Thursday, February 17, 2011

The dead Rat Bastards

"You gotta understand the first time I saw her I knew she had my heart in the palms of her hands." he was a slender fellow of about nineteen. His mother always warned him about girls with red hair. "Bobby, you be careful minding with those types." she used to say. He never really listened to his mothers advice about women. She was a lesbian who had never made love to another women. "Not until I find the one" he could hear her saying. "Mom, you know they're all the same!" Robert used to tell his mom. He wanted her to be happy. It wasn't like she was unhappy, but he was growing up and she was still alone. His father was a singer in a band. "The night I met your father, we made you, Bobby" she used to tell him that it was love at first sight. "Bobby you gotta understand that the first time I laid my eye's on your father, I knew, right then and there that he was the one." Her story had been repeated to him hundreds of times throughout his life. He remembered the first time she told him who his father really was "Bobby" she said to him, he was only about ten, "Bobby, my little boy, your father was the singer in a Country band named ...I can't say, but they were Good, and your father was the best, but that night he took with him my heart, and all I held onto were his eyes, but you Bobby, you stole his soul."

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