Friday, May 28, 2010

and I'll still be left standing!

The truth is I'm not really tiered, I get up early to shoot, I go to bed late to shoot. I've been editing. Photoshopping. Shoppppping. Fuck Working events. I love it. High ISO. Always wanting more stuff, seems whatever you need you get or you got. I have so much support from the people who count in my life. I'm lucky, and I'm not scared. Maybe that's because it's summer. Who knows! I'm really happy. Fuck I just don't want to go to bed, but I have to wake up early. So early, for something I'm not sure about. I guess I want to find out about. The truth is I trust my life. Where it's going. It's frightening, but that's what keeps you on your toes. I'm not out there with Bad intent. I don't think. You never really know. Well when you're Catholic! The Sun is shinning, the season is blooming, life is something that I can't comprehend, but I want to hold on to. Who knows maybe I'll live forever. Yeah, right. The world would end,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good red road to the Branch your hanging on

All you hipsters should move to Vancouver. Fuck! WHat a fucked up planet, we come from a fucked up hole. I am happy. I'm laughing. It's awful to live life angry and resentful. Sometimes it's a driving force, well it should be. By being happy with yourself not anyone else. It's nice that there are those kinds of forces in this place, on this planet. They're actually there to keep us on track. Sometimes they get in our way, but really they're just keepin you on the right path. This stuff all happens for a reason, we're here to watch it unfold. Like the Butterfly we peal ourselves out of a nasty little creature. Yuk. Does anyone out there feel like that nasty little worm. Cocooned up in this nasty place. It means your on the right path. So be happy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nobody knows you!


I can hear the birds wake up, spring is here, mmm

Imagine driving a Limo, fucking sweet. Limos are so dirty they're clean. I once won a package to a strip club in a limo. I don't belong in bars when I drink, but I think I had a good time.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I write to no one specific but to all who read

go away I don't care.

I do what I want

I grew up with a father that shot weddings using film. He was good at it, built a huge house around a bunker of a studio. He was a photographer. He was classically trained in Europe all that junk, unfortunately the industry was much like it is now. You had to stand out to be more. My father did weddings then got divorced, and I won't. To those of you who aspire to make it as a weeding guy, good. You'll probably go far into the empty bullshit world of very boring and very average shots. You know that someone else showed you how to do, so go, copy that other wedding shooter, bring a backup guy to get those romantic moments people want to cherish when they get divorced. It's a cop out, like a weeding singer, if you get my drift. Listen you guys, photography goes further back for me then for you. My mother uses sound to produce images. I watched my fathers dreams fall apart probably because of something like anonymous bloggers who have no value. Yes, you are worthless, I'm sure you get paid so much more for the work you do, but you don't really do any right? other wise you would be working. The quality shooters sell drugs not talent to pay for gear. They're like rappers, to bad its a tough industry. Hey boss just wait, I'll be telling you what to shoot. Put you pictures where your mouth is, "Nowhere!" but you can write a mean comment, bet you'd be a good editor.