Monday, April 27, 2009

Boring work week? then get another job

Move the fuck along is all I can say. When shit gets you down, just get the fuck up. I met this boxer tonight. Young kid. Well he recently came back from a tournament that he won. That's what he thought. The judges said it was the other guy. The crowd said it was my fare. You guys ever seen Rocky. Now that's a great movie. When I was a child I would watch Rocky and then go out and kick all the kids asses. I was the toughest mother fucker on the block. I told my Fare (the Boxer) that if he understood his dream by the time he was 19 he should continue to pursue it. Most people have no Idea who they are. Until they die. Most people are followers and zombies. Boxing is a vicious sport. Brutal. It's not golf. The kid had his head on straight and he inspired me. Tonight I had a weirdo try to take a dump in the car. He would not give me the address he wanted to go to. A bouncer shoved him into my taxi. He wasn't all that fucked up, he was just a weirdo. I took him to the west end with the intent of dropping him off at the cop shop. I told him to runaway at the red light or pay the fare. He didn't run till we were a block away from the west end police station. He never succeeded in taking a shit in the back seat. He never paid me. I love Sundays. Hell I Love anytime I'm not stressing. Stress is going to kill me soon, or a passenger with a knife. Screw the world it's Monday. How is working the day shift anyway? And remember what I told you, take her to the zoo.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I drove a cop RCMP

The Blog. 101.
I've been writing notes on my log, notes that I should blog. Tonight I wrote down Cage the Elephant, Bum-Anus and phone sex. Lots more happened. Unfortunately I can't really tell you what Bum-Anus is about, I just wrote it down in the Log. Phone Sex is a great little story. Dude gets into my car and says "West end." Happy dude works the rigs. On the way to his house he gets a phone call. "Hello" Its his girlfriend. She wants to talk to him. He has to explain to her that he's in the car with the taxi driver and can't talk. He hangs up. He tells me "I've never met her in person but we've been having phone sex for six months. I've seen pictures, she has big boobs!" I was like "Wow" then I told him he should hook up with her in person. He said " I know." He tipped me 5$. Tonight was nice. Smooth. Good music. Cool. I'm trying to relax. I need to step back, writing the blog kind of intensifies the taxi ride. Tonight I was grumpy. I'm weening myself off of sugar and Slurpee's. Hard Core. Throw the skate board in the trunk. Get old gracefully while trying to succeed in today's world. I'm going to enjoy the summer. At five in the morning the sun's already showing his face. And the sun sets, I'll get one for you guys, a picture.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last night the kids were cool. I got the kid that was all high on mushrooms. He ate an eighth of an ounce. Then his friends dared him to drink a mickey of Captain Morgan spiced rum in an hour. They told me he came close but did not finish. He was done in the back seat, as soon as we stopped he ran away. Pent up I guess. I had one cabby steal my fare. There were 6 of them, I said "I can only take 4." I told them "take a couple of taxis cause no car is gonna take 6 people." He said "Yeah right!" and they all piled in to the other taxi. The other taxi driver let them in and made me look like a fool. So I took a pic. Looking at it, I won't publish it. The people that piled into the taxi look like they belong to a prominent powerful gang. Actually I feel like that photo was not the best decision. Last night had some good driving. No one was too out of hand. I think it's all the check stops the cops are starting to put up. I see one at least once a week. It might not make a big difference on a nightly basis but it changes Edomotonians state of mind about drinking and driving in general. Context Baby! I did not get enough rest today. I just want to sleep the day away. Oh yeah......I did I gotta go to work. Write you later kids. Don't fucking drink and drive. Get High and walk.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss Wild I loved you

