Thursday, July 16, 2020

...yeah be random

Write something!!

"Like what?" I thought, "It doesn't matter"..


I've been growing a weed garden and I love it! This world is so bleak and the weeds are awesome.

There is a squirrel in my front yard and he's or she is a tough fucker!
It's nice seeing life on the outside.

I've been isolating myself a much and it matters. I love it. I've been in my apartment mostly for over 9 months for sure.

I venture here and there.

My last job was in March.

Ever since then I've been working on my own media outlets. Growing my brands on the world of social media.

The investment is mine. It's big too. It's been a year solid. Things have grown but the money isn't pouring in.

I think about shit for inspiration.

I need to learn technology. We all do. It's it. I think technology is foreign, like alien.  Humanity make machine learning look normal, life does.. And machine learning and life don't mix, you'd think.

We're growing up and we're learning to code. Making content and being heard on the wed. The web is the new us....

I'm still dislexic on the web too. It's not a vulnerability, it forces the machine to work harder to spot me.

Thank god im so random! Thank fucking god. that's how you avoid being typical.

when you're typical you get shot.

when you're random, they have no idea where to look


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