Monday, February 7, 2011

six sisters say it ain't so.

"I'm so stressed out and unhappy with myself, I'm such a loser baby, fucking kill me!" he said on the floor on his knees next to her, while she sat on the bed naked. She was lovely, but he was such a secret. If her father ever found out about their relationship he would disown her. "Why won't you do it with me?" he asked with this zombie like face. "I don't know!" She said, getting out of bed. They'd been sleeping together for two months now. They only saw each other to fuck. She loved him like that, she would do anything to see him except let others see her with him. He was gorgeous, immaculate. His skin glistened and he left her lonely. Without him she felt  empty. He was just empty. A young man, unsalvaged and angry, an anger mistaken for passion. She just wanted to watch him, rust with him, remain, romanticize, escape from the reality; she isn't who she wants to be. Neither is he, yet they know that and together in his bedroom, not one of them complained."I'm so stressed out baby, just fucking kill me!" he repeated.
She stood up over him, stretched herself into some yoga pose and said "I'm pregnant!

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