Sunday, February 20, 2011

to his death.

It was his knees, they were starting to go. "You know it happens in increments, maybe you win some then you fall apart" sighing "everything around you, you loose." They were sitting at the kitchen table, it was his daughters house. He did his best to look after  her, she lived alone with her son. The young boy was only six years old,  his father left him to rot with his meth head mother. He left her an addict, always tempting her with that poison. " I need some help dad." she said innocently, picking up the little boy and sitting him on her lap. He looked the two over, filled with gladness he could actually do something for her. "Do you need money? What is it? Anything honey, for you and Greggory, anything!. He was serious, she could tell, he stood over them. She knew the face, and it frightened her, but she knew she had no choice, if it was to get done, if she was to make it another year in the city, he was gonna have to help. He remembered their past, it was just the two of them. She never met her mother, she died when she was two, drug overdose. "Well what it it, what you gonna need?" he inquired, his face corrupted, knowing that she had a vulnerability to expose. He needed relief, release of the misery, and she knew him like only a daughter could. "Dad, it's the trunk in the attic, it's got all those records in it, we're gonna need to sell them to make ends meet this month." she spoke with a sadness, knowing full well what he was going to want in return. "You gotta do it dad, no one else knows what the hell is right from left up there." she sat there shaking her head. "It's a cave, trust me I tried, but I need you to help me out dad." She looked defeated but it didn't bother him.
"I'm going" he got up. Started for the stairs, "Wait? Right now?" she asked, surprised to see him so easily inclined. He kept walking, "sure I need your help too." He looked over his shoulder, and watched her wince. "Common baby it's all I want."  They looked at each other, the little boy sitting in his mother lap. The two were so perfect, he wasn't sure what he would do without them. He kept walking up the stairs.
He was up there for over an hour, but when he started back down the stairs you could here the zeal in his step. By the time he was halfway down she could see his face, happy to find the records. "I got em!" He announced, "I was on my knees the whole time." That twisted and betrayed whatever pleasure his initial announcement brought on. Then like a gift from God, his knee gave out, and his smile turned upside as he fell

If only she would have wanted to just rub his feet. :)

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