Tuesday, February 8, 2011

His Prime

The tips of his toes curled as he relinquished himself of his stress. He had found it hard to finish alone, the event in its entirety is something that was meant to be done in a pair.... perhaps! His world was finding its way back to his adolescence. This time instead of being forced into the solitude, he was putting himself there. Realizing that it's within his own conception that he'll find the one to bring him in. In his youth he often found himself alone, ajar, and awake. In adulthood the same held true, except for moments. Moments when what he had to himself, alone, ajar in  his room, in his youth, were shared with someone else. And that sharing became the basis of the contextualizing of the vision of his now, so it no longer looked like his adolescent youth, innocent, it no longer was. He felt

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