Sunday, July 31, 2011


it's fun to be one of the only people in the world that can see right through them. They know what they said...Didn't want to be.... but I was right. I will always be better off. Drunks do well taking to dead people, you're not the first in my experience. (I can do it sober) Try not to kill anymore families because you don't like the way they support themselves. To bad you can't see that where you're from made you the way you are....

Friday, July 29, 2011

An Indian....

"You guys gonna get married Cathy?" he asked sitting next to her at the kitchen table. "James why'd you think that?" replied Cathy bitterly.  They both sat watching him outside. He was playing with her two children. "James! you know damn well I could never do that!" she looked up at her older brother, eyes wide. The sunshine in the dinning room was warn, the light came through in rays shaded and contrasted by the smoke of Cathy's smoldering Marlboro Menthol lights. She tapped the ashes off with rapid strokes of her middle finder. It made him laugh, she was all twitchy. "You actually love him" he said astonished. She looked down at the table.
"He's a good man, that's for sure" James said agreeing that their union would probably be a good one. "What does Jack say about all this?" he asked. "Jack!" Cathy shouted. "Fuck Jack!" she insisted, repeating the words in a frenzy. "Fuck Jack, Fuck Jack, Fuck Jack!". He just looked at her, and groaned "You're delusional!" he was right. Her marriage to Jack still existed. "Edward's only Twenty Three" she said, pulling a second king size smoke out of the package. "You got two kids Cathy" they both stopped and looked, "Nick's turning nine in two weeks" he smiled "two weeks, Cathy" he stopped, turned to look at the kids "you've been clean for almost ten years!" he looked back at her with loving open eyes "I'm so proud of you." Cathy just sat and smoked her menthol cigarette. The clouds of smoke could be seen thick curling around her. "I can't afford a divorce James" she said beginning to feel tiered. "Whatever, Cathy, do you actually love this guy?" he asked solemnly. "Yes" she answered sincerely. Her finger tapped the table nervously, "Jack's not gonna want them but he's gonna want something" her eyes darted around the room, through the smoke as she spoke. "Edie's only Twenty Three? really? Cathy!" he said smiling again. "God I'd love to find a lover almost half my age" he said. "God Cathy I'm almost forty eight years old!" the tone in his voice surrounded them both. "Dad was fifty two when he died" he stopped to chuckle "from a Fucking heart attack!" They both drew out a small laugh. "O.k so who cares that he's so much younger then you. And fuck the fact that your cheating on Jack, What's it like fucking

Monday, July 25, 2011

Utonia the largest body of water here on her home.

Over the tide she could see him standing on the solid ground. The two were dreaming together, when he stood out on the peers late at night watching over the currents, waiting for the second arrival. The water was changing again, like it did those many years ago. The night the child was brought and given to him was the most horrifying day in Arron's life. He was only just an inkling out of the water. His father had decided to leave his mother behind. Their connection had been malfunctioning under the burden of the pollution caused by female reproductive behaviors. The electrolights were becoming inactive. There seemed to be a virus and it caused the boys to back out and breath.
Arron was a magnificent swimmer and above all in his colony  he was a superior specimen. He could run, and he could run fast. It was visible immediately, the moment he left the water. She knew the day he stepped out into the Booplonian Sun in that open air  that the only way his elders were going to allow him to see her was if she stepped out of the abyss. The island cities were built in honor of the Child, but it was Arron that held it all together.
The night Abuk was dropped into his presence was terrifyingly liberating in that it made him aware that there was reason for everything, and that he was chosen for a purpose.
"I was lucky the beast chose this planet and that he bestowed me with the burden" Arron spoke openly at the peak of the dock. His voice was heard by her deep in the bowls of the breath of her home. The reflection of the stars off the water made the universe seem so vivid, the way the liquid behaved, reflecting one endless space with the depths of their sea. Arron was destined to be separated from her. They both sat yearning for one another. She felt it in at the bottom of a bottomless Ocean.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Needs wr=ork Blogger Not sexy enough

