Sunday, February 6, 2011


It was late, the night was ending in the bar and Jimmy sat alone on the stool next to Courtney as usual. She was waiting for him to finish his drinks so she could walk him out and lock up behind them. "I just don't know how you do it"  he moaned, sulking. "Every night you wait for me to finish up my drinks and you listen to my incessant racket." He was right, she had been serving him for over fourteen years.
They had seen each others children grow up over the years through school photographs, hockey pictures and most recently cell phones. "Now, now there Jimmy you know that I'd do it for a hundred years if I had to."  Courtney said with a whopping smile on her face. Jimmy looked at her drunkenly. She looked back at him. Then he looked back at his beer and took a drink. "You know Courtney, you should meet my wife and kids." he said drunkenly. She'd never heard him say that. "Why d'you say that?" she asked leaning her head back a bit. "You know me better then they do. You know the real me." he confessed. She leaned in closer to his face, he could smell her breath. She was beautiful, she looked twenty one years old again, smiling and in love.

"Really? You really think I should meet your family, well where do you live?" she asked bringing her hand in and leaning on his stool, her hand just between his thighs. He looked down, then back up at the beer bottles. She closed her eyes, and sat back on the stool, watching him. He took another drink. "This is the the way it's gonna be then?" she asked. He looked over at her, red face and drunk. "Yeah...So?" He said. He pissed her off, she poured herself a glass of his beer.

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