Monday, February 7, 2011


The man stood up saying enthusiastically  "As for me, and where I live, I'm surviving." He was a tall clumsy man with big feet. He stank of urine and his cloths were two sizes too big for him, his name was Adam. Adam was sixteen years old the first time someone from the newspaper came to his home to see what he was doing. "My house is my world, I am in control of this place." He of course was making reference to the basement he lived in. He had been found there by the authorities, two years ago, he was sixteen and he didn't want to return. "It's the daylight, it hurts my eyes!" He would exclaim to anyone who tried to remove him."It's the sun, I hate it, I can't even stand its reflection in the moon." His life was unlike any other, now a young man, at eighteen he stood in his cellar, emaciated. The Internet had fed his heart with its blossoming connections, yet he stayed away from the real world to try to avoid influence. "They always tried to control it!" he would say, when they asked "Who?" He just stared and looked back blankly at them.

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