Sunday, August 24, 2008

film maker in progress

The first day of the shoot my audio took a dump. There was a story though. As I was returning from dropping someone off. A threesome, and the women were dominatrices. Well I was on my way back when I saw three kids kicking the shit out of two dudes on the side walk. Not a big deal but then they started to curb stomp one of them. I was off 118ave so I knew that I was in the hood and that these kids might actually kill the kid under the boot. I stopped and got my camera. Got out of the taxi and pointed it at them the bad guys ran. They scattered, I called 911. The whole ordeal was caught on tape. There is a clip in the footage where you can hear my voice saying I think we stopped them from stabbing the kid, then you here the cop saying They stabbed him. Fuck!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jump For Joy Taxi Truth

I rented the taxi to make my film. Its going to be a storytelling extravagansa. As many stories of the lives of the people who deal with the Underground. i'm the main character, the driver exposer of stories. I 'm going to give the audience a safe ride through a world filled with ..... I don't know Lets see what the film will have to say after we shoot the streets from my perspective. I'm excited this is scarier then you would think. I got a crew, my dads on it. My heart races when I think about what its going to look like. The taxi inspieres me to write. I don't look at the key board when I'm writing taxi talk, Fuck its great. I know what I want to shoot. I don't know what I'm going to get But I know I want it. This is an exciting time for taxitruth

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fucking Contex

The production phase is starting,I learned to edit video. I also interviewed some people. Their stories were amazing. I feel like the project is hauling ass. There is one problem, I need to introduce my media in the right contexe. Contexe is key, I have a very up front style, I'm sure but I know Ill have enough for a full dossier on the nfb That would be the bgining of a dream coming true.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Greyhound decapitation

decapitation on a greyhound, I am going to have nightmares, ever since I saw another taxi driver get his throat slashed I understand what Most Canadians don't. This place has just as much funk as everywhere else, hell the boom made more. Alberta is a breading ground for the devil. Except us Canadians swim in Ignorance. I would love to have the bus drivers of that bus be in my Film. Sounds Fucked I know but what happened on that bus was aaaaaaa, Scary! I wonder if the guy was psychotic, on drugs, maybe both. I wonder if this was the way he wanted to become famous. Did he get on the bus and know he was going to kill someone? DId he get all angry during the ride? WHat made him snap? That's what I want to understand cause working as a cabby in Edmonton I know I saw him delivering those papers at night. He was a paper boy, but he went mmmmmmm postal or what would you call that? Way beyond postal. He used sisors. FUck THat story is a prime example of the direction or society is going. Don't understand me, well read "learn to swim"