Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faith pays rent in NY

They stood there in their massive Ford SUV, it was ugly, the setting, their stance on the road. He was behind the wheel, a farmer, and a saint, in her eyes. She just sat there staring at him. He was resting his wrist over the top of the steering wheel, straw hat and flannel shirt, his blue eyes darting out the window. The kind of blue that can sting from a distance, when watching from a length, from the other side of a road, from under the the telephone wire that braced itself across the plot, his endless track of gold. It was ugly, the two of them, dog ridden and run down but they knew they could do it. "You're really gonna have this baby with me?" he asked, still looking out toward the infinite. "Yeah, definitely, I can't wait!" she said, "Neither can Mama."

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