Monday, February 14, 2011

excretion. Then the thought of him.

When ever he found himself a drift in the midnight streets he would return to his old route. He would circle the streets one way, then the other, throughout the night into the morning.

"What'll you have?" a voice rang through the microphone stationed on the drive-through ordering booth at the big American fast food franchise. "a ah a" he paused "I'll be a minute!" he said, rubbing his hand up against the hair growing on his upper lip. He looked at the menu in front of him and realized that even though he was hungry, he wasn't going to order anything from that lousy joint. He threw the car into reverse and drove along, deeper into the night.

Now his stomach was growling, the moon was full, and he was on a mission. He busted open the box of Marlboro, and a packet of matches, he fumbled in the empty streets lighting his cigarette. He owned the road, and he was sick of the same old streets. They left him thinking, remembering the moments, the people, the places, the stuff that kept him where he's always been. "Don't get me wrong" he said to himself, in the driver side of the big American car. He thought out loud in front of others these days too, he didn't care, who where they to judge anyway. He was on a mission to trek through the city, the province, the nation, to lead an expedition, to find a way to conquer his own fears, submissions and fill himself with a way past his own satisfaction, and into the world of the infinite. He was hungry though, and didn't really know what he was thinking about as he pulled into the 24/hr convenience store.

"Fuck!" he said, "I'm full of shit!" right as he passed a sign in the window 1/2 off sausage past midnight. He smiled and walked into the store. A Philippino women was behind the counter, she looked a little like a man, he didn't mind. "You guys got any a that Polish Sausage left?" he asked glancing over at the grill. There were two pieces of sausage spinning on two of the hot rollers, they were greasy. "Why not?" he asked himself. The woman behind the counter smiled at him, her lipstick made her lips look huge. He winked at her, and said "Can I get both those sausages." She smiled, laughed out loud and said, "They're old, I should have thrown them away" she hesitated, realizing she should have stopped herself from saying that, then asked "You still want them?" Looking back at him sausages in hand. "Sure!" He said, "I love old, dry, sausage, it leaves me with a severe case of ingestion in the morning."   He laughed, thinking about how bad he knew it was going to be. "I did the same thing two weeks ago." He remembered, "This expedition, thought, is it worth it?" he asked himself "it's worth the risk" he said out loud. then thought of his

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