Friday, January 4, 2008

There is so much that I didn't actually write in this Post

The night was good, no money, fun and relaxing, like the yoga playing on my T.V. I got a Tip from a personal client, "inhale aaaaaaaaa" something I think you have to understand. Tonight is also a night that I forgot to wear the nicotine patch I've been wearing on and off over the past year. I need the patch, I love to smoke. I let people smoke in the Taxi. People who smoke love it. I don't care just show me the money. I smoked since I was 11. I stopped last year, smoke doesn't bother me when I'm wearing the patch, tonight I took a drag of a smoke. One puff, it hurt my throat. It still hurts.
It was a good night, dead but I was able to pick up several groups of my own personal clients. The first fare was a lady who was freshly single, she was hardcore cool. The first time I drove her was to a Gothic club, she was mysterious, I'm sure I haven't seen the darker side of her but she has one, I bet you it's weird. Then there was a couple of teens, they use me, they go to the stripe club and back. They take the best care of me its always a pleasure driving the two. Then there was the last two teen girls, Sherwood park good fare. One fell asleep the other chit chatted.
There was the two guys who flagged me down I picked them up at the purple onion. Coke, Coke, cash and smoke, with a thousand bucks to spend on a women from 311-girls. A thousand bucks. They were racist and drunk but they paid me. Aaaaa the radio was good to me, this girl who had fetal alcohol syndrome head banged with me to the Smashing Pumpkins. It was good. Relaxing no stress.

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