Saturday, February 5, 2011

trap, it's always under the snow, just slow down

As he pulls into the parking lot of the old high school arena his car bottoms out over a speed bump hidden in the snow. "Fuck" he yells annoyed because he hit the same damn speed bump not two days ago. He parked next to her car. He was excited to see him, the little guy, their son. His heart jumped when he thought of seeing her, she had changed. He had noticed over the past few weeks she was getting fatter. Her boy friend left her for his wife. She had been sleeping with a rich man out on business from California. He was wealthy and they got to play together while he was in town on business, but every few weeks he would go back home to his wife and kids. She tried to avoid falling in love with the notion of him starting a family here with her. She would have her son too of course, he would leave his wife and kids for her.
This was precisely the type of mentality her sons father was afraid of. She was crazy like that. She was the type that would come up with an idea and make it stick, even if it meant she'd have to bend the truth. Lie, cheat and steal. He found it out the hard way. Living along side her through out her pregnancy he felt an affliction, something broken. He knew he could not love her from the start, yet she always did everything to hold on.
He had a few things to offer, a family, access to an open world, when she met him he had potential, and she intended to capture it.


Anonymous said...

She really is like that.

bumatom said...

Who the fuck are? What the fuck are you like?

Anonymous said...

Relax, I'm agreeing with you. Good description.