Monday, February 28, 2011

Showing that we're strong. all over is crap

 He sat in his lounge chair brooding, in pain. His life was not what it used to be, he knew it was better. He was alone to a certain extent, he had a friend though. They were bound together through a series of events, traumatic events that brought them very close. Three days earlier he woke to an alarm clock singing in his ear. It was seven o'clock in the morning, he just got to bed but he remembered his promise to Edwin that he'd help. Snooze was the only thing on his mind, but then he remembered why this companion of his became a friend. "Obligation and respect." he said as he began sliding his body out of bed. It wasn't cooperating, "this is just not going to happen" he said to himself in that instant. Looking back on it he's happy he did the right thing.
"When I'm alone with you" he started, then put his head down, lounging in his chair made with leopard print. "What a travesty" he said pressing  his hand against the fake animals hide. A few minutes later his telephone rang. "Andrew" he answered, "Are you o.k?" he asked, sounding worried. Then sat there listening to what Andrew had to say. "Why don't you come home?" he asked, Andrew was obviously not returning. "But baby, can't you remember why we did this!" There was a long pause "But she is ready!" he stated loudly into the phone. "Andrew" he yelled "Andrew". No answer. "Fuck me" he said, enraged throwing his phone across the room. "But she's ready" he said to himself, falling to his knees in tears. His life was not what it used to be though. He still had her, Edwin introduced them. She was a gorgeous little princess of a lady. "Tattered around the edgers" he used to say, "nothing I can't fix." He was right too, after he found her on the streets, battered, broken, Andrew and him knew she would be the one. "Larry, she has to agree to the whole thing." he used to tell him. Larry always admired how Andrew wanted to be honest with everyone. "Except for me", Larry said violently. "Fuck Andrew Why?" he yelled "Why'd you have to go and do it if you didn't want to actually deal with the consequences." Larry stopped pacing in that moment and sat back down on the Lounging chair. He felt insecure sitting there, like he looked feminine, he though about it, and realizing no one was there decided to pose himself on the chaise lounge as if he were a lady. "God Andrew where are you?" He asked himself out loud knowing full well where Andrew was and that he wasn't coming back. Sitting there thinking about it Larry began to laugh, "Ha" he announce abruptly, "I knew you'd run, you lousy fagot." Just then the door swung open, it was her, she was sleeping upstairs when he had had his fit. "You woke me up Larry!" she said stepping into the room, her eye's looking sleepy. "What's going on?" she asked "Why are you so upset?" He didn't answer her. "Is it Andrew?" She asked. Larry's head dropped into his palms. "I knew he'd run" she said. Larry sat there a moment hands in his face and thought about what she just said. "You did?" He asked. "I did" she answered. They both laughed.

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