Sunday, February 13, 2011

the lake of slaves is beyond you

"Why did it have to happen to me" she sat there crying. Her eyes wet with tears, her make up running down her face. She was at the bottom of a stair well with me, passing out. We where both drinking, except I think one of the boys popped her a roofy or something cause she ain't looking or talking right." Why? Why does this shit always have ta happen to me." She slurred deliriously, I know, when we were sixteen she used to get so fucked up too, I'd have to make sure she found a place to sleep, somewhere off the streets. "Why?"  She moaned. It frustrated me, dealing with her. At first, when this started, right after her mom died, it only happened on the weekends. I helped her manage her lifestyle by making sure she had cab fare, condoms, the last line of coke, smokes. We got along great, we met so many people. We had such a good time. Then she got raped the first time, roofied, you know the basic. Bar Star, wannabe. I was there for her then, always had a drink waiting for her at the bar, some new boys to meet. "I know!" she said with a uneasy tone in her voice. It bothered me. " I know what did this!" her voice was quivering, her lips where blue. Her hair was down, a man going out for a smoke stepped over me, looking at her, he knew who it was, who drugged her drink. He smiled as he looked into my eyes, "You deserve it." He said as he stepped out into the cold, he held the door open a moment longer, to watch her as he lite his cigarette. The cold air draped over her, she went numb.

Outside there was a line up of people trying to get in, those waiting in the cold, they looked good and their moods and wills for fum warmed the air around him. Excitement, the lights and sounds of the city were ever present. His life forced his heart to skip a beat, he smiled, exhaled the smoke, took another puff.  Then remembering the women behind him, seeing her passed out on the stairs by herself like that. "So what's with the bitch in the stairwell" he asked the bouncer working the front door. "I saw her munchin on a bottle of pocket rockets before she slammed  her drinks." He confessed to the door man. "Fuck!" said the door man, " I bet you it's the bitch that roofied herself last week. Fuck, put her up somewhere, she's a good time. Trust me"  He said smiling dreamily.

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