Over the past several centuries the Booplonians have developed a lot of telepathic abilities. There were times over the years before the child was delivered to them, that the people of the planet were in complete darkness. Those were the times that they evolved a way of communicating, to connect without a connection. Booplonians can reflect their own thoughts to one another, and it's because of this link that the planet once out of  "Mercky times" collapsed culturally and reproductively.  Individuals realized what they were talking too in their minds appeared to have non of the graces that their minds were lead to believe the other possessed physically.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


As the boy grew, the masculine Booplonians began to adapt to cater to the being. The boy was dubbed King Abuk, and as he grew the world around him began to change. The Blooplonians were much smaller then their King Abuk, by twelve years old he began to tower over even the biggest aboriginal. Over time the planet and it's people had evolved into a civilization that supported and sustained Abuk, the alien ruler.
Abuk, bringing with him the inherent savage characteristics of any human child relished in his divinity. He demanded that his people adore him without measure. Once, after having fallen and scraping his knee raw, King Abuk demanded the names of the people who lived on the rock where he had fellen. The family of young land Blooplonians were reluctantly identified by the locals as the Rockefeller's. King Abuk sent the family of mostly miners to live next to the water to wait on the water fairing species of Booblonia.
The two kinds of Blooponians were never happy when they were forced to be in that close of proximity to one another. But since the King was such a young and naive leader he often enjoyed to torment, he caused the planet and its inhabitants much discomfort and ruled like an ignorant child. Both the land and water beings of Blooplonia instituted themselves to making the life of King Abuk the and all and be all of Booplonia, his life gave their life meaning.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Orkd

The story goes that there was this "coming" way, way back in the past, when the islands of Booplo were beginning to form, when the Booplonians lived in harmony with one another. Before the landing of man the Island planet of Blooplonia was a crack pot of never ending volcanic eruption. The morning the man was delivered to the surface was the initial moment the Blooplonian masculine types decided to separate from their significant feminine soul mates. From beneath the primordial oozz the female Blooplonians watched curiously through their indigenous surroundings, their masculine counterparts receive the male. A man, still in the form of a child was delivered in what looked like a red light, thunder, fire and sand storm.
Historic records throughout those moment in time are found to be inconclusive, the masculine figures still had not evolved the proper digits to sculpt media.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There are things that you just can't let go of. I'm incredibly motivated by others and the reaction I get form them, even those close to me. Often I find that individuals in our society base their worth on what they have not on who they are. "Are you who you want to be?"
Yeah I didn't think so. If you ever achieve what you want out of life you should kill yourself for having goals that a human can accomplish. Me I'm going to save Africa. Me I'm going to feed all the children of the world. You, you probably want to make sure you can get through traffic on time so your boss won't bitch at you for clocking in a minute too late. I am not a big fan of the bosses of today. They're all like "I have to make sure that society is mostly being squashed by my ideology and the negative reinforcement that I entrust all my upper level management to have been conditioned with to continue conditioning everyone under them into the ground." I don't know anyone that's making a living that is not in that situation in one way or another. You might not agree, but that's because you've been conditioned by others around you to believe that your lifestyle is correct, when you're a fucking monkey, and I don't know why. Well actually I do, it's because you've never push the boundaries of your reality, and that's because inherently, you, are worthless.

Monday, July 18, 2011


"So you wanna meet him?" she asked. "No" replied her daughter. "Stephenie why?" demanded the mother. "Because he might just be like the last forty mommy!"

"moi aussi"

"Never anticlimactic is she?"  he asked him, the two were sitting at a cafe in Paris. "Don't you wish there was a evolution in the relationship?" They could both smell the roasted chicken broiling in the BBQ two store fronts south of them. "What a false front!' one of the men announced. Most of the patrons on the porch turned to look the couple over, "don't you think?"
The waitress came in carrying their sandwich order."What is this?" one of the men asked violently. The woman was startled but she lowered the order to the table. "It's your lunch" she said smiling. He smiled back, "I wanted the roasted chicken!" he said enviously, she looked the two over, and laughing said

