Sunday, January 13, 2008

I started to wear a seat belt


Lilith said...

good. the whole 'let's fly into the windshield' thing is way passe.

and. for the record. 19 is not too young. maturity isn't just quantified by age.

Bum Atom said...

not maturity but development.oh and people can use the seat belt to strangle me whats worse

Pumpkin said...

Yep yoga is for moms. Oh it is so satisfying. Do any of your wives have kids or was that the reason you were storing those fetuses in the back seat?

Amber said...

Good for you on chosing to wear a seat belt...........I think!

I never even thought how dangerous they could be for taxi drivers.

Are you going to make the decision based on your fare?

Also, I love the pics you have posted. Did you take them?

the sabra said...

how'd u land up on my blog?