Saturday, February 5, 2011

"you boys should see what I'd do for a box of peanuts"

"Get it while it's hot!" yelled the fifteen year old popcorn boy form the corner where he stood, not five paces from an elephant that towered over the crowd of thousands. "Get it while the seeds are still about to burst, or lady dragon the man snatcher here will have to take down the entire patch." the boy exclaimed looking toward a group of young adolescents. They stood in a pack of six. All of them pooling their money together, they wanted the box of seeds. "I can take the elephant" the tallest of the boys explained, "I'm the oldest and the strongest, Bruce here is the fastest but I'd give him a ripping good race, so boys let me at Err!" The boys huddled around him, they all looked like they were nodding their heads in agreement. The tallest one of them stood in the center of the circle. Right as they seemed to have all their minds made up they did a big group high five and screamed "WhooPoney!" The sound echoed through the crowd. Another group of drunken bastard was heard mimicking the boys not two thousand people away. The tall boy stood out of the pack. He stood there presented in front of the elephant and bent over.
The man snatcher took hold of the tall mans torso with her trunk and brought him close to her face. He could smell the breath of the beast, in all her enormity she made her captive feel quit at ease. Then without even an inkling of a reason she squeezed, she squeezed so tight the man felt his heart throbbing itself into his skull. Thumb...Thump.........Thump. Everything was starting to slow, his face was turning red, all the boys in the crew looked away, yet still kept the corners of their eye's turned to see if the man they sacrificed for a box of popcorn was about to be split. Then right as his mouth opened to let out his final attempt at relief she let go and he whimpered

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