Friday, July 15, 2011

I don't want to be the male angler fish but I have been for a while

All of us dive right in, all the good ones do. Once you're in love with life you live that one way, the right way for ever and always. You can't pull yourself out, we are all just kids swimming, all of us followed someone else in, all the good ones have been lured in and are luring in. There isn't that much good bait out there. It's like Love is Primordial ooze, once it evolves into intelligent logical life it tries to pull people back to being an Amiba. We're all left out alone in the ooze at one point or another and we have to learn to swim by ourselves. Alone. The key is to be honest with yourself, and with the people you love. The fact is when I met you I was that little one in the water too. I told you that I had someone dunking me, drowning me in that ooze, and from the beginning I begged you to understand that I was just learning to tread in that poopy, fishy water. I tried to keep you above the waves on my own lots. You have given me an understanding of patients baby. There were moment where we swam well together. But there was someone there right along side us, and I've been letting her keep me under, I wanted her to come back and pull me out so bad. I was just like you. I let her make me believe that she was really there for me. To keep me a float.  But this year I  had you keep me up lots, I tried to find ways to work with you to make me stronger too. I've also prevented you from surfacing and I've kept you under. Looking at it, she was down there waiting for me, and I kept myself watching looking you see. Try being unforgiving it's a good way to keep me close enough to wrap my hands around your ankles and pull down.  I feel sick tonight, it was scary but I might have begun a behavior that stops me from acting inappropriately. I don't want you to lose yourself in this baby. Most of us are lost souls clinging to each other and most of us are blind in the water and it's a war to stay alive in the real world, don't let me drown you baby. You are a warrior, the  answers are most often found when your learning to swim by yourself. I am not better at it then you, I'm still haven't brought my head even close to air. I've been letting myself get pulled under, and I should have known better, that's why I'm telling this to you. Kick away from me baby, I'm a sick thing leaching, bottom feeding along side my predators.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"My stomach's been growling all day!"

He looked her over twice, it took him that second glance to soak in how beautiful she really was. "What are you looking at?" she asked. He always thought she looked so good. It was in her eyes. She had this sparkle that drew him in. It was an abyss and the day he witnessed her expression for the first time, it was the twinkle in that depth that blew his mind out into the universe. He could tell how much she wanted him. The desire was tremendous, and his will was willing and weak beyond resistance. "I'm looking at you baby." He answered her, she could hear his voice and she felt his eyes devouring her. It made her warm inside, blush filled her cheeks, she was glowing with an invigorating sizzle. She could feel the the heat from inside her rise and she could see that he could feel it too.
He could see her smouldering turning bright red she reminded him of  a chilly. That made him smile. He lunged at her and she welcomed him between her thighs instantly, they cuddled close together. He was right to think she was so beautiful she thought.
"Why do you think I'm so gorgeous?" she asked in a calm voice, her arms crossed over his chest. He wasn't wearing a shirt and he could feel the chill of her hand. He knew she did not understand how he felt about their relationship. "I don't think you're gorgeous." he said, out loud, with conviction. It was awesome, her agony, the way he always found a way to hurt her when she was trying to let him in. "What?" she demanded. He just got up and said.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Innocents is never really lost it's always around the next corner...Not!

It was huge and they all knew it. It was way bigger then anything they had ever done. It was his show, it was made with his turbulence and conviction. Up until now he never needed anything except for drive, but now he knew he needed help. It wasn't that he was getting any smaller, it was that everything he now had to compete with was too big and getting bigger. "What do I do?" he asked himself wisely. His wife, Adriana watched him scratching the back of his graying skull. "We are going to have to dye your hair later this month" she said pushing up to him, playing with the his hand and doing her best do relieve the stress. "You know, before the show, so you look your best."
He continued to sit stirring, thinking about where to reach out to for help. "I don't know who's on my side!" he moaned deliberately. His whining infuriated her. She knew where he needed to go, she knew what he needed to do.
"You know you missed his birthday!" she said sounding so sad. She did it to aggravate him, to mix with his emotions and he knew it. "Baby I do my best to make sure he gets what he needs" he started, it was the same old routine, the two of them fighting about whether they should continue chasing it. She turned down onto him, pulling her face so close to his he could feel her exhale herself all over him. He loved the way she smelt. She was so close he could taste her on his lips. "You know what comes first" she explained, he did and she knew it. There was nothing there to hid between the two of them. He loved her wretched stench as much as he hated the nausea her pricey designer perfume made him feel in the limo. They both understood that they had to change, or everything they had was doing to fall apart.
"I want to keep fighting" he disclosed proudly but at the same time with an implied shrug. "You missed his birthday!" she repeated. The words defeated him, he felt beaten and weak.

