Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You could hear the two of them in the room, their whispers resonated through the ears of all the students. Most didn't care, they were there to make the grade, get counted, then split. Then there were those who came to hear him speak. A quiet man, not a year over sixty, cool, calm and spacey. His lectures consisted of the broad statements about the universe in general. The type of discussions that you might find yourself having with a Joyce, or a kerouac.  Open ended, talk, debate about the undetectable. The two were sitting there willing to make a mockery of his speech, but she was to remain innocent. The Professor stood behind the podium in front of the class, ready to work with them to achieve through his view the intricate connection they so needed, to survive to succeed as intellectuals in this world. "Good day, my fellow pupils" he said with a frank air of sophistication. His nose was raised, from his perspective, above all the heads in the class, except one, Sophia, the girl talking. She was a homely girl, county cute, with a stout little torso and a large chest. Her way of getting around relied solely on her continues ability to play dumb and smile. She had a gorgeous smile, the type men flocked to, and she was always willing to please. As the professor began his speech she quietly turned her head toward the front of the lecture hall, noticing his stare she gazed directly back into his eyes. He continued "Truth, and truth itself is going to be at the heart of this evenings discussion" he said persisting to stare right back at the one person he couldn't raise his nose over. Sophia slowly began to lose focus, forgetting to pay attention to the old man her professor, and she slowly turned her head back to the conversation with the young man next to her. The two, Sophia and the young man sat there quietly discussing the events that transpired over their weekend.
"What a night?" he said in a soft whisper, the class had just started and he hadn't laid eyes on her since that Sunday morning, since the moment she was dragged back to her families house by her wicked older siblings, Justice and Prudence. She had already spent the night with him, the two had been together, and now found themselves in their 6:30pm regularly scheduled English 420 time slot. They were learning about "the short story",  neither of them cared Sophia already understood so much. They couldn't stop talking to each other. The professor noticing their ignorance  spoke up "today, we here are going to evaluate the consistency of our strength, to foresee what there is only to see, truth." The class laughed, yet the professor kept his gaze fixed upon the young women, the one that kept his nose so low.

The couple was sitting right next to one another, desks carefully pushed together aiding further in their communication. Their faces so close, his head lowered trying to avoid making the professor aware of his speech their contact. But soon the whole class was becoming well aware of the exchanging of words. "What do you mean?" she asked with a cold quick tone, the professor looked towards them, "No, no that's not true" she whimpered tears rolling down her eyes."No!" she screamed. The two broke apart, her chair went flying onto the floor, then she vanished  running off into the hallway screaming "Why don't you understand?". Looking past the rest of the class with his nose held in perspective above the head of the boy, he loosened the phlegm in his throat and  he asked the young man "what did you say to her?" Lifting his head looking towards the man at the front of the class room, he saw himself alone in his sanctuary and replied "I told her I loved her."

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