn't belong. yeah! Most of us have and we liked it. We usually want to over stay our welcome, or we want to jet as soon as we've had a couple little complimentary sandwiches and a drink from the free bar. What the fuck is happening to us! Why do we do that to ourselves? Usually, I think it's to make money! I like stepping outside of my boundaries and visiting new places. That's actually my life's goal. To grow every day. Sometimes though, when you get yourself stuck in a world where you don't want to see yourself, what do you do? You leave. You can't grow unless you root somewhere. I think that our race of people has rooted into the planet, we're like this thing and we're sucking the world dry. To have fun. We suck at it. Most of us do it to let a certain few live it the fuck up. I want to live it up. I want to go to all the parties. Then my only problem is going to be that as soon as I have the chance to do it, I'm gonna resent every fucking instant of it. Cause that's the way it works. Humans found a way to evolve their way to the top of the food chain, only to wish they were still monkeys. We suck. I live in the wealthiest community on the planet, I'm going to figure out a way to nurture up my own community of people who believe that they can effect the rest of the world because we are from one of the most powerful areas left on the planet. Canada is the new world leader. It's time for Canadians to realize that, Albertans especially.