Finals. Exams. University is on hiatus for a while. Finals mean sex in the car. Passions thrown at loved ones, or just someone else. Anything to forget about the stress. I never stressed over university. Multiple choice is a JOKE. I hope all you kids out there feel educated. They got drunk. Oh I got drunk at Gob you guys. I even gave the lead singer Tom the URL. After the show we took a taxi to my buddies house. We stopped at the Tops Liquor store to get some beer. I was to drunk so I sat outside the store trying to purge some of the booze I had consumed with absolutely no thought of the consequences. So I'm out there when the clerk (I knew it was a tops clerk cause only brown dudes work there) is being thrown around by another guy. The two were fighting over a bottle. The clerk was getting robbed. I was loaded and trying to puke on the corner of the building (to no avail). The perp got away. The bottle of Crown was stolen. The clerk sat on his stoop and stared up at the sky. My friends said they would be witnesses, but Mr.Clerk said "it's all on camera." He went back inside. This morning when I woke up I heard on the news that someone killed a man working at a Spa, then robbed a liquor store. When trying to run away he noticed police and blew his brains out. Weird. The guy that robbed the tops liquor man was a white guy. The murder suicide guy was black. That's what I heard. There were drugs and alcohol involved. Tonight was fun. Kids where finished finals so they where getting loaded. I had fun with everyone. I drove my gangster girl. It's been a while since I saw her. To tell you the truth I thought she was dead. Well she's going to jail for at least five years according to her. She was high tonight. She thought the police helicopter was following me. I never saw it but hey. She said she might make it onto Edmonton's most wanted. That would be cool. Good thing I paid no attention to where I dropped her off.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Globally renowned

After coming home last night I washed my hands. I remember feeling like I just washed the night away. The three grungy drug addicts. The women who just returned to Edmonton from Vietnam. The two men, one a Polish guy I could communicate with and his friend a man that was raised in South America. None of them had anything in common other then I shook all their hands. The first fare was Robin and his crew. The three of them were obviously using drugs and alcohol. No! they weren't children or young people these guys were veterans. Three suicides. Robin had the money on his bank card (I've driven him before, he always withdraws his daily limit and is forced to find a store that gives cash back, like Safeway or Walmart) he was in charge. His crew consisted of a "what looked like"a fifty year old prostitute and a big Indian dude. They were chugging beer. They were working up a massive fare, one they couldn't pay for unless Robin found a store that would give him cash back. It was already past eleven pm on a Sunday so those stores were all closed. I was getting the feeling that they were going to try to skip the bill. They were to old to run, so the prostitute offered herself as collateral. I wasn't having any of it. The boys in the back seat laughed when I turned down her offer of love. She was used to it. I drove them around until midnight. The cards withdraw limit is reset at the beginning of a new day. I got paid and they got home safely. I had fun with the old drunks, they were honest people. I could tell they had given up on life. I had to wash my hands after shaking theirs. The women from Vietnam had just returned to North America. She had a baby with a Vietnamese man and never married him. Asians marry people they have children with. She had a hard time assimilating into the Vietnamese culture without having a husband and with a child. She said that if she married the man he would have ended up on the birth certificate and that would have cut her freedom in half. Her husband would have custody of the child and without his permission she could never bring her child back to Canada. She was a strong independent women and global citizen with really nice hands. I wasn't compelled to go wash my hands after shaking hers. My last fare was a man and his ex brother in law. The ex brother in law was a Polish guy who spoke Polish with me. A language I rarely speak in the Taxi. He was cool. The two were best friends even though the Polish guy divorced the other guys sister. You could tell they were best friends. The other guy was raised in South America. He told me he was shot in Venesuala when he was fourteen. The guy who shot him used a 12 gauge. He said after it happened he woke up at a Shamans house and she healed him. He had the scares to prove it. I asked if I could take a picture but he said "no." The weird thing was that the dude did not believe in God. He told me the Shaw Women saved his life. I respected his opinion and looked up at the stars and thanked the Almighty that no ones ever shot at me yet.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crash your car then fuck, Kronenberg style

