Friday, February 4, 2011

and sex and maybe sometimes lack of it.

Wondering if just thinking out loud will help relieve the pressures of the everyday. Venting online, is this a new way of dealing with our lives, me with mine? I guess I've been doing it a while. My life has been spinning around which is natural I know, but there is so much more going on around me and I don't seem to understand how I have fallen under Gods good grace.  Not sure of this new pleasure I've found in school. Guess I'm going to have to see my grads after the essays get handed in. the first one is due next week and it's a doozy. It's a couple on the prairies, so fucking Canadian, a kid in my class said "the pipe analogy, is such a reference to the crazy drug culture found in the Canadian 30's." I was astonished, I never thought that, the pipe reference meant anything bout mitchuwakan, I though it was a phallic reference. The preachers wife seemed hot to me though,  a totally obsessed sexy musician prairie preaches wife. She's the narrator, and she's barren. Unbelievable story about the heart of love. ..Pain.

It's always nice to have so much on your plate you find yourself heaving, yet the whole time you bow your head to the grace that is bestowed on you, my happiness is shared. Thank you

and hey who's........


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kourtney said...

hole-lee-Hell, when did you become such a GOOD WRITER???!! Just stoppin' by. noticed you discovered spell check - lol!