Dear Drugs on a 40 day drought.

"It's been raining so long, I've been having a hard time sticking things out to the end, it's all the bugs too. This has been a rough, rough year!" he said in a panic. He could smell his own breath and the sounds of the sheets of rain reminded him and threw him into a faint state. "How can I explain to them that there is much here, and it's all empty." He sat alone speaking to himself in a void, cross legged in his mother s second floor apartment pent house suit. She was down south, working, he was high waiting for his afternoon class to start. It was midnight. He had been awake since he left for Montreal.
That was ten days ago. He left for spring break to visit his friends prescription.
"I can remember" he whispered to himself.  Then remembering seemed to hollow his vision. Trying to remember only made his mind get sucked back into the void. All of a sudden he could see the Atlas on the wall turning. The image had began to take a form, and it had depth.
"I can remember" he said to himself. Sitting on the Persian rug his mother bought for him in Saudi Arabia. He could remember the ringing of the bell and the people. He remembered the moments he had dreamed, and he realized that non of it was separate.
"I'm an outcast. I know" he said to himself, cigarettes littered the floor. "I'll rule as a  King Drug dependent" He was in a city ruled through religious monarchy. "I remember the compounds that separated me from the Arabs, we lived on a Filipino compound. It was the middle of the dessert, and one night it rained. I remember."

ok, maybe not ALWAYS! It never is because it always is... am, together!

She got rid of it, erased it, but it belonged to her. She's the only one that'll miss it, antagonize over it. "I hate you" she yelled out from her third story window.  "I never want to see you again because you don't want to be with me." She was infuriated by the way he made her feel. "Let me call you tomorrow" he said, willing to share himself somehow. "I don't hate you" he said,  his words just sent shutters through her body. "You hate me" she demanded, stripped in front of him. Her hair was wet with furry and her brow broken, she fell into herself standing there speaking to him angry. "It's not your fault" he said. "How can you say that" she answered guilty. "I'm to blame. I broke your rule." Her voice kept breaking into a weep. It made him feel sad that she wasn't going to take this smoothly. "I'm not old enough to understand how this feels yet" she repeated several times. "I'm only twenty one, I've never loved anyone, I feel torn." She said rolling up the sleeves of her thick red sweater. "It hurts me so much baby, look, baby come look at what you did to me." She sat revealing her shredded forearm, it looked dissected and raw. You did this to me. "I can't stay with you baby" he repeated shocked by her blatant self-destruction "I didn't want that". He knew what he had done to make her feel that way, and he understood that her anger was blinding her. Her expectations formed deep grooves into her body. And it was all

Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet'cha there!

Well equipped and stoked to be standing on the Ave, I was ready and it was only 7:30. I was totting all my gear and I was ready to shoot. The night was young and I had to wait for the party to begin.  Something told me it's time to go down and visit the good old PawnShop. I was appropriately greeted by an ugly door man that treated me like his brother. Right then accordingly I was given the opportunity  to reintroduce myself to Mr. Adam Thompson, an old business acquaintance.
I mentioned something about taxitalk, fiction, CeeLow Green and the Sonic Boom. He offered me his card and asked "Are you going to shoot the show tonight?"
I understand live music is special and it needs to be treated that way. "Shout Out Out Out Out, is gonna close!" he told me. So I got my brotha to stamp me, and by eight o'clock I was set again standing on the Ave.
The show didn't start till at least eleven. It took a while but eventually the bands started coming on and by the time Shout Out Out Out Out was ready to hit the stage I was ready to explode and so was the audience. The Band was great and the scene was sick with enthusiasm. People are here for one another in the city of Edmonton. And in a city so often associated with a hard coldness I felt like I could see the love emanating off the people. It was great, and I was hooked. Shooting live music in a Club venue is certainly always stimulating, challenging and it really gives photographers and media people opportunity to apply their knowledge in a fast paced environment. I got off in there shooting those Rockers, it was new.
Now the Honest truth, the reason the evening gave me such an overwhelming bout of joy wasn't only because I got to shoot inside the a Music venue, it was because I got to introduce myself on the scene. And it's all so fresh to me. It's the type of thing you line up at 7:30 for.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

