Sunday, August 7, 2011

sour milk

So many of us never come near achieving our goals. I wanted to do stuff in my life that I will never try. I still might be able to go to space...but I never wanted to go to space. I wanted to play a sport professionally. That won't happen, not because I don't have the body to get me there, but because I did not take care of myself well enough to be able to focus my mind in that way. I was all about a feeling that made me feel alive in life. I remember never caring about what my teacher said, never, since I was in the first grade. The world is full of teachers. I realize that the teachers that hurt my well being were the ones who weren't doing their jobs. I was fine, it was not me. How could a seven year old be responsible for the opinions of a full grow educator?
She was not ready to be a teacher. I'm pretty sure she wasn't ready for me. I am what I am because of where I'm from. That's funny cause I hate where I'm from most of the time. That's just the way it is. What is it I want to achieve? Well I want to get off the downward spiral of shilldom. I've realized that I can do what I want, because I have thing I don't really like, those are the things that I can rely on.

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