Saturday, January 12, 2008

Would you sleep with someone who's married?

My Saturday had very little to say. Money was O.K but the night was all around slow. Who cares? Yeah Yeah. There was this one women who was going pretty far. She gets in and right away says "Your a guy right?" I was like "Yeah" then she went on and asked me what she should do. There is this guy she works with that she has fallen in love with. "He understands me and cares for me so dearly" she starts telling me. So I'm like "whats the problem?" and she says "well I'm recently divorced, two kids and he is going to be getting a divorce and he hates his wife." So the dude is still married and this lady still wants to jump his bone. I told her to let love take its course, not to rush the guy but if he and her are meant to be it's going to happen naturally. She did not like my answer, you know what I should have told her, the next time you and him are together at work go down on him. That would most definitely solidify the relationship. Hahahahahahahahahaha
My last fare was a bunch of natives, scary gang member types, the Algonquin Motel. I drove them and did not even flinch, most people would be scared in that situation not me.
Oh I just remembered, on Friday night one of my fellow taxi guys had an emergency, meaning he pushed the Taxi panic button, I was across town tonight but I always help when I can . Later on in the night I saw him and asked what happened, he blew me off. Then started talking to another driver in another language. What an ass I though to myself, if I pushed the panic button I would have had a good story for all but this guy just kind of waved me away like I did not deserve to know, I walked away annoyed. Well tonight there was an accident and guess who it was, accidents suck and I hope all is well with everyone involved but I wounder if fate would have thrown the man a different pitch if he had told me the story. Mmmmm just things to ponder.


Bharat said...

nope... someone who's married is completely off limits... you SHOULD have told her that if she really did care for him that much, she'd wait... even if he hates his wife... maybe she owes it to herself...

there's a panic button on a taxi? but what happens when you push it? does the police come get you? or do other taxi drivers in the area try to help?

Bum Atom said...

other taxi drivers, all the taxis get the message the ones who want to show up

Unknown said...

Married should mean "off limits". I cannot stand people who make a determined play for someone they know is married. There are some people who seem to have a well developed instinct for those periods when a marriage is going through a shaky patch - and which long-term relationship does not have them? Most of the time, we work it out because we remember why we chose to be together in the first place. When one of these leaches comes along, they exploit the vulnerability of their victim, granted also their stupidity. That's bad enough but when there are children, it is absolutely unforgiveable. I've seen it so many times and it breaks my heart and makes me so angry.

Not all marriages will last. Not all marriages should last, but their death should be from natural causes and not be given a helping hand. Last time I felt a powerful attraction to a married man was in my 20s and I left a very good job to put distance between us because I knew it was mutual. The unhappiness of two small children and a really lovely innocent woman would not have sat well on my conscience.

I've been very happily married for nearly 20 years. Our rules of engagement are quite clear and fidelity is not negotiable.

Unknown said...

people often don't like to hear the reality of things, even when they ask for it. your answer was perfect, i would've said the same thing.