Tuesday, August 11, 2020

he ditched the bitch

So we're in space?" She spoke to him. He wasn't in the room. The two of them have been living with each other for years. They lived in a small apartment downtown. It was hot, mid summer.

"Don't you miss the ocean?" she asked. He didn't hear her. "Make me a sandwich!" She demanded "and bring me a coke!"

She sounded raspy, she was on the couch sweating. The fan was cooling her. "Hurry up babe!! Im hungry" she yelled. No one answered."Babe!" she yelled! 

The Apartment was little,  but the kitchen was at the other end of the dwelling. 

"BABE!" She yelled angry. "What the fuck!" she exclaimed frustrated.

Annoyed that he wasn't answering, she decides to rush over to the kitchen. 

"Babe!" she says as she enters the room.

He's not there. 

"Babe!" she says one more time until she sees the note on the table. 

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