He didn't want to tell her he had already eaten fast food and felt kinda sickand bloated

"It tastes different today" she said after just smelling it. "Is it bad?" he asked boldly. She looked it over smelt it said "No" and popped it back into her mouth. It was early evening and the sun was just going down. "It tastes chemically!" she said shifting the piece away from her face. She was still hungry and wanted it. He got up and asked "really?" feeling silly. She nodded, "it's that bad?" he asked while rinsing it off in the sink. It was awkward for him. They laughed at each other. The water made a splashing noise while he was cleaning it. "There we go" she said, sitting at the table watching him. He could see that she had a smile on her face, she was excited to get to eat fresh tonight.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm a fucking fake fuck!

There isn't much more that I need to teach you
the lesson in over
now we're out to lunch.
Professors are Golden in the first semesters of course
then they start to fold and you find yourself cold and forever far gone
The meeting is cohesive and the material born of joy
the match up is imperfect
but wait that's perfect if I haven't forgot
my diary is read and ridden by my live ins
Me the Locust southern
I'm not remembering the world,
I do this to practice, I'm building my own kingdom and it consists of ...
There isn't much that  you want to know dear, the messin is isiisisisisidkems

Friday, July 8, 2011


She could hear herself breathing. He had just turned to bring her back the stuff. She stepped inside through the screen door, shutting it quickly. "The mosquitoes are terrible this year, don't you think?" The air inside the apartment smelt the same as she remembered. He came in holding the box, it looked heavy. He set it down gently next to the front door. It looked like he had taken care of the packaging himself.
"How's it going? " She asked form the kitchen table. He was wearing a thick beard and the same tattered clothing she left him in. "You're back!" he said. "I wanted my stuff." she said relaxing. Her reasoning made sense, she had invested a lot in them. The house, the car, the cutlery, "Want some cake" He asked abruptly leaning into the fridge interrupting her the same way he always had. "Bugs are bad this year'eh? " he asked coming up from the fridge with a mouth full of frozen ice cream cake.
All she could do was look at him standing there. It was  half past three in the afternoon. "Is that the baby dragons birthday cake you're eating" she asked, "he's six this year." She watched him munching on the desert. "Yeah, yeah it is, we just had the party last night, there was sixteen kids." he told her and they both laughed. Then he laughed a little louder and said "I know you're no stranger to that." The humor died down quietly, they both kept their eyes on the floor together, they both felt so ashamed.
"So you kept the stuff eh." she said looking over at the tightly warped container. She remembered her shoes, the blow drier and scarf. He sat down at his desk at the other end of the room and said "I washed the toilet with your tooth brush." They both laughed out loud again. Then he said "Schools out eh?" proudly. "Yeah" she said suddenly realizing how bad she wanted to have the two of them over with. He sensed her nervousness, it made him smile. She quickly got up, "going anywhere?" he asked. "I have to go" she said hesitantly. Laughing he said "don't forget the box." "Thanks" she said anxiously smiling. He looked at her thinking she was beautiful as she gathered herself, and the box with her share of their stuff, to leave.
The door locking shut behind her immediately made her feel better. She had her stuff and everything between the two of them was officially forgotten, "It's over" she exhaled with relief. She was so happy as she walked toward the exit at the end of the hallway. But the happiness began to fade with each progressive step toward her goal. When she finally reached the end of the hall she stopped to have a listen to the sounds coming from inside that box. As she move her ear closer to the bass of the cardboard she began to hear a light beating. Not realizing what it was she moved the box closer to her ear, pressing it against herself. Then there in the doorway she realized that she had griped it from him, that he had given it to her from the start and she didn't know, it was him, it was his still beating ever present