So I got pulled over on my way home from work. My registration had expired last month. I got a 230 dollar ticket. I'm happy to see the cops are doing something. I wish I could have had an allergic reaction to PIG. I'm sad to say that's it's not pulling over crack dealers. Last night I drove a social worker, can you imagine having to try to re integrate a 13 year old gang member that already killed someone. They do that kind of stuff and sometimes succeed. Last night I kept getting kinky text messages from someone. I called them up and it was a guy. I told him that I'm a cabby and the girl that gave him my number was playing him. He kept sending messages. Dirty ones.I had a good night last night. There was one time that I got kind of frightened. I was sent to a north side address and five huge rig pigs came running out. I told them I can't take 5. They all got in. Rig Pigs are big and they are bullies. On the way to their hotel they wanted to listen to the bounce and they would not take no for an answer. They asked me how much a whore goes for in Edmonton, I said "25$" and that's a good one. They said since the economy changed Fort Mac Murry girls have lowered the price to 125$ a fuck. Rig Pigs have sex with prostitutes. If you have a husband up there. Suck him off good or he'll bring home Gonorrhea. I'm happy I still have no respect for the law enforcement in this city, stay safe and have fun. Oh I have a funny one. This guy gets in and gives me his address, I write it in my taxi log. The guy watches me write it then looks at me ans says "Ukrainian GPS" I fucking busted a gut laughing. OH oh there was also a guy who sky dives he was tripping on some shrooms he told me he was going to jump out of a plane in 7 hours. Tubular.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

.....and you guys think I'm Bad.

Hairdressers smoke weed that stinks (like fish)

If only every night could be as decent as tonight. It took me back to the beginning of the boom, there was sex, drugs and rock and roll. My first fare came right out of the Stollery Children's Hospital. The women had three kids with her. Two of them should have had a car seat but you know cabs don't use car seats with kids. She didn't even strap them in she just threw them in the back. Well her 17 year old son was upstairs with his new child. The women I was driving was a grand mother, her teenage son was the proud father of a premature baby boy. The babies mother is 16. She tried to take him out of the Preemie unit, the nurses said that she couldn't take the child because the baby was still recovering so the 16 year old mother abandoned it. The boy watching the new born upstairs right now isn't 100% certain that the baby is his, the Grand Ma told me that they were still waiting on the DNA test. The possible other father is the Mothers new boyfriend. After she abandoned her premature child in the hospital she went and smoked meth with her man. This girl has already had three abortions. The women I drove was so proud that her 17 year old son stepped up to the plate of fatherhood without question and judging by the circumstances I was proud of the teen too. If all men could be so stoic. Tonight was awesome, all my personals blew me away, they treated me so well. My last fare was good too. She was a married women who is in the proses of a separation. I asked "why?" She told me she that her and her husband got pregnant but then she miscarried and she was devastated and the husband was happy. He has two children from a previous marriage so it was no skin off his back. His current wife on the other hand had an abortion when she was 17 so this lose hit her close to her heart. Her husband an ex Jehovah's witness did nothing to comfort her so she slept with his best friend to find some solase. No one knew until she broke down and told her husband (a man who renounced his religion , wife and children) that she cheated on him. Hence the separation. I dropped her off back at their place. It was 4:30 in the morning, what do you guys think happened? O.k now it's time for rock and roll. I saw a women walking up Whyte ave, I asked her if she needed a taxi. She said "I'm looking to make a couple bucks." I wondered what she meant. Sorry now it's time for the Rock and Roll Jake Ian folky, and the Old Wives Club the dude I drove has a wife that's a lesbian and she is hot as hell. And this guy was with Greater than giants, Everyone Everywhere. Fucking Right, Peace!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Block Parent

Why would anyone sit in a line this long? Come on it's not like we're Communists!

