Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fire Cracker Midnight Time

Happy New Year to all the good people of the world. A crappy new year to all you evil assholes of the world. I drove lots of people who asked me to mention them in my blog. There was the girls who told me that their sister is going to get hitched and she has changed. There were the girls whose taxi ditched them and I picked them up. There was more if I missed you sorry there were at least 75-100 people that I drove tonight and for all I know no one will read my awesome blog. To those of you who don't know I give my blog address to people who are really drunk, so I don't expect very much out of them. I do appreciate any one who actually reads my posts. Thank you all.

How did I ring in the new year. Well Twenty minutes before midnight I got a fare, two gorgeous Brown girls, (that's what they called themselves) they were loaded so I'm guessing they were not Muslim . They needed to get to a bar across town before the clock hit twelve. They said there would be a good tip in it for me, so I hauled ass, on some of the most slippery frozen roads in the world, but the ladies made it. Yes! fifty bones in fifteen minutes. Not bad. My next fare was from a motel called the West Edmonton Motor in, sleazy? Yes! I got there with two minutes to spear before the New Year. Waiting for me was yes, an old (36) hooker. Her Date was done with her so he kicked her out into the cold. We rang the new year in together, I drove her to a sleazier motel downtown, while she sat in the back sneaking crack hits. It was the beginning of a new year, I wasn't going to start it by kicking someone out, so I pretended it didn't happen. Sometimes if you can't be ignorant you have to pretend. It's painful, but what would be worse stopping in the middle of a slick road and demanding someone to stop what they're already doing, plus get paid, plus try to enjoy the fireworks displayed right in front of my windshield. She did that while I commented on how nice the light show was this year, she thought I did not realize it but I did, for you guys. I dropped her off, and even though she did not want to pay me with her own money because her next date was suppose to pay she did and I did not have to wait to see the asshole whose dick she was about to suck. Yes! that's awesome. Other then that it was a spectacular new years eve. I was given a beautiful rose by a really nice little lesbian. I did not see a drunk on the road until the end of my shift, so he must have been half way sober, way to hold out till the end.
I made a killing, so when I went to refuel I tipped the attendant ten bucks and the bum outside got another ten . I felt generous. The beggar said it was for food but we all know that crack only eats at your soul it doesn't feed it.
You guys I write down all my horror stories to vent , it helps, but most of the folks I drive are sweet innocent good people looking for a fun time, someone to shot the shit with and someone to listen to them on their way home. It's the best job I ever had, and the most interesting view of our worlds psyche I've ever seen, I love all the open and honest people I meet. They tell me about everything from their sex life to their dead wives, it really helps my life tick by with an amazing kind of stride. Peace and love to all stay safe this year and tip your taxi driver.


Unknown said...

bad things/people always make the good/interesting stories XD

i can imagine the amounts of interesting people you meet daily. i've only gotten in a cab 2 times in my life and in neither occasion have i actually spoken to the driver.

at least you weren't alone stuck in a red light for the new year lol

F.B. Cabby said...

Happy New Year and keep the stories coming! I spent the strike of midnight with some guy sitting in the back of my cab while his sister ran up to the apartment to get money...how glamorous is that???

Shemley said...

Happy New Year, I think that you are an unexpected comfort to people who you would least likely meet in the real world outside of your work but yet you are very important to them in someway or the other.

Keep pretending my friend!

Shemley said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey you

it's me :)

lets go take some pictures...



Arielle Fragassi said...

What an interesting job you have. I've only ever ridden in a taxi once, and that was in Germany. I did not speak German, so I couldn't talk to the driver. I never realized how much people will tell complete strangers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes I do see and hear some strange and fascinating things in my work, but reading through your blog, you experience more in an average day than I do in a month!!!
Your writing is really compelling and kept me reading. You show empathy and compassion for your fares as well as a very clear sense of your own independent thinking moral code. Good for you.
Your child has a good father and that's the most important gift you can give your kid.
Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting on mine, I thought I would do the same. You got an intresting job, (much better then mine) (Government)
I hear a bunch of shit too, but I can't open a door and tell the politians to get out. Unfortunately won't be able to open that door untill 2009.

Michelle said...

Hookers take taxis? We don't in West Palm Beach. Every time I consider calling a cab, I end up getting a free ride and making a couple bucks instead of spending a couple bucks. That's hoe-dom for ya though.