Monday, February 7, 2011

I know they like to wear red lip stick just like my auntie Sammy

"It's like handling a real hot potato" a voice of a local DJ blared form Gary's stereo . He was two thousand miles away from home. Detroit Michigan was eating his dust. "Finally, I'm out!' He yelled pumping his fist out the open window. The March air still crisp, cool, he felt the blood rushing through his veins. Just up ahead he spotted a hitchhiker, a woman, in her twenties. "This has got to be too good to be true" he said to himself pulling over in his Mustang.
Quickly before the dust could settle from the car stopping she jumped in. "Hey baby, thanks for stopping! Where you going tonight?" a thin, long hair brunet asked with a wide pearly smile. All Gary could think about was how beautiful she was, stunning. "I'm going West, I'm fucking going to the ends of the world. Kingdom come!" He laughed, she smiled and he put the peddle to the metal.
The car was fast, and he couldn't help but move, with her. He could tell it thrilled her, she was a bad girl. She looked innocent but this chick could move he knew it. "So where are you from?" he asked. She looked over at him, "I'm Canadian." a release, and excitement tore itself through him. "I'm from Detroit, I love to party in the T. yo! All the time! You Canadian Girls are wild up in there, love it, love it!" He sat there running memories of him and his friends running a riot on the streets of Toronto. They always figured, "What the fuck? if we don't get caught." He looked over at her, "What's your name?" He asked, she was staring out the window. "Vee" she said softly "just Vee" smiling she put on her seat belt. Gary was going hard in fifth gear passing a semi. They were both excited, it was dark. "I'm Gary" he said simultaneously signaling his car back into the right lane after the pass. The radio, crackled "We're out of range!" he said, the noises started to fade in and out and they both reached to change the station, "Escape Convict ... Crack crackle...Weenenpe..." Vee turned it off. "So what do you think of Canadian girls?" she asked taking her seat belt off. He said
(That girl made it to Mobile Alabama that night)