Saturday, February 5, 2011

it ain't ever over easy.

"pass the salt?" I asked my sixteen year old sister. She was playing with her new android. "No" she  said, then paused what she was doing and looked up at me, rolled her eye's back, and passed the salt. I took the glass utensil and turned it upside down, watching the waves of salt stream toward my egg. Mom had made it just for me. As I cut my fork into the meat, the yoke started oozing out. "Mom" I yelled at full force. She stopped in the hallway as she was passing and poked her head in through the door. "What's the problem?" she asked in a secure yet old fashion manner. "My egg, you made it gross, the way Justine likes it, not me." I exclaimed with a whimper in my voice and a small pout of my lower lip. Mom looked at me and said " Then give it to your sister." Then she finished putting on her shoes and left.

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