Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bloody dirt "who is to win...who is to win?"

"Oh Lily, oh Lily baby" he called, he was hiding in the grass. "Adam" she yelled out. "Adam... Where the Fuck are you ?" She cried. "You know I hate these fucking games, I just want to know where you are!" She fumbled around the garden. The summer was in full bloom, he was hiding in the foliage. "You know where I am!" he spoke. She could hear that his voice was somewhere behind her, but she could not see him. "Adam, tell me where you are!" she said. "I am in here within this earth, on this plot" he said, she could see him now. He was standing along side the edge of the field, coddled up against a tree, staring into a precious stone, a red ruby. She ran up to him.
"Is that for me?" she asked.
"It was" he said. "but you changed my mind". "Why?" she asked with a gasp. "You hate these fucking games, you said that, sincerely." he said accusingly. "Yes" she answered, teary eyed. "these games are like the earth, our lives are the growth, nurtured through their foundations, we were made to play these games." he said powerfully, to project the full force of his desires. She turned and walked away.

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