Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maria Its already sssso cold isn't it?

My job is great, because I believe there is more to my life then just driving people home. Tonight was a very lucrative night, the people paid and I made sure they made it to where they had to go. I have had a problem with dispatch since I started driving with the company I drive for, you see they don't answer calls through the radio "Sometimes". Maybe they're on break right? Now do you think that when a police dispatch person needs a break they just leave the radio alone, NO! Cops have a dangerous job they need back up. Cops have guns for back I don't. I called dispatch today and no one answered. I think the company should get sued for that because dispatch is my back up and they leave for breaks all the time. Imagine if I had gotten stabbed and I was begging for help through the radio and the only thing to hear my voice is empty air. Well that's what happens to taxi drivers all the time at least with my shitty company. The dispatch is a joke and my safety is their last concern. I made a video of me talking to no one. Check it out if you want, I chew gum like a horse Sorry. Another new thing that I have encountered lately is the 3$ sure charge past 11 pm, fuck what a joke, I don't implement it I make great money without it, I get tipped quadruple that and if the clients know that I forgot the sure charge they pay more cause it's bullshit. Fuck the surcharge just tip a cabby if he's good. Check out my cheesy clip.

not Accurate

not Accurate


maria said...

i saw half of it and then it stopped:(
ever think about another cab company? i guess your's is the most popular though eh? (can i say the name of the company here?)

taxitalk said...

no don't talk about the company on the blog, but call if you need a ride