Wednesday, August 24, 2011

she handed him the medium blend outta nowhere!

Reaching back, stretching his hand back behind him, he twinkled his fingers, it was a beacon.
"Hey buddy!"she called from behind him. He looked back to see her reach out for his receding hand.
"What's up baby?" he called out. It was raining and the streets were filled with rush hour traffic. Her face was wet from the rain.
"Let's go inside, I got enough money to get us a coffee." she said, setting them both off gearing toward the revolving door that lead into the book store/Cafe.
"I want a large medium blend" he said as they gathered in front of the cafe till.
"You're sure in a hurry!" remarked the sassy looking server. "Listen Mr." she stated, with her blond hair bopping and her delicate pale tattooed skin blushing. "Let the lady order first!" she said with a smitten smile and a stare directed into her, his girls eyes.
"Ha..Ha..really, Jimmy did you hear what she said?" she asked looking directly back into the eyes of the passionate, and naturally melodic barista. Their hearts were joined in an independent giggle. A laugh that was given to each one appropriately by the acceptance of the others gaze. 
"Erin!" he snapped looking over the two, their connection was obvious. It made him angry out loud. Yet they were both still looking at each other.
"My name is Julia!" announced the barist reaching out her hand not at her but to him.
"What?" he questioned  confused. Julia just looked over to Erin and winked.
"Common Jimmy!" she said confidently with a smile to die for and an arm full of dragons, stars and darts. He found himself stunned, reaching blindly out to her. He couldn't resist, and just as he was about to shake her hand

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