I had three calls last night. It was officially a lifeless night. DEAD. Dozens of taxi drivers were ready to cut their wrists. Well my last fare was this autistic bar tender from small town Alberta. She was interesting because she had been smoking pot since she was a seven year old. I asked "How?"She said " Small town Alberta, lots of grow-ops and because I was autistic and my dad was a teacher he was ashamed of me so I was pretty much allowed to do whatever I wanted." Smoking dope at seven, that's a new one for me. She also told me about a blind man that sits in Galaxy land in West Edmonton Mall. She said "he once came up to me on the bus and told me he was arrested for being a peeping tom. But he's blind right? Wrong it's a dirty charade." I thought that was a cool story, so if you ever see a blind guy in the women's washroom in West Ed remember that you can never underestimate a greasy peeping Tom. Hey guess what? There was a murder at the Klondiker. Where's that? you ask. It's the Jasper place Hotel. Yep you heard it here first. Oh and there is going to be a new taxi company soon. The taxis are gonna be red. The owner of airport taxi wasn't making any money since the airport driver started a union. Those sneaky people trying to feed their families. Well the airport taxi contract is up in a year so the owners gonna get rid of that company and start a new one that's more lucrative. I hope that he does well, unless he mistreats people then he can rot in shit. The company I work for is the oldest in the city, we are King. Guess that makes me .........

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celexa? Wellbutrin, Sex.......what is it?

Rock stars do not wait in line!

Tonight was the first night of my work week, aah and what a night. My first fare was a native women with a guy on their way to the Lodge Motor Inn on Stony Plain RD. I want to mention her because she told me about one of her finest moments in life. About ten years ago she was in Hinton Alberta in a Motel. She said she had a big bag of Glass(Meth), a pocket full of cash, every drawer in the room filled with bottles of beer and to top it all of huge sac of mushrooms. She told me this story because as she recalled it was one of the finest moments of her life. What's yours? Mine is the birth of my Sun. Not many fares after Mrs.LodgeMotor. I was cruising up 82ave when I spotted the boys from Ten second Epic. I had to pull over and wish them a happy tour. They were really nice to me and so I continued up 82 ave. I got another fare. A dude right out of jail, I told him that I had been feeling really angry since the economy crashed. He told me "if you got someone to love, and you got something you want to achieve plus your freedom you ain't got nothing to worry about." He was right. I got all those things. One of my last fares was a boy raised by a couple psychiatrists. We had a lot in common, except he was 18. We went to the same high school, and I shared the same type of extracurricular activities as him in my past. Lately I feel 18 again, I feel lost unaware of my destination in life. Over the past couple of weeks I've been smacked by some solid depression. I feel like things are falling out of my control. I don't feel safe on the road. I can't make money. No one cares. So I've decided that I'm going to look this adversity right in the eye and be positive. I no longer want to be negative I want to be positive. So after I dropped the psych kid off I parked my car across the street from Filthy McNasties. That's where the boys from Ten Second Epic party and trust me they draw a crowd. It was the only bar in the city with patrons. I sat there and took photos. I was checking out my work when someone opened the door and sat down. I looked up and saw the lead Guitar player "Dan" from Ten Second Epic. He knows who I am so I asked "Did you know that this was my cab?" He said "No, but hey whats up?" I told him "I don't believe I got one of you guys randomly." We chatted and he made it home safe. That made my night. Tonight was a pleasure.

I have been lucky enough to drive everyone in the band except the lead singer. They rock guys so if you have a chance go and see them it's worth it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Right back at ya!

My view at night from taxitruth on Vimeo.
Someone thought this video was unsuitable for you tube. It shows a violent act on 82nd ave in Edmonton. The authorities never showed up even though it was in a very public location. I produced this to show Edmontonians what's happening on our streets. To me this clip depicts a lack of police presence. I would like the authorities to acknowledge that fact, that currently they are not up to par. This clip shows that, if not by the violence itself then by the public agreeing with me that the cops should have been there. I have additional footage of the event. The bar it started at. (it would be a great add) I have footage of the bouncers at that bar allowing the fight to continue and not calling the authorities. This type of occurrence is caused by ignorance. The only one hurt was an innocent female bystander. Who do you blame? Maybe it's society, but hey don't shoot the messenger, I'm just doing what my gut tells me to do.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scott McCord thank you for being my rock and roll last night

