Monday, August 22, 2011

she is only nineteen! what happens when she can't sleep?

He gave me an apple, and in handing me that apple he made me feel like I was to get my revenge. Because the night before last I was out with my girl. It was just me and her. She was so pretty in the moonlight, she wanted to talk. She was drunk. We went together through the streets, embarking in one another. It was like one of those moments, when you see a couple crossing a bridge as the sun's setting over the river, over the city, the season, our country.
"What made you come out Lindsy ?" I asked her, she was obviously in the mood to speak her peace.
"I couldn't sleep" she said, her breath let off the fresh smell of spirits. "I haven't been able to sleep a full night this week" she explained. Her face told the story of a young women in lust. She was mysterious in the night he thought.
"What you stressing about baby?" he asked, thinking it was about school or her family. Her father was suffering form cancer. "Is it your dad?" he inquires lovingly. She just looked at him solemnly.
"I've got some stuff on my mind!" she answered rather softly. "Stuff I can't seem to get out of my head!" she said, soundly yet with a strange air of frustration.
"It's was funny to hear that" he thought to himself. "You're not yourself tonight baby, what's going on?" he demanded. The two were in a residential area. The hot evening air was deciding to chill up and soften the grass with dew. She could feel the faint falling of frigidity on her ankles. He could too. They two were heading for the train tracks. "I think I know what you got to say baby." he told her apprehensively fearing that if she was going to open up his remark was going to scare her confession away. "I think you're going to tell me about what you've been doing every night over the past week!" She laughed, one of the reasons she had to behave the way she did was because of his all-knowingness, his superiority complex.
"You're such an arrogant son of a bitch Rick, do you know that?' she yelled, pushing him into the slight slope that leads toward the heavy planks of wood that make up the small pieces perfectly aligned to create the authentic feel of a railway and a real historic site.
"So?"he stood and asked curiously. They were both standing on defense. From the distance another couple could be seen watching the two.
"Fuck You" Lindsy yelled furiously. She had taken William along that same path not three days ago. She was with him the same way she was with me next to that very same apple tree....


Anonymous said...

I think he beats her up??? WHat do you think?

Anonymous said...

I'm twenty!