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be my Moonday

I just remembered his name, "Bob" he was older then me. The three of us set off on a grand journey. It was the weekend before my finals. I wasn't ready, but it was New Mexico it wasn't about being ready, it was about being able to go. Bob had just let me read his copy of "On the Road" which I stole, by  Kerouac, Sean was with us too, he was visiting me from Canada. He picked the worst time, but I was so happy to have someone to reflect with. He hated Mew Mexico, "Shitty Vibe" was all he could say. I lived in a trailer, well I actually lived in an addition built onto a house made of three mobile homes welded together. It was great, I paid rent by teaching at a tiny private school. Whatever! Bob, Sean and me decided to go on an adventure together. We were to go to California to watch the sunset. Bob said he wanted to surf. I was twenty years old. We made the decision to leave over a bottle of Cazadores, a Tequila we purchased in Mexico early that Friday morning.
By the time we hit the road to Cali  I had Pink eye, I don't believe my mom let me go. I was still such a dump ass. It didn't matter, I had driven my 323 alone all the way from Edmonton earlier that year. university wasn't a priority at the time either, yet I still managed to succeed, but not without snags. Bob drove a mini Van, so naturally we took his ride. It was the three of us and the open road.
I can remember Bob vividly. I met him through Shabbat. He was an individual, he lived in the dorms, and he smoked buckets of cigarettes, He also played guitar, I think that was how Shabbat managed to bring us together.
Bob came off as effeminate almost immediately, me and Sean never talked about that I don't think. I remember eating in the little Mexican restaurant in Tijuana, "Dog! this is DOG!" Sean yelled, all I wanted to do was find a big pile of prescription drugs and eat them before we had to go back to the States. We never got any drugs, Sean bought a poncho. I was Sunday, and you could tell that the Roman Catholic Culture still held it's hands around the people.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just tell me if it's a boy or a girl.

The two of them walked into the clinic in a daze.
-Is this really happening? she asked. They were both nervous. Just four months ago I remember telling you that I'd leave you and have an abortion, but look at us now, pregnant.
He looked her over excited,  then remembered the conversation, the though repulsed him.
-an abortion, I knew that was unacceptable, I was the one who told you not to take the morning after pill. This baby isn't going to hurt us. He looked at her, he was only nineteen, but standing there in front of the radiology department he made her feel like he was a man.
-I'm not scared baby. She said to him in a whisper. I love you baby. The conversation made the others in the nearby waiting room cry. They both laughed, I'm happy we're doing this, she said smiling. He looked her over and brought her in closer to him. The receptionist yelled
-Jefferson's! The two stood up quickly, all he could hear in the back of his head was the sound of his father.
-ATTENTION! He winced standing there while she moved forward holding his hand. She took her next step without him.
-Baby? she said looking back, He was sweating.
-We're gonna find out the sex of the baby, he said standing himself back up. She could sense he was beginning to feel the weight of the situation.  She smiled and continued having faith in him.
-What do you want baby? she asked curiously.
-I want a boy. He answered, she smiled back at him, realizing he was catching up. The panic she saw in his eyes a moment ago seemed to pass. He looked her in the eye as their two hands met. He could see she was nervous too.
-What do you want baby? he asked her back,
-I want a girl. She answered, the technician stood there examining her patient. The couple just continued to laugh amongst themselves. So what's the sex Doc? he asked the middle aged women scanning his soul mate.
-I can't tell you. She answered, she had a dull smirk on her face.
-excuse me? she questioned, looking up at her belly spread over the table. She could tell the women scanning her knew what sex the baby was going to be.
-Why won't you tell us? they both asked. The technician didn't look like she was going to change her mind.
-Because I'm liable! she answered aggressively.
-Why are  you so angry at us? they asked, both interested in knowing where this resentment came from.
-Never mind! said the woman while gently handling the transducer over the newly formed curves just now starting to burst out of her teenage body.
-That can't be it. He said, irritated that she wasn't openly willing to share more of herself, he could tell that she was obviously unhappy with something.
-hey, where are you form? she inquired open to listening to anything the technician was willing to divulge.
-Alberta. replied the woman, she was re applying the gel needed to lubricate the skin for the exam. It really helps the test run much smoother.
-It's actually really soothing you know! she said. It feels good, it's like a massage at three o'clock in the morning. Do you do this lots?
- AHh, she said, squeezing out the final drops out of the translucent gel. She could tell it felt cold on her skin by her delicate reaction. This is an unnecessary test you know? The two just laughed. There is nothing wrong with you, you got gas the baby is fine.
-What? she gasped.
-You gotta fart baby! he said, while she lay there blushing.What's the sex anyway? Can't you tell us? He asked. We're here anyway, why won't you tell us?
-You really wanna know?
-yeah! they both answered, a look of relief came over the technicians face.
-Your doctor knew you had chilly for lunch, and he knew that you were having indigestion, he ordered the test because it's his way to grease up his biz, this clinic's biz, his buddies biz. It's how you stay competitive in the Canadian Bureaucratic Corrupt medical sector. The two laughed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dreams are for Believers