HEy I also won 4 tickets to GOB at Show girls
WHo should I take?
I don't think I got 4 friends.
Scott McCord
I'm really being to nice to the fat bastard

Pink Sox

So what's up on this night. So much it's overwhelming. I think the key cause of my stress lately is financial. Not getting what you deserve makes people want to go out and fist one another, get it? Probably not. I drove a professional paint baller tonight from Edmonton Impact. What an awesome person. You would think that someone that shoots paint balls at others for a living might have a mean streak. I didn't see one, I liked the dude. I also drove around a bunch of kids that were munching on the Mushrooms. They were having a blast, well most of them. One guy just couldn't get high. He ate and ate the fungus but still nothing. His buddies were too loopy to care. I also drove the guy who actually saw the individual who did the shooting at the fox last summer, I'm only mentioning it because I was interviewed by Scott Fralick, here is the link. Violence Downtown. The guy told me the shooter was a brown guy. I also had another encounter with 911. O.k so I'm making my way up 109st with a fare, he was messed up. We were going to the Y. At about 109st and 79 ave some guy was trying to pass me on the outside lane, which would have been fine if there wasn't any pylons signaling the fact that the road is undergoing some construction. The guy just plowed into the construction zone. I looked at his face amongst all the flying debris. The guy was angry and in my opinion he did it on purpose. Well he broke most of the lights on the front end of his truck and the car stalled. He pulled onto a one way with the broken down truck. I followed him, my fare memorized the plate number then we called 911 and I started filming. I recorded the whole conversation. The guy got out of the truck and started to walk back to the debris scattered all over the road. My fare and I followed, I continued to film the bad guy, drive the car and speak to 911. I kept asking where the police are? Why is there no check stops? What are the reasons for the lack of crime prevention in Edmonton. My questions fell on dead ears, the female dispatcher would not and probably could not answer them. The EPS is having internal issues but they won't admit it. Anyway the guy starts to pick up and put back all the construction signs. It took the cops so long that he more or less was able to make it look like he didn't do anything to the road work area. His car on the other hand wouldn't start and he could not change that. The asshole couldn't runaway. It took the EPS about 12 minutes to make it to 109st and 80 ave. A block off Whyte(the busiest and most dangerous bar hopping street in Alberta). This actually happened about 3 blocks from where buddy burn alive about three weeks ago. When one female cop showed up about 5 more cruisers showed up. I began to understand why they are so slow and incapable. The female officer was the only one talking to the criminal. All the other guys stood around talking sometime even sharing a laugh. I had to get out of my car and ask if I could take my passenger to his destination. The officers made me wait till they finished their joke. When they finally approached my ride they told me that the guy was having an allergic reaction to a peanut butter bar. Lies! They said he has an ambulance on the way. I asked "does someone who's having an allergic reaction and is incapable of controlling his vehicle smash up the road then get out and pick up the mess?" The officer said "Yes." He also said " He could also just be a bad driver." Fuck that. I gave them my number and asked for the police officers name so I can call and ask about the final verdict. (the guy fucking ate a peanut he was allergic to, to get off, and he will cause justice is a whore) My last fare on the other hand was a group of women going to Sherwood park and they brightened the night up for me. Just the happiest people in the world. Good looking too. They Made me feel like a hundred bucks. They put me back on my cabby pedestal, thank ladies.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Judas, Judas, Judas

Who missed me last night? Good? That makes me feel worthy. I had a pretty below average night again. I don't know, maybe I should have worked Thursday but I just wasn't feeling it. I guess it was a good night. Friday was like a Tuesday during the booms peak. Hey Albertans remember the boom. About two years ago when everyone and his mother moved here to get a piece of the pie and ended up taking it from you. Ha! That's the way the cookie crumbles. Tonight I got jacked and it was not in your conventional way. I troll around looking for flags. It's the way I like to make my money. So I spot this asshole flagging in front of the Funky Pickle. It's past 4 am and the pizzeria is all locked up. I'm pulling over when some random sedan backs up on 82 ave and picks up this kid. The other car was an ex Co-op taxi and the driver was stealing my fare, from right in front of me. The asshole low balled me and took the kid home. I followed him and got the plate. Picking people up without a permit is illegal. I contacted my dispatch and asked what I could do about it. The worthless dispatcher had no Idea. I drove up to the cop shop and demand an answer. The Operator (the police station was closed too, I had to use a phone that was located on the outside of the building) gave me this number 780 496 5244. Taxi bylaw officer and hopefully enforcer. I'm going to get a hold of her and figure out what I can do to become more involved in my profession and the issues that surround it. I was on my way back to my car when I ran into a couple other drivers. I told them why I wear a camera around my neck all the time. It's like my gun, people are forced to clean up their act around it so I like to point it at assholes. I'm not afraid of the camera because I behave the same for everyone except around children and really old Grand Mothers. The same foul language the same everything. I know they appreciate it because almost everyone that sits in my taxi enjoys the ride. Most of my readers are people who have been entertained by my rants in the back seat. I guess that's why I rarely get picked on about my ability to write. People who criticise the blog without ever actually getting into the taxi have no Idea what they are doing. The truth is the blog is nasty, lots of times what I deal with is nasty but anyone exposed to it from my back seat will see it the way I see it night in and night out. I tell almost all my clients to comment, I even tell them to please tell me if it stinks. It's never happened. Only a person that's never been on a ride with me would have the audacity to think they could talk shit about who I am. If there is one thing I kick ass at it's getting you home safe through a world filled with shit. I Plow through that shit with my crown Vic and I make passenger feel like they know me. Like they've known me for a long time. Like the ride home was their destiny. Tonight I had a fare who I gave a ride to about three years ago. She remembered me, she remembered the conversation. That's worth so much to me. Well anyways I met those drivers and I told them about the CBC stuff, the burning alive guy and how the gypsy taxis are eating up our business. One of them looked at me and said I have become an activist and that I should be careful because the Police are going to start trying to break me down. I'm not scared of them. The cops are a joke because the judicial system is a joke not each individual cop. What makes individual cops so insignificant is that they aren't trying to change anything. They're like the rest of the world, just sitting around expecting everything to change for them. That's what makes them so worthless, that they just force us through the shit without making us feel safe. Like eating shit is our destiny. At least that's the way I feel and I'm the only little white boy out there driving a taxi cause he wants to and isn't scared. My opinion is for sure unique and I swear I'm just being honest. Like this song, it's about a women check it out..................<

I watched this fight for a good chunk of time. It happened on 105st and 82 st during prime time. I guess the cops were celebrating the rebirth of Christ. I ate fish even. No meat on Good Friday. No Kisses either, but we all gotta eat.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Macewanblogcamp.fuck you

This is a defensive school
it's understood that the school of Grant Mac is.........

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rejoice again and again

Wee haw. What a night. The temperature is getting warmer every day. I love it. People are out a lining up to get into the clubs. Life is flourishing. Tonight I called 911 on this drunk fuck and to tell you the truth the operator on the other line was magnificent. He was able to keep me calm and even diverted my attention from the lack of police presents on the streets by telling me that the reason police don't pull over drunk drivers on a regular basis is because they are busy swallowing all the chiefs cum. I'm not telling the truth but the Curb the danger guy was nice and reassured me that the police are really trying to prevent all the street abuse. I really hope so. Tonight I picked up this lesbian from the gay club "play". She was crying because none of her friends showed up to her thirty seventh birthday party. Not one. So I gave her the pack of smokes someone left in the car and a free ride home. People have been especially nice to me lately. I've been a sour apple for the last little while. I've been just raging. Well tonight was the last night. I no longer can drive around putting myself under such stress. So what? the roads are full of drunks, crack heads, drug dealers, ignorant cops and all around retarded human beings, who cares? It's my new attitude "I don't care." I can't wait till the next time I see a cop drive past a women about to be raped, I'm going to drive right past too, and think to myself "She probably deserves it." Then I'll laugh just like the pigs. It was really nice tonight, after my anger subsided I was able to relax and enjoy the morning. My last fare told me "Just stay positive and all will be good." I told them I'd write a post that is happy and forgiving. How did I do? Hey did you know that Kurt Cobain blew his head off like fifteen years ago today. Fuck I'm getting old but the Oilers won and Britney Spears is coming tomorrow.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