Goals are for sportsfans
My dreams are things You can't see
unless you believe in me 
I believe you can do that
and if you can't
then you can't play with me!
not because I won't let you
but because the game is still to complex with you!
I always win, and I never score.
when I dream
you're there too!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

she is a playground with no children

Rules my dear, I guess by my success, are meant to be busted open. Makes sense I hope?
No not really! I'm confused, I don't understand.
What I'm trying to say is, fundamental rules maintain that rigidity, it's a good kinda stiffness, kinda. What I mean is by breaking a rule in the right way you might end up fucking things up severely. So by breaking a rule you end up really stirring the pot.
What pot?
Ah, the world is an oyster just waiting to get cooked!
You know, waiting to have things done to it that it did not seem like it was designed to have done to it, the world is here to be busted. Mother nature is rule number one, and she's a slut, malleable, testable, because she's dependable.
I'm a woman! Do you think I should be busted!
Ha, yeah, right! You are a girl, that means you're already broken, you're here to teach me how to break myself by distancing myself from nature. 
How do I do that?
You control my soul.
But I eat your heart.
yeah but I abort you unborn child.
yeah and I eat it.

she was happy he had money

"You know just because you've lived in the east doesn't mean you know anything more about the world then I do!" she exclaimed exuberantly. He was flabbergasted, "you think you can understand a culture without actually living in it" he asked quietly. He understood her. She was young and full of books, blond and wearing high heels. He wanted to see her happy. She was younger then him, and he came from what she called the east."When I lived with my people, we used to think about America and we thought that there," he stopped and scratched his head. " We thought that, here" he pointed to his surroundings, "we wouldn't have to be worked by others. Then when I got here I realized that everyone wants you to work for them. I was no good at working for others back home, and I knew I wasn't going to have any success working for anyone here, so I started to tell people to do things for me here. And they did. Because here" he said again pointing out in front of him, "this is where people never learn, where they have no idea how good they got it." She laughed and turned away, then turned back and said "you mean, people here don't even know what they have because they've never be relinquished of it?" He stood there and had a think, then said "People here are told the truth, I tell them my truth." He looked happy she thought to herself. "Do you think I'm an idiot" she asked sincerely. He could see his reflection in one of her eyes, "Yes" he answered, then she laughed and knelt down in front of him. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Viral infection effect large coackroaches

Having it trapped in the container is thrilling me because I have to let it go. I'm afraid it'll attack me the moment I pop the cap. Scary, the conception of pain, a feeling that is so far removed from what I actually want to do. I know what I need to do, but I wait and write the feelings this insect brings out over me. I'm oppressive and I know that, but I'll let it go. Let it escape run solo. I never kill anymore, killing is in another court. Not mine, a suicide line. Watching this insect dissect my intellect with .... I bet in the future, the life that evolves to the point that it travels out into space will be insect like life. It'll have an exoskeleton and it'll use it's wings to zip around in the zero gravity world. Then it'll eventually settle down on another planet and hatch babies that look human.  Beetles can have rabies too. Space travel is going to be universal one day for feeling-less life.

and Bugs

I saw you crossing the street. you were with your friends. I watched all of you jay walk. The four of you were done, it was a weekend. I was shocked to see the state you were in. I watched you talk to other men. You four are unfortunately something I can't envy. Girls partying past midnight, not working, hustling, but crusting, stagnating and rusting. The fast food, the cheap shrills will end. Losing weight is no success, when it comes at a cost you can't conceive. Magazine photo shoots are lies, brought down on sculptures, on strong stores of electric feelings.