check stop-Jasper 124st- Africa

Ha hahahahah that's my evil laugh. Tonight I dropped by the Grant MacEwan College. They were putting on a blog boot camp. There is a link but I don't know it. Well I dropped in and presented all the organizers with my card and the URL to the taxitalk. Well they announced it to the room of marathon bloggers. One of the people participating stepped up and said "Hey I'm "Ben" I read your blog." I was tickled pink. Well all the people there were cool. That's what I though. A few hours later I got a phone call from Ben, the kid who read my blog he said to me "A great injustice has accrued, The boot camp was a contest for a Mac book. Whoever received the most hits got the book. I got over 220, the winner of the Mac book only got 202." He was robbed. Those bastards stole his Mac book. Ben, life is a bitch. Last night I had to drive around a lot of ungrateful assholes, except as soon as they sat in the back of my Cab their lives went from empty, boring and ugly to "Hey we have a magical cabby!" Yes kids I am more then just and asshole that drives a cab I'm a ......pansy that needs to get a better education but not at that two faced school Grant MacEwan College. I heard they treat people from other countries like nobodies. My last fare was a 16 year old, cooked! out of her mind on something. Her diabetic friend decided to stay home and not go visit with a bunch of twenty somethings. I can never understand how adults can chill and do drugs with children. This 16 year old told me she had a rough week. For some reason I said "pregnancy" she said "yes I just had an abortion, my boyfriend wasn't ready. We broke up." Yeah and you killed a baby. I don't care what you pro choice mother fuckers think a 16 year old should not be allowed to have an abortion and then turn around and go fuck another worthless jerk off that feeds her illicit drugs. For all I know that kid in her ignorant gut was the new Jesus sent here to burn down the establishment.

I might be a hypocrite. This might be endless

Friday, April 3, 2009

Whooreallure for men

Its been too long since my last post. Last night my first fare had no money was drunk and high as a mother fucker. He jumped on the hood of my ride then rolled off and into the mud. He did not even make it into the car. Then while minding my own business in my lane I spotted a speeding Mercedes in the rear view. Since we're in a recession and I have nothing better to do I signaled into the speeders lane. Totally legit. The bitch behind me blew a gasket. She wanted to get in front of me so bad. I had a smile on my face. Nothing like pissing off a rich bitch while you're not making any money. Well she eventually made it into the lane next to me. She pulled up "You think that's defensive driving I'm gonna report you to...." she began to threaten me. She shut her trap as soon as I pointed my Canon G10 at her face and said "I'm filming you." Nothing like getting a rich twat to shut her pie hole. Lol. She was no longer such an asshole driver either. Funny how cameras shut people up. They're like guns but without the jail sentence. Tonight the Union Hall gives out free money. They actually hand the customer a 20$ bill. Tonight it was only a 10$ bill but still "Free money." So I dove these kids to Lister hall. They were all happy because a crew of them gathers and collects as much cash from the Bar as they can get and then they leave. Last week they made 80$ so they bought a quarter of the Kush "Tuna". Last night they did not make the whole 80$ but they made enough to buy a bag and pay me. All right boys fuck the Union Hall they're a Capital stand.